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Handling a Fire Loss in Oakville, MO

2/21/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage in Oakville/ Mehlville, MO

Handling a Fire Loss in Oakville, MO

If you have experienced a fire, you are probably feeling a tumultuous mix of emotions right now: anger, confusion, fear and helplessness. But don't worry, fire damage can be repaired and your home can be returned to its previous state. While you may not be able to replace everything you lost, the portion of your home destroyed by the fire can definitely be restored.

If you have already gotten the go-ahead from the Fire Department, and your insurance company has surveyed the damage, it is time to start the restoration. Fire cleanup is a multi-step process that starts with evaluating the smoke and water damage, and ends with rebuilding your home as good or even better than it was before.

If you have smoke damage or water damage from a fire in Oakville or Mehlville, or other nearby areas in eastern Missouri, we're available to get the restoration process started. Let's go through that process, one step at a time, so you know what to expect.

Step One: Complete Evaluation

It all starts with a complete evaluation, which means an on-site inspection of any areas affected by the fire. Our experts will be assessing the situation, determining what is salvageable and what will need replaced, and making a list of the tasks that will be required to return your home to its previous state.

It isn't just the rooms affected by fire that will need to be examined. Adjoining rooms will need to be evaluated to determine if walls need to be rebuilt or reinforced and to make sure that your family is safe and that your home is as solid and dependable as it used to be.

Step Two: Securing Your Home

The next step will be securing your home against the elements. You already likely have water damage from the fire. You don't need to add to it by allowing rain or snow to get in. Our experts will seal up the areas affected by fire as tightly as possible with tarps, lumber and other materials that are made to keep the inside secure and dry.

This also means removing items that are not salvageable so that they can be replaced. This may include furniture, personal items, appliances or anything else affected by fire that cannot be restored.

Step Three: Water Removal

Before problems from fire residue like soot damage can be fixed, the water that was used to put out the fire must be removed. We have specialized equipment intended to remove large quantities of water from a room, and experts who know where water may be hiding so that you don't develop mold, warped wood or other problems from leftover water.

Everything that is going to stay and be restored needs to be completely dry before the actual repairs can take place. We will make sure that every drop of water is removed from these areas with powerful vacuum systems, industrial fans or other specialized equipment.

Step Four: Soot & Smoke Removal

Smoke damage and soot damage is what a fire leaves behind, and our next step is removing it from each affected room. This is important not only for the restoration process to begin, but every trace of fire residue needs to be removed so that the air quality is returned to normal. This residue can make you sick and cause respiratory illness.

The removal of smoke and soot is a very technical process because it gets into everything. Every single surface of the rooms where the fire damage happened will contain this residue, from the walls to the carpet fibers, inside of the ventilation shafts and even the cracks between baseboards will need to be cleaned. someone without expertise in fire residue removal may miss quite a bit.

Step Five: Complete In-depth Cleaning

Finally, the last step is the complete cleaning and sanitizing of your home, from top to bottom. This may include air scrubbers to restore air quality, cleaning solution and chemicals, scrubbing, washing and sanitizing, to restore every surface to the state it was before the fire.

Again, it is important to use professionals who have experience in fire cleanup, because while some of the cleaning techniques are fairly common, others are not, and simply cleaning the room yourself isn't going to be sufficient. You want a perfectly clean and sanitized foundation to begin rebuilding.

Step Six: Restoration of Your Home

The last step is the complete restoration of your home. This will include rebuilding walls that have been damaged by fires, shoring up or improving load bearing construction features, replacing the floorboards as well as the carpet and replacing baseboards, moldings and electric outlets or fixtures. Also, painting, sanding, wallpaper, wood finish and other construction tasks will need to be done to return the room to exactly the state it was before the fire happened.

Finally, you will have to replace or restore the furniture that once stood in that room. When we are finished, and everything has been replaced, some of the anxiety and the feelings of loss that you felt from the fire will be alleviated. Our goal is to make you forget that a fire ever happened.

Trust the Experts at SERVPRO

If you have a home or business in eastern Missouri that has been damaged by fire, we can help. We serve Oakville, MO, and Mehlville, MO, as well as other surrounding areas. Trust the experts at SERVPRO to evaluate your damage and begin the restoration process. We'll work with you to repair the damage and restore your home to the state you remember.

Don't trust restoration after a fire to just anyone. Fire damages structures in ways that are not even visible to the naked eye and only an experienced restoration team that has been trained in fire cleanup will know how to make sure that your home is safe, that all residue has been removed, and that the air quality and every surface is perfect and you can get on with your life. Visit http://www.SERVPROoakvillemehlville.com for more information on fire damage.

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