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The Steps Involved In Fire Damage Restoration

7/26/2017 (Permalink)

The Steps Involved In Fire Damage Restoration

Many people find it difficult to handle fire damage restoration in the unfortunate event of fire in home or fire in business. The fire restoration process is stressful, dangerous and consumes a lot of time. Many property owners would rather leave the task to a restoration company to handle the damage. Restoring a home back to its habitable condition after fire damage depends on the degree of damage to the home. Minor fire damage may only require a few days' work while major structural damage may take more than a month to complete. Fire cleanup experts simplify the task and ensure the house is safe for habitation as well as preserve the value of your property.

Start the early to save on cost

Carry out fire damage restoration as soon as possible. Delaying the fire cleanup process will increase the damage to property and the cost of restoring everything to its initial state. The most visible inferno damage is charred items. Water and chemical compounds used to contain the fire also leave some damages and markings. Other damages that may occur in fire at home or fire in business include soot damage and smoke damage. The elements of smoke, ash, and soot can combine to discolor surfaces, corrode metallic objects, and permanently stain fabrics. The smoke smell makes the house inhabitable. Either fire in home or fire in business, beginning the fire restoration process early will help reduce financial and emotional strain involved during fire clean up. A commercial fire damage company will follow some steps to handle home or commercial fire damage.

Securing the site

Commercial fire damage companies start by performing an initial assessment. They assess the extent of damage and the required services such as board up services, soot cleaning, debris removal, HVAC repair, or replacement etc. The restoration company first secures the premise from further damage and danger. The team will board up windows and damaged walls. When it comes to board up services, you need an experienced board up company as many companies major in simple repair tasks. They will also install a roof tarp in case there is damage to the rooftop. Smoke damage experts will also clothe in protective apparels to ensure their safety from potentially hazardous elements from the incident.

Removal of flame-retardants

The experts from the restoration company start by clearing the location by removing water and other chemical compounds used to put out fire in business. They use drying substances such as dehumidifiers to expedite the dehydration process. They will also bring in large fans and air-moving devices to remove smoke smell, improve ventilation, and make the working site safer for remediation.

Cleaning and removing residues

The next step entails removing the residual smell and soot damage from the premise. The action is a comprehensive and involves thorough cleaning of all surfaces including, ceilings, walls, fixtures, floors, and appliances. This process is important to eliminate soot damage on all surfaces. Experts use this process to establish any additional estimates. The process allows them to determine which items need replacement or simple restoration.

Deep cleaning and sanitization

This step is essential as it allows for the restoration of property back to their initial state before the inferno. The process can significantly cut down on cost on the side of the homeowner and the insurance as well. Carry out sanitization even in the case of fire in home and fire in business.

Restoration and replacement

Repair and replacement are the final steps in the process of fire damage restoration. The process entails repainting, installing new floors, replacing ceilings and other related activities. During this phase, the smoke damage experts rebuilt the parts of the house that require reconstruction. This step allows for the replacement of appliances and fixtures with working ones.

Deodorizing to rid smoke smell

Profession fire Restoration Company will deodorize fabrics including clothes, furniture, draperies, and importantly carpets to eliminate smoke smell. The smoke smell can linger in fabrics for a long time if not well deodorized. The process involves the use of a potent compound that targets smoke molecules to neutralize the smell. Fire damage restoration can use industrial grade ozone generators to remove soot damage and smell effectively.

Thermal Fogging

Apart from eliminating soot damage and foul smell from fabrics, smoke damage experts often manage damage underneath the walls. If the damage is dire, a fire damage company will resort to thermal fogging. Thermal fogging entails using a particular machine to eliminate smoke smell trapped inside walls. Professionals will also assess vents, ducts, and attic insulation, which may require replacement.

Fire restoration experts can help with insurance claims

A fire restoration company can facilitate the preparation of estimates for you to submit to your insurance company. Ensure you fill in the initial claims to help with recovering from fire damage and smoke damage. Delaying to file an application can result in delayed payment, which can cause frustration and major inconveniences during the fire cleanup process. A professional fire damage restoration company can help you speed the insurance claim process from the start.

Fire restoration is necessary in the case of fire in home. The best approach for property owners is to seek companies that deal with commercial fire damage to help with the damages. Fire damage restoration is a difficult task, particularly when the house has severe soot damage. Fire cleanup services will help you restore your premise back to habitable and safety. The experts will also carry out a thorough inspection that will give the premise owner a clear picture of what to replace and what to salvage. The fire clean up services will also help with filing insurance claims.
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