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Fire Damage Restoration Services in Oakville, MO

3/24/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Restoration Services in Oakville, MO

There is little more devastating in life than having one's home burn to the ground. Years of memories, the sense of security, perceptions of order and a positive outlook on life are gone in a flash. Left in its place are fear, worry, confusion and concern about what you should do next. Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that what can be gone so quickly can also be repaired with the right support group comprised of experts. The sooner decisions have been made about how to address fire damage the sooner your life will return to normal. Following is a list of what to expect and the order in which it will occur.

Step One: Safety First

The residence should not be reentered until the fire marshal says it's safe. Although sometimes it's not apparent on the surface, wall timbers and tresses become weak from the ravages of wall or attic fires and will make the building structurally unsound. In such cases it's best to follow the advice of experts and allow others to collect salvageable items. The insurance company must also be called immediately. They will have to survey the damage and make their assessment in order to determine the types of restoration and replacement that will be required. You have to remember that cleaning up Fire Damage is just the starting point of rebuilding. Water damage, Soot Damage and Smoke Damage will also be extensive. Oakville and Mehlville in eastern Missouri are just two of the areas where experts in the field of Fire Cleanup are available.

Step Two: Evaluating the Damage

Experts in the field of Fire Damage, restoration and repair need to make an on-site inspection. They will be able to determine which areas have been affected the most, what can be salvaged and which types of replacements can ensure your home is returned to its original condition.

Fires crawl up walls and across beams. Therefore, if a fire starts from a spark in a ceiling light it's less likely the ground floor will be as damaged as the upper floors. It also seeks fresh air as oxygen is required for it to burn. An inspection by a restoration expert in Oakville, MO will find the path the fire traveled and will be able to determine which parts of the structure have the most critical areas in need of repair. During the inspection they will also salvage as much as possible in the way of personal items, furniture and anything else that was not totally destroyed by the fire or subsequent water.

Step Three: Security During the Interim

The fire department is required to break windows, kick down doors and even break through the roof in order to ensure every facet of the fire is extinguished before they leave. Water Damage from Fire suppression will also be extensive but, even so, the last thing needed is more water from rain or snow pouring in. Additionally, you wouldn't want the last of your valuables pillaged. The restoration expert assigned to your case will ensure that the home is secure on the same day of the inspection before they leave.

Step Four: Removing the Water

One of the most time-consuming jobs of the restoration project will be removing all the water used to put out the fire. Fire suppression takes an incredible amount of water and is a huge part of Fire Cleanup. It requires specialized equipment designed specifically to remove water from areas where mold, staining, and warped wood can cause long-term problems. No work can be done until every surface and hidden beam has been thoroughly dried. The process requires the use of large, powerful vacuum systems along with industrial strength fans and other types of equipment designed specifically with that purpose in mind.

Step Five: Removal of Soot and Smoke Damage

Beyond the issues encountered with the structural change of building integrity and Water Damage from Fire, perhaps the most difficult thing to deal with is the Smoke and Soot Damage left behind. The residue ultimately affects Air Quality and can make individuals sick as well as result in long-term respiratory illnesses. Because Smoke and Soot get into everything, it's very difficult to eliminate. It permeates every fissure, crook and cranny that is not thoroughly sealed. It will also fill ventilation shafts and other areas that individuals that are not experts in restoration may miss.

Step Six: Deep Cleaning

In order to ensure all residue is gone and the Air Quality is good, a top-to-bottom cleaning is conducted along with sanitizing your home. It's not uncommon to find air scrubbers, chemical solutions, cleaning solutions and various types of scouring being utilized to restore as much of the home as possible before reconstruction begins. This type of cleaning goes far beyond what the average person would do on a regular basis and requires specialists adept at Fire Cleanup.

Step Seven: Restoring a Home to its Former Beauty

In the final phase of restoration the structural supports, walls, floors, and everything else required to return your home to normal will be installed and/or replaced. Things not normally seen like pipes and electrical circuits will require replacement or repair as well. When looking around a home it's amazing to see what it would take to restore after a fire. Things like replacing wallpaper, finishing wooden accents, repainting, and smaller construction projects must be accomplished before a house will feel like a home again.

The goal of a restoration company is to eliminate any feelings of loss and anxiety that may still linger since the fire. Once the furniture is restored or replaced, it's amazing how wonderful it is to walk into an abode that feels like the home you've grown to love. The company you select to complete restoration after a fire could make the difference between coming home and entering a stranger's house. Therefore, selecting only an experienced team of restoration experts that will ensure Smoke Damage, Soot and Water Damage from Fire is abated, will leave the Air Quality in a home pristine and will return the home to normal is important. If living in Oakville, MO, Mehlville, MO or the surrounding areas in eastern Missouri, the right company will ensure your restoration is as painless as possible. Visit http://www.SERVPROoakvillemehlville.com for more information on fire damage.

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