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3 Benefits of the SERVPRO Franchise Model

6/10/2020 (Permalink)

Two SERVPRO technicians with drying equipment and a SERVPRO van behind them SERVPRO has all the components you need to be a successful franchise owner

Consider These 3 Benefits Of The SERVPRO Model

As the top disaster recovery and restoration and 27th overall best franchise on the 2020 Entrepreneur Franchise 500 list, there are a lot of positives to owning a SERVPRO franchise. If you are thinking about becoming a franchise owner, consider these three benefits of the SERVPRO model.

1. Locally Owned With Corporate Reach
All SERVPRO franchises are locally owned. As a local franchise owner, you will be positioned to respond quickly to the needs of customers in White House, MO. By being available to your customers 24 hours, 7 days a week, you will be able to help them get their homes and businesses restored to preloss condition as rapidly as possible. However, because you will have the power of the SERVPRO brand at your disposal, you will not be going it alone. SERVPRO's corporate resources, marketing, training, and name recognition will help position you as a leader in the industry.

2. Industry Leader
SERVPRO was founded in 1967 and has consistently ranked among the leaders in the industry for decades. SERVPRO's network of certified technicians, at more than 1700 locations nationwide, are trusted to be experts in their field. This has helped to make SERVPRO a preferred vendor for many major insurance companies. Clients trust SERVPRO to be Faster to Any Size Disaster, whether it is a small, individual job or a multi-million dollar project. As a SERVPRO franchise owner, customers will know they can trust you in their time of need.

3. Always in Demand
In a world fraught with uncertainty, one thing you can count on is that there will always be fires, storms, and other disasters. As a franchise owner, your services will always be in demand to help customers get back on their feet.
Owning a SERVPRO franchise will put you in a position to help your local community, while also running a thriving, in-demand, industry-leading business. SERVPRO has all the components you need to be a successful franchise owner.

Steps for Ridding Your Commercial Building of Mold

5/10/2020 (Permalink)

Vacuum extracting water from a carpet Vacuum extracting water from a carpet in a Bella Villa, MO office

It’s not always possible to spot a mold problem early on, but mold removal should begin as soon as it’s found. The mold remediation process can be complicated, so proper precautions must be taken. Many times, it’s best to contact professionals.

So, What Does Commercial Mold Cleanup Involve?

1. Extracting Water
All standing water needs to be extracted as soon as it’s safe to do so. A wet/dry vacuum is usually the safest and most efficient method. It’s important only to vacuum in wet areas at this point; mold spores can easily disperse when dry.
2. Wiping Down Surfaces
Mold is easiest to clean from non-porous surfaces. Porous materials such as wood and drywall may be impossible to clean well enough due to the tiny crevices in which mold can grow and water can be absorbed. Salvageability also depends on the amount of damage and if they can be dried quickly enough (within 48 hours of water exposure).
3. Discarding
Perhaps one of the most important parts of the mold removal process is the proper disposal of the contaminated materials. Polyethylene bags (at least 6-mil) should be used for any unsalvageable mold- or water-damaged materials. They should be filled and sealed before leaving the containment area to avoid cross-contamination. Larger heavily-contaminated pieces will need to be securely wrapped in polyethylene sheeting and duct tape.
4. Drying
The remaining materials need to be dried as quickly as possible. Running heaters, fans, dehumidifiers and opening windows and doors will help the drying process. Everything must be thoroughly dried within 48 hours to avoid the growth of mold. Otherwise, the item is probably unsalvageable.
5. Cleaning to Finish
After everything is completely dry, HEPA vacuums should be used to rid the area of any remaining debris and dust. After vacuuming, the vacuum should be thoroughly cleaned to prevent cross-contamination on the next job. The contents and filter need to be discarded in trash bags before removal from the area.
If you find mold damage in your building in Bella Villa, MO, be sure to call mold removal experts. They’ll return your property to its preloss condition as quickly as possible.

3 Things You Should Know If You Find Mold In Your Home

3/29/2020 (Permalink)

Green mold close-up on a black background Mold spores settle on the surface of the building material and contents in a home or business

3 Things You Should Know If You Find Mold In Your Home

Mold can be found in a wide variety of locations. It is common for many homeowners to find green, white or black mold growing in their homes in Lemay, MO. If you have never experienced this before, you may be unsure of how you should proceed. Having some basic knowledge can help you react more appropriately.

1. What Is Mold?

Mold is a fungus or a living organism that might be considered similar to a plant. However, unlike plants, fungi do not get their energy from the sun. Instead, they absorb nutrients from organic matter. This is why you will sometimes see mold growing on old food. They spread via spores which makes it easy for them to grow in many places. While black mold may be the type that comes to mind first, there are several species of this fungus that come in different colors and textures.

2. What Causes It To Grow?

While mold spores can be found in most places, and are likely present in your home as well, they need certain conditions in order to grow into a colony. Because it needs water, you will often find this fungus growing in places with a moisture problem. Leaks, high humidity and flooding are a few things that can contribute to mold growth.

3. Will It Go Away On Its Own?

You might think that if you don’t worry too much about the mold, it will eventually just go away. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Unless mold cleanup is done and the underlying cause of the growth is addressed, mold will continue to form. It is best to have it taken care of as soon as you notice or it may spread throughout the house.
Because black mold and other varieties of the fungus will not simply go away if you ignore them long enough, you need to be proactive about its removal. The best course of action is to hire a professional mold remediation specialist. With their training and necessary equipment, they can have your home back to its previous condition quickly and safely.

Essential Elements of Commercial Mold Cleanup

1/22/2020 (Permalink)

specialist in combating mold Mold remediation in White House, MO

The vitality of your company depends on many factors. Not only do you need a capable workforce, useful products, and a dependable customer base, but you also need to present your organization well. A professional appearance is vital. If you discover mold in your facility, you could compromise the trust that clients have in you, and your staff may not be able to work effectively. In these situations, it's important to choose the right company to do commercial mold remediation. With a good approach, you can eliminate mold quickly and carry on your White House, MO, business with minimal interruptions.

The Inspection

Even if you can only see a small amount of mold growth, you should enlist the services of a qualified professional mold removal company to investigate further. The pros have the best equipment and industry-standard techniques to thoroughly check for mold and the extent of the damage. Specialists will take the following steps during the inspection:

  • Identify the source of the mold development
  • Determine how much of your building is affected
  • Assess what interventions will be required to remove the mold

Fast-Acting Response

You can't afford to put off the mold restoration process. Professionals crews can be to your office the same day you make the call. Once the team knows what it's up against, it can work quickly but efficiently to eliminate the fungal growth from your building. The cleanup is fast, and the company will also be discreet and respectful during its efforts.

Containment and Thorough Work

The cleanup team will focus on the affected areas and will make sure the mold doesn't spread to other parts of the building. The commercial mold remediation company will also keep dust and other debris out the way of your employees so people can continue to work without distractions.
Hire the right commercial mold remediation company. You'll have peace of mind that the team is doing the job correctly the first time.

Preparing for the Claims Process and Adjuster Visit After a Commercial Fire

12/28/2019 (Permalink)

Man with white helmet writing on a clipboard The Insurance Adjuster works closely with our team from start to finish

Preparing for the Claims Process and Adjuster Visit After a Commercial Fire

Depending on the extent of the damage, most business owners will choose to file a fire claim after experiencing such a disaster. Unfortunately, making a claim on your policy can create a lot of stress and anxiety because it is a process that most people are not familiar with. Therefore, to help you prepare for the claims process and the visit from the insurance adjuster, follow these four steps.

  1. Call your insurer
  2. Mitigate further loss
  3. Gather and maintain records
  4. Document loss

Call Your Insurer

Before you can even consider getting the ball rolling on fire restoration, you need to call your insurer and explain what happened. During this phone call, they will probably ask a few probing questions about the fire and the extent of the damage, then they will tell you that they are sending someone out to assess the property and damage.

Mitigate Further Loss

Before touching anything in your property, make sure you clear it with your insurer first, so that you do not jeopardize your fire claim. Most insurance companies expect property owners to take the necessary steps to protect their facility from further property loss. Therefore, they will probably recommend using a fire mitigation company in Mehlville, MO. Any company you work with may offer board-up or tarping services to protect your building.

Gather and Maintain Records

Next, regardless of the level of fire damage, you will need to gather any relevant records of the damaged property. Also, for any work that you need to complete before the adjuster approves your claim, make sure you keep all receipts and paperwork.

Document Loss

Last, take plenty of photographs of the damaged property. If you have any pictures or documentation of when the items were first purchased, then it may be useful to the adjuster to see those as well. Organize all of the photos and paperwork so that it makes sense.
The process for submitting a fire claim can seem overwhelming, but as with any other bureaucratic process, claims are built around a series of predictable steps. Therefore, when preparing for your claim, follow the steps above and you should be just fine.

Different Degrees of Mold Damage

12/12/2019 (Permalink)

Mold on a white wall. Call for a professional mold cleanup as soon as you notice a problem to help your home return to normal.

Nobody wants to experience a mold infestation in his or her home. Unfortunately, it can appear at any time under many different circumstances. To receive the help you need and tackle your black mold problem for good, it’s important to recognize the different types of damage that can impact your home in Oakville/Mehlville, MO. Here are the different degrees of mold damage to pay attention to and what you should do in each situation.

Level 1 Damage

Level 1 mold damage is the least severe type of damage. Unlike the other two levels, Level 1 damage is typically not a result of structural issues. If you have a first-level mold problem, you may find mold spores in the following areas:

Ceiling tiles
Wall panels

In most cases, mold appears on these surfaces due to significant changes in temperature or humidity levels. Resolving a Level 1 issue also requires a relatively simple mold cleanup process.

Level 2 Damage

The second level of damage is slightly more serious than the first level. If you’re dealing with Level 2 mold damage, the problem may have resulted from structural problems, although not necessarily. Level 2 damage can cause harm to your living space, and it’s important to have the problem remediated professionally in order to remove all signs of black mold from your home.

Level 3 Damage and Above

Any type of damage above Level 2 must be addressed as soon as possible. If you come across mold that has spread over a surface of 30 feet or more, this could be due to a serious moisture problem or an underlying structural issue.

In some situations, a mold problem that is categorized as Level 3 or above is caused by a contaminated HVAC system. Pay close attention to mold damage in your home to identify the root of the issue.

Whether you have Level 1 mold damage or a severe black mold infestation, it’s crucial to take action immediately. 

Benefits of a Certified Mold Remediation Company

10/13/2019 (Permalink)

Picture of the outside of the office building of SERVPRO SERVPRO of Oakville/Mehlville is a certified mold remediation company

You may be wondering what the difference is between certified mold remediation companies versus those without certification in Bella Villa, MO. Is it that big of a deal? Is it just a ploy to get more money out of you? Turns out, certification is a signal that a company is trustworthy and competent.

What is Mold Certification?

Essentially it is a set of standards determined by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Depending on where you live, these standards are either voluntary or required by local or state law. There are handbooks available online through the IICRC website so you can see for yourself. It unites specialists by:

  • use of industry accepted terminology.
  • following of consensus driven procedures for
  • cleaning and restoration.
  • being subject to oversight by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).


The certified mold standards and procedures agreed upon by the IICRC were put together through a combination of academic research and practical experience in the remediation field. Restoration companies, trade schools and cleaning professionals came together with public health specialists, microbiologists and other scientists to create the best possible rules and processes to take care of mold in your home. It is reviewed and revised regularly to keep it up to date.


Using a certified mold remediation company establishes a higher level of trust from the get go. If they follow the standards they are supposed to, you can be confident that they are doing what is known to safely remove mold and restore your home. If your insurance company is involved in your remediation, they will probably prefer a certified specialist, as well- you may be more likely to have your expenses covered.
One easy way to narrow down a long list of restoration and cleaning companies for your mold problem is to look for certification. If you want someone who will do the job properly, that's just about all you need to see. The IICRC and ANSI are always working hard to keep up to date with the latest restoration breakthroughs and keep workers at their best.

Top 3 Mold Damage Tips

8/2/2019 (Permalink)

White thermostat that says "off" Turn off the HVAC system

Mold Damage Tips

No one wants to consider the outcome of black mold damage in their White House, MO, home. Fortunately, there are some solid tips to help you overcome a mold problem or to prevent it completely. Here are some mold damage tips.

1. Turn Off Your HVAC System

As soon as black mold begins to appear in your home, it’s time to look into what might be causing it. Mold remediation specialists can assist you in locating the problem areas of your home. One of the components that can help spread mold through your home is the HVAC system. Mold spores travel through the air and when your HVAC system becomes contaminated, it can enhance the problem. When you’re worried about mold growth or if your home has a moisture problem, turn off the HVAC.

2. Turn Off Your Water

In the case of flooding, always turn off your water. The least amount of water that you allow to fill your home, the more likely you are to be able to repair the damage and to decrease the potential for more damage. Broken or leaking pipes can cause many issues. Once you recognize that you have a problem, turn off your water to decrease the chances of further flooding and water damage.

3. Clean Your Air Ducts

In addition to the mold cleanup process, you may have to consider your air ducts as one of the components that requires more cleaning. If your HVAC system is contaminated with mold, then you need to ensure that your air ducts are clean. Otherwise, you can continue to spread mold spores throughout your home. You are fighting a losing battle with the mold when you do not have clean air ducts or a maintained HVAC system.

When you have a mold problem, call up a specialist to react Faster to any size disaster. To follow these three tips could be the answer to your black mold problem. A few simple steps can help minimize your damage.

Welcome to the Team, Kelly!

4/11/2019 (Permalink)

It’s possible you may already know, but the Thole and Lang family SERVPRO’s just added an accomplished member to the team.

Kelly Kordick, of Iowa and Arizona fame, is joining the team as our Manager of Marketing.

Kelly comes with 9 years of experience from an Arizona SERVPRO where she was a meaningful and important part of that team.

During her years in Arizona Kelly established herself as a professional and a major team contributor. Everything that Kelly has accomplished she’s earned herself. She started in the SERVPRO world as a SMR and over time worked herself into the Sales and Marketing Manager role where she continued to thrive.

She has substantial experience in Storm response having been a Storm Team estimator for multiple disasters including Hurricane Sandy and the 2016 Boulder Floods.

Kelly brings a lot to the table and has the skills and that certain “know-how” to help our franchises reach greater heights of success — in other words, 2019 is going to be a good year.

We are proud and excited to have Kelly on the team and we are looking forward to what the future brings.

Thanks for joining me in welcoming Kelly to the team.

-Team Thole and Lang

SERVPRO of Oakville / Mehlville, SERVPRO of Affton / Webster Groves and SERVPRO of Clayton / Ladue

Join SERVPRO – It’s a Great Entrepreneur’s Franchise

3/27/2019 (Permalink)

If you like helping people, find a SERVPRO franchise and become one of the good guys that saves homes after a catastrophe.

Join SERVPRO – It’s A Great Entrepreneur’s Franchise

There are many disaster remediation companies throughout the United States, but what other companies may be missing is the stanch and stalwart reputation SERVPRO has built up over the years. As the top-rated restoration and cleanup industry for the past decade, the insurance industry has come to rely on each local SERVPRO franchise to help with both flood disaster relief, and home water and mold remediation in Oakville, MO. Here are three reasons to join SERVPRO today.

1. Industry Recognition

Although each of the franchises is locally owned, the brand name is nationally recognized as a water, flood, and mold remediation service that can be relied upon at a moment’s notice. Consumers could select any of the restoration companies, but when disaster strikes, it is SERVPRO the customer calls for help. That means when you join the company team, you already have a reputation for service at a fair price working for you.

2. Support System

A SERVPRO franchise doesn’t stand alone. There are more than 1,600 other franchises that are there to help you by answering questions or coming to your aid during a large disaster. That also means that customers can find a SERVPRO service almost anywhere they travel, and insurance companies can locate a trusted representative after a disaster that can help get their customer’s homes back to the point the disaster looks “Like it never even happened.”

3. Reliable Technicians

SERVPRO’s technicians are not only available for 24-hour emergency service, but they are also certified by one of the industry’s most stringent regulators, the IICRC. Trained in the lasted technology, they are leaders in the restoration field.

You know the name, why not join the team? Join the other franchises and let your crew provide peace of mind as they restore life in the midst of a disaster. If you like helping people, find a SERVPRO franchise and become one of the good guys that saves homes after a catastrophe.

What Types of Mold Grow in Your Home?

3/5/2019 (Permalink)

Mold growth could show up in any home as long as the ideal environment exists.

What Types Of Mold Grow In Your Home? 

Whether your Bella Villa, MO home has survived several generations or is brand new, the potential for mold growth is real. The age of the home isn't a determining factor; instead you need to watch out for ideal environments in which moisture and nourishment are available. There are many sources of spores because mold exists everywhere, so it can be tracked into your home every time you enter.

Common Indoor Mold Types

There are many types of mold that could appear in your home. The severity of risk is often dependent upon the type and extent of mold growth.

  • Alternaria: Appears in dark, damp areas, such as under the sink or in the shower
  • Aspergillus: Very common mold that thrives in areas of high humidity
  • Aureobasidium: Shows up most often on wood and wallpaper, with a pink or black color
  • Chaetomium: Most often found in drywall affected by water damage, gives off a musty odor
  • Cladosporium: Often found under carpets and floorboards, thrives in warm and cool areas
  • Fusarium: Survives in cold, wet areas
  • Penicillium: Commonly found inside insultation, furniture, carpeting, and other areas; spreads quickly
  • Stachybotrys Chartarum: The most common "black mold," sometimes called "toxic mold"; gives off a musty smell, may show up in air conditioning ducts
  • Trichoderma: Shows up in areas of high humidity, such as damp wallpaper and carpeting
  • Ulocladium: Generally develops after extensive water damage, such as with flooding

Responding to Indoor Mold

When you find mold in your home, no matter what type it is, take immediate steps to correct the problem. If the affected area covers more than 10 feet or if you can smell the mold, contact a mold remediation professional right away. If the problem is very small, you could clean it up yourself, but make sure you have taken necessary steps to protect yourself from mold exposure.

Mold growth could show up in any home as long as the ideal environment exists. Watch areas of high humidity vigilantly for early warning signs.

SERVPRO: Helping Your Clients Rebuild

2/18/2019 (Permalink)

Storm damage in Lemay, MO

If you have clients in the Lemay, MO, area who are dealing with storm or flood damage, a storm restoration specialist can help, especially one as qualified as SERVPRO. Many of your clients may require restoration services following a disaster, and it is important to deal with a company that delivers not only on quick response times but also corporate assistance with the claims process. However, response time and claims assistance are only a fraction of the services provided.

1. Mitigation

Fundamental storm response must include mitigation practices to ensure that your client’s claim is not hung up on a technicality. Through board up, fencing and tarping services, your client’s property is protected from worsening existing damage as well as trespassers, animals and weather, ensuring a successful claim.

2. Cleanout

Before storm restoration and loss assessments can begin, it is necessary to clean out the home, ensuring that all damage is visible and known. It is not enough to remove excess water from flooding; debris must be removed and separated into actual rubbish and damaged insured items so that loss can be documented properly.

3. Restoration

Once proof of loss has been documented and all assessments and estimates approved, then it is time to move forward with the restoration work. This work may be extensive, requiring demolition and reconstruction, but in the end, your clients can return to their repaired home.

4. Claims Information Center

Beyond the services offered to your client, it is essential that you have access to the progress of the work and the claim. For you to understand fully the work being proposed, you can access the Claims Information Center and review similar claims as well as the progress on your own.

Storm restoration is a necessary solution to the misfortune severe weather can bring, and while it is your job as an insurance agent to help your clients rebuild through funding, it is the job of restoration companies, like SERVPRO, to restore the physical structure and help make the claims process as speedy as possible.

3 Ways To Stop Mold Growth in Your Warehouse

11/26/2018 (Permalink)

Mold damage in a Lemay,MO office building

Three Ways to Stop Mold Growth

As you probably know, mold can bring your business to a standstill. Even a few days of lost productivity may cost you thousands of dollars. To ensure you can continue to meet customer demands, you must have a strategy for finding water damage and stopping mold growth. Here are three critical components of that plan.

1. Find the Leaks

When water spills into places it isn’t supposed to be, mold finds the perfect place to take up residence. As such, you must be vigilant in finding leaks in your Lemay, MO, warehouse. When you are looking for water infiltration, you must inspect areas inside and outside your facility. Check gutters, basements, crawlspaces, toilets, sinks and other places where water is common. If you notice any leaks, repair them as soon as possible to deter mold proliferation.

2. Dry Wet Areas

Even if your warehouse doesn’t have any leaks, you may have wet areas that allow mold to grow. Specifically, if you use water in your everyday operations, you must be sure you regularly dry wet areas. If you don’t, these spaces may eventually sustain the sort of water damage that can encourage mold to reproduce and spread.

3. Remove Existing Mold

Mold prevention requires removing existing mold. While you are probably good at conducting business, you likely don’t have the expertise or equipment to handle mold cleanup. By contracting with a reputable mold-removal service, you can be certain you remove existing mold and stop the spread of mold spores. Remember, mold can ruin inventory, equipment, furnishings and structures. The longer you wait to begin mold remediation, the more damage you can usually expect.

As a business owner, you must keep your warehouse in tip-top shape. If you have water damage inside your warehouse, you can expect mold to begin to grow. With a proactive strategy, you can likely contain mold growth and shorten shutdown times.

Security Fencing: Why It’s Needed and How It Helps

11/19/2018 (Permalink)

Security Fences

It can be tempting to avoid putting up a security fence after a fire. After all, what more damage can be done? The truth is surprising. Curious explorers may be injured resulting in liability issues. Vandals may make the damage worse by terrorizing unaffected areas. Looters can walk away with wiring, equipment, etc. On top of all of that, security fences may be a requirement of some insurance companies.

1. Protecting People

Beyond requirements, a fence’s primary purpose is to keep people out. People have an ingrained need to question and be curious. Unfortunately, this curiosity can get them into trouble when exploring fire damaged properties. Worst yet, if you have not made every effort to secure your property, you may be responsible for any injuries sustained. A fence can eliminate this concern.

2. Securing Your Property

A security fence does more than protect you from liability issues; it also helps to prevent vandals from doing further damage to your already damaged property. Some people are notorious for entering not secured, derelict properties to tag them or do further damage. Without a fence, this additional damage would likely not be covered by your insurance.

3. Deterring Looters

Aside from vandals, you may be susceptible to looters or thieves without the proper security precautions. While a fire may damage a lot, it may also leave many things intact. For instance, copper wiring, electronics, and other equipment may be salvageable and therefore vulnerable to thieves.

4. Mitigating Further Loss

Security fencing is essentially part of the board-up and fencing services provided by reputable fire remediation specialist in the Oakville, MO, area. The use of fencing helps to mitigate further loss by creating a clear boundary around the property. This boundary demonstrates that you take the claims process seriously and that you are doing everything to reduce further loss.

A security fence may seem like the littlest piece of the complicated insurance claim puzzle, but it is a critical component. These fences provide safety for pedestrians, security for owners, deter looting, and essentially mitigate further claims issues. Securing your property after a disaster, like a fire, is a smart and often required decision.

How To Reduce Flooding on Your Property

11/18/2018 (Permalink)

Flooding property in Mehlville,MO

Areas Where You Can Make Changes To Prevent Major Flooding

With the increase in heavy rain events over the last 30 years, you may have noticed some outside flooding on your Mehlville, MO, property. The bad news is that there is nothing you can do to prevent a rain storm from deluging your land, but the good news is that there is plenty you can do to increase rain drainage. There are three main areas where you can make changes to prevent major flooding.

1. Around the Home

Drain spouts can be diverted to lead water into areas designed to absorb heavy runoff, such as rain gardens. A rain garden is a beautiful way to capture and use excess water. Native plants with a high tolerance for moisture are ideal. If you’re mulching your garden, use a heavier mulch that won’t float away as easily as lighter mulches will.

2. Around the Property

Adding a swale to your property can ease outside flooding issues. A swale is a depression in the landscape that redirects water drainage. This could be a natural depression or an excavated one. The purpose of the swale is to redirect the water to a point where it can be safely released, such as a dry well or a garden area with good drainage.

3. On the Driveway

Driveways can be made more flood-friendly by foregoing the cement pad and opting for more porous options, such as gravel, spaced paving, or a combination of the two. Drainage can also be created on the sides of the driveway, such as by installing driveway edging drains or channel drains.

Outside flooding doesn’t need to be a necessary evil on your property. A few preventive actions can greatly reduce the amount of flooding your property undergoes. You can make changes to the drainage on your home, your property, and your driveway to decrease flood damage. Prevent water damage before you need to call damage repair specialists.