Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

a behind shot of a video camera with a woman being filmed

Behind the scenes at SERVPRO Convention 2021

Behind the scenes at SERVPRO’s annual convention! Kelly was interviewed by SERVPRO Corporate on the involvement she has with our local police and fire departments. We are beyond proud of her and all her accomplishments!

Dirty and dusty air duct

Servicing Your HVAC Unit

The benefits of servicing your HVAC unit include:

  • Helps to restore peak energy efficiency.
  • May help to eliminate offensive odors.
  • Helps reduce the potential for mold growth.

For more information on HVAC and air duct cleaning, call us today, (314) 846-0600.

SERVPRO girls in golf uniform holding up a golf tournament sign

Golf Tournament Fun!

Our Marketing Team were proud sponsors at the Franny Golf Tournament! Franny's Crew was created in memory of Captain Chris Francis, of the Mehlville Fire Protection District.

Two people outside of a SERVPRO with a golden retriever.


Our team is training hard in preparation of the Team SERVPRO half marathon in Nashville this April! We can’t wait to see all their hard work help them pass that finish line! A team that trains together, stays together.

Mold stains on a wood ceiling

Moldy Stains

Mold stains can be hard to get rid of. Our team at SERVPRO of Oakville/Mehlville can take care of these in no time! We are a team of highly trained professionals ready to take care of you! 

Green air movers on a concrete floor.


When your residence or commercial property is in harms way from any type of damage SERVPRO of Oakville/Mehlville is here for you! We are experienced in commercial, water, fire, mold restoration, and much more! 

Have you been to our facility?

Our state of the art restoration facility is where we handle content cleaning and various other types of cleaning. You are welcome to visit and see first hand why we are the best choice when it comes to disaster restoration. 

Always here to help!

SERVPRO is the quickest and fastest option when it comes to water damage restoration. Our team is trained and equipped to handle any size water loss. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to us anytime, day or night. 

Massive amounts of equipment and manpower

SERVPRO has massive amounts of equipment and manpower to handle any size water loss in the local area. Our team can handle any type of water loss and get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

Plenty of equipment

Our team has plenty of equipment to handle any size water loss in the local area. We operate, 24/7 and always here to help. If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to us at anytime. 

Mold Remediation for a Kitchen in Mehlville

The dampness in this wall led to a mold colony growth behind and also behind the tiled backsplash. The musty odor emanating from the wall cabinet indicated that fungi were at work within the wall. Our demolition in this Mehlville kitchen set the stage for the containment and then the eradication of this problem.

Mold in a Mehlville Utility Closet

The clogged clothes dryer vent led to sufficient moisture and heat to build up and generate a mold bloom. Luckily, the renter called us, and we arrived, wiped down and lightly sprayed the mold growth. We checked the following day and were able to salvage the drywall. We painted the area with a fungal inhibiting primer, and the landlord was pleased with the results.

Mold Damage – Shrewsberry House

Mold damage at this Shrewsberry House had bled through from the inside of the walls. Hi-tech moisture sensing meters are used to detect the extent of damage that might be expected behind the walls.

Mold Damage – Shrewsberry Office building

Mold damage developed in the ceiling of this office space in Shrewsberry when a ceiling leak went unattended. At the first sight of water or mold damage, call SERVPRO of Oakville/Mehlville at (314) 846-0600.We provide 24-hour emergency service.

Mold Damage – Websteer Groves Shower

Mold damage occurred at this Webster Groves Bathroom when the caulking failed and ware and darkness combined to promote the growth of mold spores. At the first sign of water or mold damage, call SERVPRO of Oakville/Mehlville at (314) 846-0600.We provide 24-hour emergency service.

Mold Damage – Webster Groves Residence

Mold damage developed in the walls of this unoccupied Webster Groves home due to a leaky pipe behind the wall. The real estate agent discovered the damage when she was showing a prospective buyer the home. It doesn’ t take very long for ugly mold growths to develop. Sometimes infestations such as this develop in as little as two days.