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3 Tips for Deep Cleaning a Gas Range

10/13/2019 (Permalink)

Cleaning a gas stove with kitchen utensils When cooking, make sure to clean up any split grease quickly to avoid a fire and grease buildup

Three Gas Range Cleaning Tips

While it’s simple enough to keep the exterior of your gas range looking nice and clean, it is easy to neglect performing a deep clean. Rather than waiting until you can detect a smoke smell coming from your oven, it is a good idea to take apart your oven and clean it inside and out at least once a month. In fact, not cleaning your oven regularly can even result in a house fire. While a fire cleanup specialist in Lemay, MO, can help in the case a fire does occur, you can avoid that hassle completely with these three gas range cleaning tips.

1. Use Safe Cleaning Products

When cleaning your oven, you want to make sure you only use appropriate products to prevent accidentally causing a fire. There are many products on the market that are sold specifically for range cleaning, but some people like to avoid these cleaners as they are highly toxic. Alternatively, you can use baking soda and vinegar to clean your oven naturally.

2. Deodorize Your Oven

Leftover food and grease in your oven or on your stovetop can cause an unpleasant smoke smell and can even ignite into a fire. Pouring salt over burning food can help remove any odors, and placing ammonia on top of food buildup can help soften it for an easier cleanup job. If any stubborn smells remain, place a bowl of baking soda in the gas range until the next time you use it.

3. Remove Grease Stains

When cooking, make sure to clean up any split grease quickly to avoid a fire and grease buildup. Get your oven looking like new by using oven cleaner on grease stains, or allow baking soda paste to sit on the stains for 15 minutes before scrubbing it off.
Although many people dread cleaning their gas range oven, doing so will improve its appearance and even help prevent an unfortunate kitchen fire. Make sure to wash your oven frequently for a quick and easy cleanup job.

What To Do About Sewage Backup

10/13/2019 (Permalink)

Completely flooded basement. It is visible line showing maximum water level higher than 7 feet. A flooded basement in White House, MO

What To Do About Sewage Backup

A flooded basement is a homeowner’s nightmare, particularly when it’s a sewage backup resulting from storms and heavy rains. Heavy rainfall, especially over a prolonged period, can place a burden on public sewage systems that have a limited capacity. Once the rainwater exceeds this capacity, excess water may begin backing up and overflowing into your sewer line. This can happen quickly and unexpectedly in White House, MO, as well most areas of the U.S. When it does, you should take the following three steps.

1. Evaluate the Situation

The first thing you should do after you discover a flooded basement is evaluate the situation. If you have a sewage backup, proceed with caution. Sewage spills that contain infectious waste can create health hazards. Keep humans and pets away from the flooded area until you know what you’re dealing with.

2. Put Safety First

Disconnect all electrical items, including furnaces, before entering a flooded area. It’s a good idea to cut off both the electric and water mains for safety and to stop any water flow. Don't use any appliances or fixtures that utilize water, either, such as showers or washing machines. If a burst pipe played a role in the backup, you don't want to add any additional water or pressure to the situation.

3. Take Quick Action

Take action quickly. Remove any items that have not been affected by the backup to minimize damage. If possible and weather permits, open all windows. Remove as much excess water as you can and run dehumidifiers if you have them. The goal is to dry out the wet area within 24-48 hours to reduce the risk of mold forming. Remember to wear safety clothing such as rubber boots, gloves, and face masks when working in the affected area.

If you have a flooded basement, you should contact a professional cleaning and restoration service. If you have minimum flooding, you might be able to clean it yourself, but it’s still best to consult a professional, particularly when dealing with basement sewage.

Benefits of a Certified Mold Remediation Company

10/13/2019 (Permalink)

Picture of the outside of the office building of SERVPRO SERVPRO of Oakville/Mehlville is a certified mold remediation company

You may be wondering what the difference is between certified mold remediation companies versus those without certification in Bella Villa, MO. Is it that big of a deal? Is it just a ploy to get more money out of you? Turns out, certification is a signal that a company is trustworthy and competent.

What is Mold Certification?

Essentially it is a set of standards determined by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Depending on where you live, these standards are either voluntary or required by local or state law. There are handbooks available online through the IICRC website so you can see for yourself. It unites specialists by:

  • use of industry accepted terminology.
  • following of consensus driven procedures for
  • cleaning and restoration.
  • being subject to oversight by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).


The certified mold standards and procedures agreed upon by the IICRC were put together through a combination of academic research and practical experience in the remediation field. Restoration companies, trade schools and cleaning professionals came together with public health specialists, microbiologists and other scientists to create the best possible rules and processes to take care of mold in your home. It is reviewed and revised regularly to keep it up to date.


Using a certified mold remediation company establishes a higher level of trust from the get go. If they follow the standards they are supposed to, you can be confident that they are doing what is known to safely remove mold and restore your home. If your insurance company is involved in your remediation, they will probably prefer a certified specialist, as well- you may be more likely to have your expenses covered.
One easy way to narrow down a long list of restoration and cleaning companies for your mold problem is to look for certification. If you want someone who will do the job properly, that's just about all you need to see. The IICRC and ANSI are always working hard to keep up to date with the latest restoration breakthroughs and keep workers at their best.

Do’s and Don’ts For Handling Water Damage From Broken Pipes

8/19/2019 (Permalink)

Water damage in a Mehlville, MO home

How to Handle Water Damage From A Broken Pipe

You were washing dishes the other night in the kitchen, or maybe you were brushing your teeth in the bathroom. Maybe you started doing laundry. Perhaps you were doing nothing at all, but the next thing you know, there’s water all over the floor and it’s rising. You have a broken pipe in your home in Mehlville, MO. The question is, what next?

What Not to Do

Although you may be unsure of what to do and you may even be panicking, here are tips of what to avoid:

  • Remove standing water by using your vacuum cleaner
  • Use electrical appliances while standing on wet floors or carpets
  • Spread newspapers on the floors
  • Enter rooms with structural or electrical damage
  • Lift any carpeting that is tacked down

While cleanup is a priority for you, your personal safety is even more important, and there are more efficient ways to handle the cleanup.

What to Do Instead

The following are guidelines for cleanup when you have a broken pipe:

  • Mop the floors or blot dry with towels to remove standing water
  • Remove area rugs from wet floors and place outside
  • Remove any wet fabrics and hang up to dry
  • Wipe any wet furniture
  • Use the ventilation system to allow the affected area to dry more quickly

In some cases, you may need the services of an emergency restoration company to assist with cleanup after flooding from a broken pipe has resulted. A company like that is Here to Help and can make the damage look “Like it never even happened.”

Water in home, particularly when it’s caused by a plumbing problem and damages your property, is never welcome. It’s easy to panic and do the wrong thing, making matters worse. There is a right way and a wrong way to handle the situation, and taking the correct steps can prevent further problems for you during the cleanup process.

What to Do During the Estimation Process After a Commercial Fire

8/6/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial fire damage in Bella Villa, MO

If you've suffered a business fire in Bella Villa, MO, you may be wondering what the next steps are. It can be difficult to know how to evaluate the cost of the damage. Getting the right estimate is crucial for insurance purposes. Here are a few things to remember when going through this process.

Take Inventory of Each Item

For insurance purposes, you will need to make a list of all items that have fire damage. It is extremely helpful if you have receipts, but if not you need to write down as much detail as possible about each one. Be sure to put when you bought each item and how much you paid for it. Don't throw anything away until you've documented the damage and determined whether it is salvageable. Some items might not have been affected by flames but could require odor removal from the smoke.

Hire a Fire Restoration Company

You should check your policy, but your fire insurance will likely cover hiring a fire restoration company to come help with the cleanup process. They will assess the damage caused by the commercial fire and will give you an estimate on what their services will cost. If your insurance company is going to pay for part or all of this, you will want to keep them in the know. You may also have suffered water damage that occurred when the fire was being put out. Many fire restoration companies can also assist with water damage restoration, so be sure to check before you hire them.
Once you get an estimate, this process will likely take quite a bit of time depending on how much damage the fire caused. Understand that you may even have to move your business for a little while until the building is ready again, but hiring a reliable fire restoration company in Bella Villa, MO, can help ensure that you are back up and running as soon as possible.

How To Prepare Your Business for a Weather Disaster

8/6/2019 (Permalink)

Have an evacuation plan ready

How To Help Your Company Get Ready For An Impending Storm

The number of declared major disasters doubled between the 1980s and the 1990s. Storms, in particular, have become more prevalent in recent years.
In order to survive, companies need to be able to bounce back quickly from storm damage. That is why business owners need to have a disaster preparedness plan in place. Below are some tips to help your company get ready for an impending storm.

1. Have an Evacuation Plan

Your employees may have to leave the office quickly if disaster strikes. You thus need to make an evacuation plan. Post maps around the building with the emergency routes marked.
Keep in mind that some of your employees may have physical disabilities that could prevent them from hearing an alarm or going down stairs. As part of your business preparedness plan, talk to these individuals in advance to find out what assistance they will need during an evacuation.

2. Secure Your Building and Assets

While the safety of your employees takes top priority, your disaster preparedness plan should also ensure that your office building itself remains secure. If a natural disaster is heading to Oakville, MO, check to see if your insurance is up to date. Your insurer can help pay for storm cleanup or flood damage.
If your company relies heavily on electronics, you may want to consider a generator to keep everything running during a power outage. You should also store extra equipment in a separate location that can be accessed in an emergency.

3. Know How To Keep Your Business Running

Your customers in other parts of the country may still expect quality service from you following a storm. You should thus come up with ways to keep them satisfied. Make sure you have multiple suppliers in case one is shut down by the storm.
By following the above disaster preparedness tips, you can ensure that your company and employees stay safe. Once the storm has passed, you can then contact an emergency restoration services company for flood cleanup.

The Lowdown on Ice Dams

8/2/2019 (Permalink)

Don’t wait until you have a mess on your hands because of a dam

Snow-covered rooftops and icicles glistening in the light can be a beautiful sight, but they can also lead to significant damage to your home if they accumulate on your roof and cause an ice dam. Most homeowners in Mehlville, MO, don’t give much thought to this problem until they must deal with it themselves. The combination of a winter storm and a warm roof can lead to this concern, but by educating yourself, you may be able to identify and address it before it harms your home.

The Perfect Storm

Frozen precipitation that collects on top of your house can weaken your roof and gutters, but the real issue is what is happening underneath. When those layers of snow and ice melt, the water may not be able flow freely. This melting can be caused by several things:

  • A poorly insulated roof
  • Not enough ventilation in the attic and soffits
  • Fluctuating temperatures
  • Bright sunshine radiating on the roof

When the water backs up behind snow and ice or refreezes, the problem can compound until an ice dam forms.

The Big Deal

You may not think icicles and snow can lead to major repairs, but when you have icy buildup, you may be dismayed to learn how deep the problems run. You may expect damage to the shingles, flashing, and under layers of your roof, or even leaks in your attic space. Unfortunately, that runoff may also flow into your exterior walls, through the attic to the ceiling, and to the floors below. With any water leak is the possibility of mold and mildew, and bingo! You may end up with the kind of repairs that a professional restoration service can best handle for you.

Don’t wait until you have a mess on your hands because of a dam. You can prepare your Mehlville, MO, home now before the next winter storm comes your way. You may also want to check your insurance policy to see if it includes ice dam coverage in case you have damage.

Cleaning Electronics After a Fire

8/2/2019 (Permalink)

Cleaning electronics after a fire in Lemay, MO

You hear and see reports on the news about fires damaging or destroying people's homes. You may even know someone who went through this terrible ordeal. It would be a nightmare if you had to endure such a disaster. If the unthinkable happens, and a fire does start in your Lemay, MO, house, you need to focus on the important process of fire cleanup. The most skilled and experienced professionals have the tools to clean or restore just about anything the fire may have affected in your home.

What the Pros Can Handle

When a fire starts at home, you know that your first priority is to get yourself and your loved ones to safety. Once you call the fire department, you should get in touch with your insurance company. Then, it's imperative that you find a team of fire cleanup specialists to salvage important materials and belongings. The best companies will focus on the following areas and items:

  • Drywall and ceilings
  • Flooring, including carpet and hardwood
  • Furniture
  • Documents
  • Electronics

Effective Steps to Take With Damaged Electronics

You rely on electronic devices every day for both work and play. Fires and smoke damage can cause all sorts of problems with your laptop or desktop, televisions, stereo equipment and other items. Never try to turn a device back on following a fire. This could potentially ruin the electronic and could even post danger to you. You should unplug all electronics and then immediately call a restoration company with experience cleaning these items.

What Will the Pros Do?

Fire cleanup companies are accustomed to restoring electronic devices. The crew will be gentle and sensitive with everything, and the technicians will use specialized equipment and methods to clean the electronics and prevent further damage.
Never try to handle fire cleanup on your own. This includes cleaning electronic devices. Leave this tough job to the pros.

Top 3 Mold Damage Tips

8/2/2019 (Permalink)

Turn off the HVAC system

Mold Damage Tips

No one wants to consider the outcome of black mold damage in their White House, MO, home. Fortunately, there are some solid tips to help you overcome a mold problem or to prevent it completely. Here are some mold damage tips.

1. Turn Off Your HVAC System

As soon as black mold begins to appear in your home, it’s time to look into what might be causing it. Mold remediation specialists can assist you in locating the problem areas of your home. One of the components that can help spread mold through your home is the HVAC system. Mold spores travel through the air and when your HVAC system becomes contaminated, it can enhance the problem. When you’re worried about mold growth or if your home has a moisture problem, turn off the HVAC.

2. Turn Off Your Water

In the case of flooding, always turn off your water. The least amount of water that you allow to fill your home, the more likely you are to be able to repair the damage and to decrease the potential for more damage. Broken or leaking pipes can cause many issues. Once you recognize that you have a problem, turn off your water to decrease the chances of further flooding and water damage.

3. Clean Your Air Ducts

In addition to the mold cleanup process, you may have to consider your air ducts as one of the components that requires more cleaning. If your HVAC system is contaminated with mold, then you need to ensure that your air ducts are clean. Otherwise, you can continue to spread mold spores throughout your home. You are fighting a losing battle with the mold when you do not have clean air ducts or a maintained HVAC system.

When you have a mold problem, call up a specialist to react Faster to any size disaster. To follow these three tips could be the answer to your black mold problem. A few simple steps can help minimize your damage.

Educating Employees on Workplace Burns

6/25/2019 (Permalink)

First aid kit for minor burns

Providing Emergency Care Training To Your Emloyees

The risk of fire damage to the business you have worked so tirelessly to build is troubling, but the threat of injury to employees is unacceptable. That’s why it’s imperative that they get basic first aid training. Workplace burns can range from very minor to critical. Providing emergency care training (e.g., dressing a burn) for all employees will empower them with the knowledge and self-assurance they will need in an emergency.

Well-Stocked First Aid Kit

A well-supplied first aid kit is the first step to preparing for any accident that might occur in the workplace. It’s a good idea to place the kit in a conspicuous, easily accessible location that all employees are aware of. You will want to make sure to include burn first aid supplies in this kit and educate your employees on methods of treating burns with the following supplies:

  • Burn gels or lotions such as aloe vera for cooling pain relief and to prevent drying
  • Gauze or sterile cotton cloth to cover injury and protect from outside irritants or bacteria
  • Gauze tape to hold the gauze pads or cloth loosely onto the wound
  • Cool, moist compress for pain relief before wrapping
  • Pain relieving medication such as acetaminophen, naproxen or ibuprofen

This is not one of those things that a business owner should defer until later. The fire damage that you address proactively today may mean less worry tomorrow. You might want to invite an Emergency Medical Technician to teach you and your employees more advanced burn first aid. A minor burn can generally be taken care of at the workplace with a first aid kit that is sufficiently supplied. A major burn will require emergency services, but the sterile gauze or cloth from your kit can protect the burn until help arrives. Be sure to restock your kit after the accident.
In the event of a fire at your business in Oakville, MO, it is nice to know that there is a fire restoration company that can ease your mind and resolve the fire damage so that you can concentrate more on the wellbeing of your injured employee.