Water Damage Photo Gallery

Thermal camera.

Thermal Camera Finds Any Hidden Moisture

After a water loss in Mehlville, MO, it is common practice for our SERVPRO crew to use our thermal imaging cameras to look for any hidden moisture. Failing to dry out all the water after a loss can result in costly secondary damages to your property.

Ripped flooring with a green air mover sitting on top.

Water Valve

Drip, drip, drip that's the sound of a pipe leak in your bathroom. Unsure of what steps to take next? Start by putting a bucket underneath the leak. If the current is strong enough you will need to shut off the main water valve. 

Hotel wall with a fire alarm.

Fire Alarm

Did the title grab your attention? Great! Major flooding, such as this hotel hallway shown requires a professional restoration team. SERVPRO of Oaville/Mehlville is ready around the clock for any water damage that may occur. 

Three green trucks park on the side of a street.

We Can Handle it All

We can handle any size project, no matter how big or small. SERVPRO of Oakville/Mehlville is equipped with the man power and technology to get large projects done efficiently. Don't hesitate to give your local SERVPRO a call next time disaster strikes!

Hallway with an orange traffic cone.

Staff Lounge Demo

We completed a staff lounge demolition for our local senior center. The property suffered from a water pipe busting in the overhead ceiling. Our team had to remove all ceiling materials down to the bare foundation. 

Two green air movers next to a white toilet.

Restroom Restoration

We understand that you want your living space back to normal ASAP. SERVPRO of Oakville/Mehlville prides itself on being fast and efficient. Our team makes it "Like it never even happened." 

Give SERVPRO a call today: (314) 846-0600

Green air movers and scrubbers in a dirty room.

What Types of Water Damage Are Covered By Your Homeowners Insurance?

A Few Types Of Damage You Might Be Dealing With

If a flood has occurred in your Mehlville, MO, home as the result of a broken pipe or appliance, then you will need to file an insurance claim to cover repairs. Because these can be costly, you may be wondering exactly what is included in your insurance policy. The following are a few types of damage that you might be dealing with.

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Can you clean up water damage on stairs?

SERVPRO was called to clean these stairs after a water loss in this home. Our team quickly extracted all of the standing water, and placed plenty of drying equipment to expedite the drying process. If you have any questions about drying water damage in the Mehlville area, do not hesitate to contact us at anytime. 

How to cleanup water damage in a bathroom

SERVPRO was quick to respond to help cleanup in this bathroom. Our team quickly removed all of the standing water and placed drying equipment. As you can see, we had to remove some of the base boards and create some vents for airflow. If you have any questions, and live in the Oakville area, feel free to contact us at anytime. 

Bedroom Water Loss

After a water leak, this entire house in Oakville suffered from a water loss.  There was significant water damage.  SERVPRO responded and brought in air movers to dry the floor preventing further damages. 

Water Damage – Oakville House

Water damage at this Oakville house resulted when the pictured PVC drain pipe cracked. The damage accumulated from above until the affected area collapsed from the weight of the water. If water damage hits your property, call SERVPRO of Oakville/Mehlville at (314) 846-0600.

White House Leak Leads to Water Damage

The ceiling gave way when the water that was leaking from a supply line in the subfloor sprung a small leak that went unnoticed. Our SERVPRO technicians removed the drywall and dried out the open area prior to spraying an antimicrobial solution to sanitize the water damaged area.

Water Damage – Oakville House

Water damage occurred at this Oakville house when a water pipe ruptured in between the walls. The drywall was thoroughly soaked, and it was determined that the customer would be better served if we tore out the damaged drywall, dried the area between the walls and then replace the drywall. If water damage affects your home or commercial facility, call SERVPRO of Oakville/Mehlville at (314) 846-0600. We proudly offer 24-hour emergency service.

Flooded Office St. Louis

This office building was flooded and suffered major water damage. We dried it out quickly to avoid any mold damage.

When a natural disaster strikes it can be all too easy to lose hope in light of severe damage and loss. Whether it’s a tornado, blizzard or flood – the SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team can provide help fast. Water damage, water damage repair, water damage clean up, water removal pump, clean up flood, clean up water, cleanup water, water stains, cleanup flooding, evaporation equipment, basement water repair, clean up flooding, water damage services, basement water removal, water removal equipment, water damage carpet, floor water damage, water removal service, water damage company, water damage removal, water removal, water damage pumps, water damage home, water damaged furniture, fix water damage, emergency water damage, SERVPRO water damage, flood water damage, SERVPRO water restoration

Mold damage in St. Louis

Mold damage in this St. Louis office building. To keep the air quality good removal of mold damage is a must. Call our SERVPRO of Oakville/Mehlville time a call today for your mold remediation needs.

Water Damage in Oakville Kitchen - 63123

This homeowner discovered a dangerous situation of water damage behind their kitchen wall near a light switch. After turning off the power they immediately called SERVPRO of Oakville/Mehlville. SERVPRO responded quickly and removed the affected drywall and tile. SERVPRO of Oakville/Mehlville Professionals concentrate on safely drying, deodorizing and disinfecting the areas flooded or damaged by water damage, water stain wall, water removal tool Oakville, basement floor cleaner, Oakville water removal services, water removal companies, humidity problems, ceiling repair water damage, water removal tools, water damaged wall, water damage walls, water stain floor, home water damage repair, flood water damage Oakville, drying equipment, water damaged carpet, basement water problem, Oakville water restoration, water damage basement.

Water damage – Affton Wood Deck

Water damage to this Affton outside wood deck resulted from long term exposure to rain and the elements. The client wanted us to dry the decking out and then sand and stain the wood. If you require any services related to water damage, call SERVPRO of Oakville/Mehlville at (314) 846-0600.