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Know the Difference — Mold Versus Mildew

5/23/2019 (Permalink)

Mildew is mostly found on wet surfaces

For some, mold and mildew are synonymous. However, this is not the case. Although both can affect your home, knowing the difference can help you better identify and prevent mold damage and mildew growth in Lemay, MO.

What Is Mold?

Mold is a type of fungus. It is normally invisible to the naked eye until it starts gathering as a colony. It reproduces via microscopic airborne spores, so it can exist anywhere and everywhere. It can be a variety of colors, but in the home, it usually appears black, blue or green. Mold grows as multicellular filaments known as hyphae, which give it a fuzzy appearance. It also emits a distinct musky odor. Mold growth can cause structural damage to your home. Some common types of mold include:

  • Black mold — Stachybotrys chartarum
  • Yellow mold — Serpula lacrymans
  • Pink mold — Aureobasidium
  • Blue/green mold — Penicillium

What Is Mildew?

Mildew is also a type of fungus and closely resembles mold. However, it does not cause as much damage as other types of mold do. It is most commonly found on wet surfaces, so mildew growth is something to look out for in your bathroom or kitchen. It is usually gray or white and appears powdery rather than fuzzy. Mildew also has a musty odor.

What Should You Do About Mold and Mildew?

It is important to be able to tell the difference between mold and mildew because mold damage is a much bigger issue for your home. Mold can never be totally removed because of its nature as airborne microscopic spores, but growth can be stopped and appropriate spore levels reached through mold remediation processes undertaken by specialists. You should not attempt to remove mold on your own. However, if you have identified mildew in your kitchen or bathroom, this is something you can clean yourself with the proper products and guidance.

Mold damage is significantly more problematic than mildew growth, so being able to identify the difference between the two is an important skill for a homeowner. Knowledge is power when it comes to mold.

Steps To Avoid Common Types of Mold Growth in Your Home

1/21/2019 (Permalink)

Mold damage in a Lemay, MO bathroom

Ways To Prevent Mold from Growing in Your Home

Unfortunately, mold growth is a common problem that occurs in homes in Lemay, MO. There are several types of mold that are more likely to grow in homes, but there are also ways you can help to prevent these molds from growing in your home.

1. Watch Your Water Bill

Mold often grows when there has been some sort of water damage in the home. However, many homeowners don’t realize that their home has been affected by a flood or leak until major damage has occurred. However, a sudden increase in your water usage could be an indicator of a leak, and the sooner you can identify an issue, the sooner you can fix the problem. By preventing any major leaks or floods, you will be better able to prevent molds like Chaetomium, which can grow in drywall and other areas, from growing.

2. Limit Humidity in the Home

High humidity levels are often one of the primary reasons for mold growth in homes. Keeping your home dry can help to prevent molds such as Trichoderma, which tend to grow in humid environments. In order to keep the humidity levels low, you can use fans, dehumidifiers and can open windows in your home.

3. Check Areas Where Mold Tends to Grow

One of the best ways to prevent mold from growing in your home is to know where it is most likely to grow. Appliances that use water, such as sinks, toilets or dishwashers, can create the perfect environment for mold to thrive. Making sure these areas are clean and dry will help to prevent common molds, such as Alternaria, which often grows in bathrooms or basements.

Keeping track of your water bill, decreasing humidity in your home and checking and cleaning areas where mold is most likely to grow can help you to protect your home from mold growth. If your home has sustained mold damage, it may help to contact mold remediation specialists.

Oakville Mold Damage - How to Avoid Being Swindled during A Mold Inspection

12/26/2018 (Permalink)

A proper mold inspection will insure mold damage is properly taken care of.

Have you recently experienced a natural disaster in your area and are now worried about mold damage in your Oakville home? When big storms strike, they can leave microscopic evidence behind in the form of mold. While you may not have a large hole in your roof that is causing mildew and mold problems, small cracks may be the culprit. When you pick a mold damage inspectors, you will want to protect yourself from shady mold inspectors. Thankfully, there are a few ways that you can avoid being swindled during a mold inspection.

Check your sources

One of the best ways to hire a contractor of any kind for your home is through a personal referral. However, when it comes to mold inspection, you also want to check for certifications, references or credentials. You may need to pay close attention to the certification that the mold damage inspectors offer because it could be a fake or outdated certificate. After you check it out online or make a few phone calls, you will have all you need to hire someone that will do a professional job with the correct knowledge required. This will greatly reduce the number of potential variables that could go wrong in the mold inspection process.

Be wary of inspectors that work too quickly

If you want to protect you and your family from mold damage, you need to have your home thoroughly investigated. If the mold damage investigator is in and out of your home within 15 minutes, you should feel suspicious. To complete a thorough investigation, they will need to do moisture and temperature readings behind walls, in the ceilings, in the floors and in your duct work. On average, it takes about two to three hours to complete a mold damage inspection.

Understand that you might need more than one sample

There are some mold damage inspectors that will argue that if they see mold, no testing or sampling is necessary. Despite this, true professionals will do mold testing anyway. This means that you will see them using swabs on the wall to collect mold that may not be visible to the naked eye. If a mold inspector refuses to do this at all, you need to take your business elsewhere.

A good inspection has multiple layers

Many times, mold inspectors will begin the process of inspection by looking for mold damage on the outside of your walls, floors and ceilings. If they cannot find the mold, they will do deeper investigations. What you do not want is for a contractor to come into your home looking for mold damage and knock down a wall as the very first thing they do. This is not only unnecessary, but it is also absurd. Nevertheless, this type of unprofessional behavior has happened to more than a few homeowners.

Get your home inspected for mold the right way

12/26/2018 (Permalink)

After you hire a good mold damage inspector, the next step is to pick up the phone and call the one at the top of your list. You will be offered a price range for services, and some of the costs apply to remediation and not inspection. When you schedule your appointment, be sure to pick a time where you have about four hours to be on-hand for the inspection process. When the mold damage inspection is over, ask for a few business cards to give to your friends and family. If mold damage is detected, the inspector can help you find a reliable mold remediation (AKA removal) service to restore your home to its previous glory.

SERVPRO of Oakville/Mehlville is locally owned and operated and serves Oakville, Mehlville, Lemay, St. Louis, South County, and the surrounding communities.

SERVPRO of Oakville/Mehlville fully certified water removal staff can perform a complete damage assessment to your home office, and then recommend and follow the industries standards to get your water removal restoration repaired properly available 24 hours a day.

SERVPRO of Oakville/Mehlville is a 24/7 emergency water removal & flood clean up repair service company, Our technicians are highly trained and experienced with every water damage situation.

Swamp Coolers and Mold Prevention Tips

9/27/2018 (Permalink)

Mold damage in a Mehlville, MO closet

If you are like many homeowners in Mehlville, MO, you might keep cool in the summer months with help from your trusty swamp cooler; however, these fantastic contraptions can also cause issues with moisture. Remediation can help if you do find that a leaking swamp cooler or a similar issue has already caused mold growth, but it is a good idea to read the following three tips, so you are better able to prevent moisture damage in the future.

1. Control the Moisture

It is important for you to do your part to keep the moisture levels in your home under control when running a swamp cooler so it does not have to work too hard to keep your house’s temperature regulated, especially if you live in a warm, damp environment. Simply opening your windows is a great way to boost air flow and reduce humidity.

2. Maintain Your Unit

Since mold is a common problem with swamp coolers, make sure that a trained technician who understands these machines performs regular, thorough maintenance on your appliance. A leaking swamp cooler could potentially be prevented with regular tune-ups.

3. Consider Air Conditioning

If you live in an extremely humid environment or are having recurring problems with dampness, installing a standard air conditioner unit may be your best bet to keep the issue at bay. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development even recommends air conditioners in such cases. It can be hard to give up a trusted swamp cooler, but in some cases, the positive end results are completely worth the change.

Now that you are armed with the knowledge you need to keep any leaking swamp cooler or mold growth concerns at bay, put one or more of these tips into action. You may be surprised to see that what was once an issue or concern regarding your cooler has quickly become a worry of the past.

Mold Damage Basics and Working With Remediation Experts

8/28/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Damage Basics and Working With Remediation Experts

Whether it appears in a family home, a business setting, or an industrial property in Oakville, mold damage can be a serious issue. For industrial environments, especially, it is important that mold and any related signs of damp are handled quickly and efficiently. 

There is a lot of valuable equipment to protect in industrial settings and significantly more spaces in which mold can develop. Fortunately, at SERVPRO, removal and remediation is as easy as picking up the phone and calling our expert team. 

Picking the Right Mold Removal Company 

The first step is to find a mold removal company that is trustworthy and has an excellent reputation within the Oakville area. SERVPRO is a great choice, because we are highly regarded and have a lot of experience dealing with mold damage in commercial and industrial environments. 

Once we have assessed and inspected the affected site, we will set up a containment area, so that spores can no longer be spread throughout the building. This is something that less reliable companies won’t do, but it’s an essential part of treating and eliminating mold damage in Oakville properties. 

Understanding the Basics of Mold Damage 

The term ‘mold’ refers to a group of fungi varieties that thrive in damp environments. As these fungi need water to flourish, they only ever become a problem indoors after moisture has infiltrated the building (after a leak or flood, for example). Common causes of mold damage in industrial properties include flooding from surface water, leaks in the roof, and burst pipes. 

It can be tricky to spot developing mold in industrial settings, because they tend to be much larger and less regulated than houses and standard businesses. There is an endless number of corner, nooks, and spaces in which spores can take hold. For this reason, owners and supervisors should regularly inspect workspaces for musty odors and visual signs of mold. 

Working with Mold Removal Specialists 

SERVPRO has access to a wide range of tools and equipment which have been specially designed to eradicate mold damage near Oakville. They include state of the art HEPA Vacuum devices and heavy duty air scrubbers and air movers. It is essential that you do not try to tackle extensive mold damage by yourself, because exposure can be bad for the health. 

For more information and advice on mold removal in an industrial setting, get in touch with the experts at SERVPRO of Oakville/Mehlville. We can be on site within hours to carry out a thorough inspection and put a plan in place for the remediation of affected areas. Call us. (314) 846-0600. 

The Return of the Mold: How To Minimize Your Risk of Repeat Growth

5/15/2018 (Permalink)

Give SERVPRO a call if you notice mold growing in your home.

The Return of the Mold: How To Minimize Your Risk of Repeat Growth

It is impossible to have a completely mold-free home. Mold is in the air. It hitches a ride on your clothes and hair when you come in from outside your home in Oakville, MO and it seeks out any moisture source it can find. Black mold growth can appear in areas that have water damage from leaks or malfunctioning plumbing. Mold remediation experts can resolve the problem, but unless you take certain precautions, the mold could return, even after professional cleanup.

1. Maintain Your Home.

Vigilant maintenance is the key to preventing the need for future mold cleanup. Take note of the places in your home where condensation tends to gather or leaks often occur. Fix the problems causing the leaks. This not only prevents unsightly water damage but also denies black mold spores a place to land and thrive.

2. Ventilate Stagnant Areas.

Your attic gets stuffy quite easily, so you must make sure that it is properly ventilated. Moisture is more likely to gather in areas lacking in air flow. Giving the stale air in these places a place to escape outside your home can be an effective mold growth deterrent.

3. Control the Humidity.

Your indoor humidity should stay within a range of 30 and 50 percent. Humid rooms are prone to mold issues. Exhaust fans in your kitchen, laundry room and bathrooms can help prevent the need for mold cleanup.

4. Hire Professionals.

If you do discover a mold problem in your home, don’t try to clean it up yourself. Certified technicians are trained to assess the problem and resolve it thoroughly. If your mold issue is not resolved completely, it is likely to return again.

Mold remediation specialists can resolve a problem with black mold in your home. Your responsibility is to do everything you can to keep the problem from recurring by making your home a place where mold feels less welcome. Visit for more information on mold. 

If There Are 100,000 Types of Mold, Which Type Is Attacking Your Wall?

4/25/2018 (Permalink)

Give SERVPRO a call if you notice mold in your home or business.

All over the United States, there are reports of winter storms, nor’easter water damage, and colder-than-expected temperatures. Once spring arrives in Oakville, MO the thawing snow and ice often results in flooded basements, broken pipes, and cracked plumbing lines. Mildew can quickly grow in these humid or damp areas of the building, and once the splotchy signs of mold appear on a wall or ceiling, you can be certain there are probably more mold colonies hidden from sight. Sometimes there are black mold warning signs, such as:

• The musty smell of mildew
• Red, green, or yellow fungi
• Small patches of visible mold

Different types of mold have different colors and characteristics. What do they all mean?

Is It Bad Mold?

Although mold tests have become a popular option for do-it-yourself enthusiasts, testing for black mold is not as straightforward as you may think. There are over 100,000 types of fungi floating in the air at any given time. An Indoor Environmental Professional is a specialist trained in how to recognize various types of mold and their danger levels. Many of the IEP community are accomplished scientists who understand how the mildew, fungus, and spores spread and where a particular strain of mold may have evolved. An IEP can also identify which variety of mildew is growing and how quickly it will spread so that mold cleanup can be completely effective.

Will Mold Removal Work?

Once the IEP identifies the type of fungus present in your building, it is time to contact a mold removal company. The team can use the IEP report to completely eradicate mold, mildew, and spores left behind by any water damage. By using specialized equipment to detect highly damaged areas, the professionals can also do what is necessary to remediate potential fungus problems.

Trust a team of professionals when you suspect your building has black mold. The crew can quickly provide mold remediation and deal with any fungus problem thoroughly and professionally. Visit for more information on mold. 

How To Prevent Mildew and Leave Your Bathroom Sparkling Clean

3/23/2018 (Permalink)

There are many certainties that come with owning a home in Oakville, MO and the building up of stubborn mold or bathroom mildew is one of them. After all, family bathrooms see a lot of interaction from day to day, leaving behind the presence of human activity which can lead to mildew growth. If you’re looking to prevent mildew from spreading on your floor tiles or shower tile grout, here are a few ways you can handle this issue:

? Use commercial cleaning products on a regular basis. Depending on the extent of past mildew growth or the longevity of its presence in your bathroom, commercial products with bleach or ammonia can be the best solution to preventing bathroom mildew. More often than not, instructions advise that spraying on certain formulas and letting them rest for a period of time before scrubbing your tiles is crucial for preventing mildew growth. If black mildew is already present in your bathroom grout or dangerous mold is apparent, calling professionals is key to ensuring your home is properly cleaned.

? Clean with useful ingredients found within your home for a more natural method. Experts agree that the use of natural household remedies like baking soda, vinegar or lemon juice can help to prevent or eradicate mildew from spreading along your tile grout.

? Take care of any humidity issues. If there’s a consistent humidity problem that doesn’t get fixed, odds are the mildew issue is going to continue to arise. Address the moisture situation by installing fans or contact local professionals to inspect your home and determine the best approach for eliminating any moisture-related problems.

Owning your Oakville, MO home doesn’t have to come with a variety of headaches if you take the time to clean and inspect your space on a routine basis. Bathroom mildew or a humidity problem are common annoyances, but keeping your household mold or mildew-free is possible. If mold continues to surface despite your efforts, it’s best to call for experienced technicians to handle its removal. Visit for more information on mold. 

3 Commonly Asked Questions About Mold

2/21/2018 (Permalink)

When you see mold in your building in Oakville, MO you need to get rid of it posthaste. Mold growth only takes about 24 hours to occur, and it could happen faster if there is particularly high humidity in the room. It is a good idea to have experts come out any time water damage occurs around your property, and you can use this opportunity to ask the professionals questions you have about mold in general or the remediation process.

1. How Can You Prevent Mold?

You may not be able to prevent mold entirely, but you can decrease the chances substantially. You can keep the humidity level in your building less than 50 percent at all times. You can implement a dehumidifier in damp areas, such as basements. You should also make sure you have good ventilation throughout the building.

2. What Can Mold Do to a Building?

Mold may begin to develop on the carpet or drywall, but it can quickly spread to other surfaces. If you are not careful, then mold growth can spread to the foundation and overall structure of the building. To make the space habitable once again, you may need to completely tear out certain structures and replace them.

3. Should You Test Mold on Your Own?

There are various mold testing kits you can obtain from most hardware stores. However, this step is usually unnecessary. You should be able to physically see mold or at least smell it. Even if you only have suspicions, you can still contact a professional to come out to make sure there is mold there. Even if the expert finds nothing, you can enjoy some peace of mind.

The sooner you address mold growth, the fewer repairs will be necessary. Delaying the remediation process by even just a couple of days could vastly increase the cost of the restoration. Visit for more information on mold.

Why Does Mold Have an Odor?

12/15/2017 (Permalink)

Why Does Mold Have an Odor?

If you have ever been around mold or if you have mold growing in your Oakville, Missouri home, then you probably know it has a musty odor. This odor is caused by different compounds that combine to produce that characteristic damp, musty scent that is immediately associated with mold. However, it isn’t always the mold smell you should be concerned about. The real issue is when you have mold that does not smell, such as those with the compound mycotoxin.

Smelly Mold

Smelly mold is caused by certain compounds coming together to create a scent. These compounds are common in certain types of mold. Generally, these are molds that are not considered toxic. They can still be harmful, though, especially to your home, causing severe damage to your personal items and your home’s structural elements. They also spread quickly, compounding the problem.

Mold With No Smell

The toxic molds are those that contain a substance called mycotoxin. This is a compound that has no smell. If you see mold, but there is no smell, you could be dealing with a toxic mold that should be cleaned up as soon as possible. You may not always be able to see mold, so smelling it often signals you have an issue. Because toxic molds do not smell, you could have it in your home and be unaware, which only makes it more dangerous.

Getting Rid of Mold

Regardless of what type of mold you have, it is always wise to get it removed as soon as possible. Mold removal should be done by professionals, especially mycotoxin molds. A remediation company may install HEPA air filters and use special cleaning substances to rid your Oakville, Missouri home of invasive mold spores. This is the best way to ensure your family is no longer exposed to the stinky molds and the more dangerous smell-free molds. Visit for more information on mold.

Mold Damage Could Equal Dry Rot and Other Issues

8/23/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Damage Could Equal Dry Rot and Other Issues

Mold damage equals issues for a home or business owner. Black mold and dry rot are major concerns for anyone who sees that first sign. Remediation, which is the complete removal of the mold and issue, is generally a thorough procedure accomplished by a professional restoration company. The mitigation of mold growth can save owners of these buildings time, money and future fiscal concerns.

What happens when mold damage progresses?

Mold removal can alleviate issues from the spread of mold spores. Remediation of the mold can completely rid your home or business of the fungus, mildew and smelly odor associated with mold damage.
The damage from mold growth can be infinite. It can lead to more smelly odor. It can eventually lead to dry rot. Dry rot can cause structural damage. Structural damage can possibly lead to complete reconstruction. The impacts of mold from beginning to end can be devastating with mold in home or commercial mold damage. Mildew isn't the only issue consumers face with the arrival of mold. There's a long list of potential consequences of not taking actions early enough to curb mold spread.

Nobody Wants Dry Rot

Dry rot causes wood decay. Since most homes and businesses are constructed with wood elements, the structure is always at risk. That's why the first sign of mold needs to be examined closely by a professional. Dry rot can also cause damage to cabinets, interior walls, garage walls or anything built with wood.
The mildew and fungus associated with mold damage breaks down the wood. This cause the wood to become less sturdy. The strength of the structure can be compromised. The fungus can spread and infect other dry wood. The wood could possibly weaken so much it could break, shatter or disintegrate. Wood needs to be limited to exposure of moisture. As in all mold issues, an underlying source could be the origination of the problem. A leaky pipe or high humidity might be to blame. A professional can diagnose these issues whether it's mold in home or commercial mold damage. They can stop the spread of the mold spores from accumulating.

They can assess whether your home or business has proper ventilation. They can provide deodorization techniques for damages that have already occurred. This can rid your home of the smelly odor often coinciding with mold. The remediation of the mold can allow you to get back into your living space quicker. It can also save you time and money and prevent further damage. For commercial mold damage, it can prevent business owners from seeing damages escalate out of control. This could potentially save drastically in long term revenue.

Black mold is another issue remediation can alleviate. It often accumulates in showers or tubs where water and high humidity is present. Black mold needs to be quickly assessed so the root of the problem can be addressed.

Mold Growth Behind Wall

Many people don't realize they have anything wrong until their noses pick up a smelly odor. Mold in your home might seem like an easy fix issue. In fact, turning off the air conditioner can help prevent the mold from migrating. The important thing to remember is the fact that not every mold is visible on the outer surface. Sometimes mold growth behind walls is only realized because of the foul smell. Homeowners will probably want to call a specialist who has professional experience finding the source of the problem.

Digging into the texture of any wall can be costly and irreparable. While a resident might smell something foul, they might not be able to pinpoint exactly where the issue is. An expert can find mold growth behind walls and eradicate it from the premises. They can also remove the origin of the problem. That's the most important ingredient. After that's accomplished, the pro can provide deodorization to rid the home of the smell associated with mold growth behind walls. Mitigation is such an important task that it should be handled by a professional.

Why Use A Restoration Company?

A restoration company offers professional advice and assessment of the mold removal. The mitigation and deodorization of mold spores is a time tested process that experts have become amazing at simply because of experience. Removing mold in home and commercial mold damage isn't something that should be administered by somebody watching a do it yourself video. It takes first hand knowledge of what the specific mold type entails and how it can be removed safely. Mold growth can spread if mold removal isn't thorough. Professional deodorization is the only true way to rid homes or businesses or foul smells so they can once again be inhabited. The restoration company will also provide advice on how to prevent any further mold growth. The bottom line for those without experience is to leave mold removal to those who have years of experience and professional grade equipment.

Mold can equal many more issues than just what appears on the surface. Black mold, mildew and fungus can be indicative of a larger underlying problem. A restoration company can provide mitigation that will thoroughly remove the threat. This will allow home and business owners the opportunity to relax knowing the mold has been dealt with.
Visit for more information on mold.

Professional Mold Removal and Mitigation Techniques

7/26/2017 (Permalink)

Professional Mold Removal and Mitigation Techniques

Today, homeowners are increasingly aware of the dangers of mold infestations. Mold or fungi are pretty harmless as people encounter them every day in the air without experiencing negative effects. But, mold or fungus in buildings and furniture is destructive and causes allergic reactions. Black mold in home for example, if inhaled or ingested causes a range of unpleasant symptoms like chronic coughing, fatigue, skin rashes, sneezing, and the irritation of the eyes. Prolonged exposure to black mold fungus leads to more dangerous symptoms like vomiting, nausea, and bleeding of the lungs and nose. Mold growth is accelerated by moisture and food sources like drywalls, bathroom tiles, moist walls (explains mold growth behind wall), and carpeted or uncarpeted flooring. Common sources of moisture that lead to the development of mold in home include plumbing and roofing leaks, excessive humidity and flooding. Restoration company experts use various mold removal techniques and mitigation procedures as highlighted next:

1. Abrasive Blasting for Mold Removal

It is an Eco-friendly mold remediation method in homes as it is free of chemicals and does not leave noxious chemical footprints on a property. The restoration company professional cleans the objects using an air blast that removes abrasive particles from a mold-infested surface. Dry-ice and baking soda blasting are the most effective for mold remediation:

• Soda Blasting is a type of abrasive blasting that uses sodium bicarbonate as the medium thrust by compressed air. Commercial mold damage removal experts remove the mildew while reducing damage to the surface. Proper equipment setup (appropriate nozzles, hoses, and media regulators) and remediation technique (the correct flow of air, hosing angle, and pressure) ensure fast and efficient mold removal.
• Dry-Ice Blasting process involves three stages; energy transfer, freezing, and gas pressure application. The energy transfer step helps to remove the mold without damaging the surface while the freezing phase rids of any oils, food particles, and other contaminants that hasten the mold damage process. During the final gas pressure application phase, the restoration company expert allows rapid gas expansion underneath the surface to remove smelly odor, mildew, and mold growth behind wall.

2. HEPA Vacuuming and its effects on Black Mold

For complete removal of the fungus, the restoration company expert follows up the abrasive blasting technique with HEPA Vacuuming during deodorization. While abrasive blasting remediation method rids of mold growth behind wall, it causes mold spores to become airborne. The spores occupy the surfaces and clean ground, and if left unattended, may cause a reoccurrence of mold in home. Commercial mold damage removal experts use HEPA filters during deodorization to remove invisible contaminants and smelly odor from the surface and the surrounding air.

3. Sanding as a Black Mold Mitigation Technique

Naturally, wood retains moisture, creating an ideal environment for mold, mildew, and dry rot. Sometimes wood surfaces may not be adequately cleaned using the techniques discussed above as they may be too aggressive, particularly when the surface has developed dry rot. In such cases, commercial mold damage professionals recommend sanding as the appropriate remediation technique. It is followed up by encapsulation- the application of a sealant that kills and prevents further growth of mildew and keep dry rot at bay. Sanding disperses lots of mold spores into the air. Hence, the need for a restoration company expert to perform the process as he vacuums the surrounding air to remove mold spores and eliminate dry rot.

4. Cleaning Mold Damage

If there is mildew in a particular area of the building, the mold damage removal professionals clean the rest of the structure to rid of any mold spores that may be spreading through the air.

Mold Growth Mitigation Tips by Restoration Company Experts

Residential structures have lots of areas where mold in home can thrive. Bathrooms, basements, kitchens, and utility rooms are all potential surfaces for the growth of black mold. As such, it is important to take proactive steps in the mitigation of mold growth:

• Ventilate to allow the flow of fresh air as a deodorization technique. Homes that don't have windows should use fans or dehumidifiers, which will also eliminate the smelly odor and mold growth behind wall
• Repairing foundation cracks to eliminate the fungus. Even the smallest crack provides a suitable habitat for growth of mildew and the presence of mold damage
• Keep HVAC systems free of mold; heating and air conditioning systems should be cleaned regularly. Black mold growth in air ducts and HVAC systems allows smelly odor and spores to spread faster in a home. Homeowners should engage commercial mold damage and mold removal experts to perform regular inspections, deodorization, and maintenance.
Visit for more information on mold removal and remediation.

Mold Removal and Remediation Information for Home and Business Owners

6/26/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Removal and Remediation Information for Home and Business Owners

Mold damage affects millions of homes worldwide. Because of the fact that we're always using water, showering, bathing and dealing with leaking pipes, mold is an all-too common issue that the vast majority of us have to deal with from time to time. It's easy to assume that you can take care of the mildew and fungus on your own, only to find that you're cleaning it up week after week because it keeps growing back. The reason mildew continues to grow in your home is because you're not properly getting rid of it. You need to consider professional remediation in order to eradicate the fungus altogether.

Why Is Mold so Damaging?

We all know about the effects mold has on our health, but you may not realize that mold damage and fungus spores can affect the area they're found in as well. If the mildew is allowed to cover insulation, walls, carpeting and flooring, it's safe to say that these items will eventually need to be ripped out and replaced. This mold damage can cost homeowners and business owners thousands of dollars, and it's an expense none of us have the time or funds to afford. This is why dealing with mold in your home or having commercial mold damage is so problematic and needs to be handled immediately.

Understanding the Importance of Professional Mold Removal

Mold damage remediation experts will come to your home or place of business to handle the mildew issue on their own. The mitigation experts bring all of their own tools and supplies to get rid of the fungus spores throughout the residence so that you're left with a clean and healthy area to live and breathe. If you're dealing with commercial mold damage, it's especially important that you hire expert remediation services, since you're dealing with customers and employees on a regular basis. When done professionally, mold damage is able to be rectified and you'll find that the old, smelly odor is gone for good.

How to Find and Hire the Mitigation Experts

The best way to find mitigation experts is to look locally. If you hire a company too far away from your home or business, you might be liable to pay an additional travel fee just so that they can get there to help out with mitigation. You will also want to carefully research the company you're choosing to hire. Because it's dangerous to have mold in the home or deal with commercial mold damage, you need to know that you're hiring an expert company that is able to completely rid the home of any found fungal spores. Reading reviews written by other people who have dealt with mold removal is important as it gives you insight into their own experience with a particular company.

Why Professional Remediation is Preferred

Professional mold removal is preferred because these experts know what they're doing and can get your home or business back to a more balanced order. Because mold in your home and commercial mold damage is so problematic long-term, the sooner you hire the professionals, the better off you and your family will be. Another important factor when dealing with experts to handle the mold in your home is that they completely get rid of the smelly odor using professional deodorization techniques. These deodorization techniques remove the spores from the air, preventing the mold from clinging back onto walls and flooring.

Long-Term Effects of Mold Removal

When you deal with the pros, you're going to have long-term benefits of not having the smelly odor associated with mildew in the home any longer. You cannot use the same deodorization techniques that the experts use, and this prevents you from being able to get rid of that smelly odor on your own. Instead of trying to find a way to do the deodorization yourself, consider hiring a professional remediation service.
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Toxic Black Mold: What It Is And How To Get Rid Of It

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Toxic Black Mold: What It Is And How To Get Rid Of It

Black mold acts a dangerous toxin because it can grow in your business or home. It can also cause great harm to people and pets. Toxic black mold presents itself as a green-black gelatin-like mold. This mold is slimy due to its top wet layer. But if the water source of the mold colony runs out, the actual mold can appear in a powder-like mold. If you see black mold, fungus, or mildew, call your local mold removal company for remediation and deodorization services for mold in home and commercial mold damage. When you call in the services of a mold remediation company for mold damage, you can also get the side benefit of getting rid of the smelly odor that will often come with mold in home or commercial mold damage.

The look of toxic black mold seems similar to other types of mold damage. To know what type of mold you are dealing with, you will need to call on the expertise of your local mold mitigation company that can help you with remediation, removal of fungus and mildew, deodorization services, and mold removal that can also help with the smelly odor that can often come with mold damage.

The Removal of Black Mold

You should never attempt to get rid of black mold by yourself. When you mess with toxic black mold, it can bring out toxins and other types of spores throughout your business or home. If you think that your home or business has toxic black mold, you should never hesitate to call mold removal specialists in your local area that can work on both mold in home and commercial mold damage. These experts can help with fungus and mildew mitigation, as well as deodorization services that can get rid of the smelly odor once and for all.

Your mold mitigation experts can get rid of the toxic mold without a lot of disturbance to you and your personal, family, or professional routine. At this time, they will work hard to contain the spores and other toxins while they work.

What Causes Black Mold To Grow?

The best conditions for toxic black mold to grow is in warm areas. Black mold can grow both outdoors and indoors. To grow indoors, black mold looks for materials that are low in nitrogen and high in cellulose to grow and multiply. Black mold grows in places where most people won't easily see them. In order to grow, black mold needs access to plenty of moisture for a long period of time. Some of the more common causes of mold in home and commercial mold damage are leaks under floors and above ceilings, as well as those situated inside of the walls of your residence or office.

How Long Does It Take For Toxic Black Mold to Grow?

Toxic mold does not grow and multiply as easily as other types of molds. A material needs to be wet for at least one week for it to grow. Unlike other types of mold, toxic mold needs about a week to twelve days to colonize. However, once it starts growing it can force out other types of mold and take hold of the affected area very quickly.

Do You Need To Get Your Home Or Business Tested For Toxic Black Mold?

If you find mold damage such as fungus or mildew that you think might be toxic black mold, call your local mold removal company for remediation and deodorization services that can give you the added benefit of getting rid of the smelly odor that usually comes from mold issues. It's vital that you get the mold tested to see if it's toxic black mold or another type. Once you know what kind of mold you are dealing with, you can hire the right type of mold mitigation services to fix the problem. Visit for more information on mold removal.

The Removal and Cleanup of Mold Infestation

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The Removal and Cleanup of Mold Infestation

If you find what looks like mold in your home or business, you should take steps to have it removed as soon as possible. This microbial growth can look like a fungus or mildew, but it is quite different in the way that it reacts with humans. It comes in various colors from red, green, brown, blue, yellow and black. The black variety is the most contentious because of its resiliency and the ability to give off harmful toxins.

Mold gives off spores that travel through the air. When the spores land on a surface that is favorable for its growth, it grows at an alarming speed, and it can cover an entire wall in a week. Many times it can be hidden behind a bathroom wall or a living room wall. A leaky pipe behind a wall can spur the growth for years.

Mold needs a dark place to grow, with some moisture and no moving air. This means that closets, basements, attics, crawl spaces and other closed off and less frequently visited places in a building are prime areas for its growth. Sometimes it will look like mildew or a fungus, and that is why you will need an expert, such as an environmental hygienist to evaluate it.

A homeowner or a business owner should not attempt to remove it themselves as it could be hazardous.

A deliberate effort of mold cleanup and mitigation must be started as soon as possible once an environmental hygienist has examined the substance and decreed that it is not a fungus or mildew, but it is mold.

Workers will wear protective clothing and masks during the cleanup and mitigation process so that they will not suffer from contamination. Areas of the building where an infestation is found will be closed off with heavy clear plastic sheeting and tape. It may be required that entire structural parts such as walls, floors, and ceilings may have to be removed and replaced. Mold cleanup and mitigation can be very hazardous and difficult, and that is why it must be handled by an environmental hygienist and expert workers.

People should conduct periodic inspections of buildings where mold could inhabit. Broken shingles, leaky pipes, bathrooms where water is leaking behind walls are ideal places for suspected growth if there are areas where even mildew or fungus is found then mold cleanup and mitigation procedures may be in order.

An environmental hygienist is well trained and can spot the difference between fungus and mildew and the actual microbial growth so mold cleanup can be initiated as quickly as possible. If you don't know who to contact, your insurance agent can probably put you in touch with a responsible party who can evaluate the situation and initiate the cleanup process. Visit for more information on mold removal and remediation.

How Must Mold Be Removed A Home In Oakville, MO

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How Must Mold Be Removed A Home In Oakville, MO

There are many homeowners in Oakville, MO and the Mehlville, Missouri areas that will find mold, mildew, a fungus or microbial growth in their home. Each step in the process will ensure the homeowner has cleaned up their home properly, and they will notice how simple it is to get out everything that ails them. The environmental hygienist who comes to the house will be quite ready to use their industrial gear to clean up the space, and they will do quite a lot of work to ensure the space is clean.

#1: How Do They Find Mold Or Other Growths?

There may be a fungus or microbial growth in any part of the house, and the environmental hygienist will check the house from top to bottom to ensure they have found the source of the problem. They will find what happened that caused these things to grow, and they will begin to remove then when the time is right. They may use an infrared camera to check the house from the outside, and they may run across a water leak or other problem that is quite simple to repair.

#2: Emergency Responses

There may be times when the home has been hit by black mold or something that is quite toxic. The house must be repaired and cleaned at once, and the crew will arrive at the house at all hours to complete the work. They are quite flexible in that they know how long it takes to do their work, and they will ensure the homeowner has been notified when they will arrive. The crew will begin cleaning at once, and they will not stop until the job is done.

#3: Cleaning The House For Air Quality

The process of removing a fungus or mildew from the house takes time, and the air quality in the home will improve once it has been cleaned. The house will have the air tested many times, and the homeowner will come away with an understanding of how clean the air is. They may not know how musty or dirty it is today, but they will know the state of the home's air when they are done with the process.

Tests may continue in the future, and they will be used to ensure the home is not growing more mildew or other pathogens. The growths may be quite toxic, and they cannot be allowed to continue on even the smallest scale.

#4: Contact The Company With Questions

The company will answer questions at any time, and they are happy to reach out to customers who have concerns about the work that has been done at their house. The customer may have a number of concerns about what is going on in their home, and they may speak with a professional who does this work every day. The crew may come back to the house, and they will begin work on a new repair that may be necessary.

#5: Health Concerns

Mold cleanup will help the family live comfortably, and they will not be struck with the same diseases that may have affected them before. There are a number of breathing and respiratory issues that may have come up, and they will stop when the air in the house is clean. The family may end up in the hospital if they have not done something about this problem, and they will find it much easier to ensure they are safe from the pathogens that may harm them. The certification from the contractor will ensure the house has been repaired properly, and the homeowners may show that to anyone who needs it. There are a number of agencies that will want to see the repairs done properly, and they will know that the house has been repaired.

#6: The Home May Be Rebuilt Where Needed

There are growths that will damage wood or other parts of the house, and they will find the home difficult to repair because there is no way to get around the damage. The damage may be covered over at any time, and there are many small repairs that may be done to ensure the house will recover.

Each repair that is done in the house must be complete by a hygienist who knows the Oakville, MO and Mehlville, Missouri area. They will begin mold cleanup when they arrive at the house for the first time. They have every piece of equipment that is needed to bring the house back to normal. Visit for more information on mold removal and remediation.

Four Visual Signs of Residential Mold Damage in Oakville

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Mold can manifest itself in many colors. Call SERVPRO at the first sign to investigate!

SERVPRO Technicians are Certified in Evaluating the Mold Situation in Your Home

For many homeowners, the most troubling point of mold damage is knowing whether or not they actually have it. Some types of mold are easily ignored and don't stand out, while others' descriptions can lead homeowners to assume many false positives and grow jaded to real symptoms. To be safe, you should call SERVPRO whenever you think mold damage is a real possibility so we can conduct further tests, but here are a few visual indicators to look out for on your own.
1. Unusual White Patches
Patches of white discoloration on walls, floors, or any other surface are often the first sign of mold damage in Oakville homes. In this stage, the mold has not fully matured, and can be removed with relative ease. However, time is of the essence here, as before long the colony will progress to a more mature stage and begin to spread.
2. Discoloration, Especially Green and Gray
Other patches of discoloration can also be key signs of mold growth, although in a more mature form. These patches can be anywhere from a half-inch or less in diameter to several feet across, but usually also come with a fuzzy texture. Note that it is not just green and gray to watch for, these are simply the most common colors of mold; other species can appear as red, orange, blue, or other colors.
3. Rotted Wood and Materials
Mold grows on organic surfaces for a reason: it needs a food source. Mold will slowly chew away at whatever it is living on, eventually rotting wood and other materials from the outside. Call SERVPRO if you have found rotting wood with any of the other indicators on this list, as you are likely to have some form of mold growth on your property.
4. Moisture
If an area is unusually damp or humid, this may be associated with mold damage or cause it in the future. Even if this moisture is only temporary, be watchful for other signs, as water damage often precipitates mold damage rather than coexisting with it.
SERVPRO of Oakville / Mehlville is a local authority on all things mold damage. For our help in restoring your home, give us a call at (314) 846-0600.

Mold Damage Remediation In White House

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Mold in White House is Unwanted

SERVPRO's Experience, Equipment, and Skilled Technicians Remediate Your Mold Problem

With microscopic mold spores existing almost everywhere in nature, it simply isn't possible to accomplish full mold removal inside of your home or commercial property. But it is possible to limit the number of spores that exist through mold remediation. Preventing mold growth and diminishing the exposure to spores within your property.
Gaining control of the spread of mold spores and limiting mold damage to your property in White House is important to us. We expertly train all of our staff and use specialized equipment to help with your mold remediation services.
The professionals at SERVPRO understand that each job requires a separate solution and as a result, we adjust our restoration process to fit every situation. But the complete clean-up and restoration process can only begin after you've made the initial call. The staff in our office will ask you a few questions to determine which resources, equipment, and personnel are necessary for your particular job. This is only the first step.
When our technicians arrive at your property, we'll inspect the area for signs of mold growth and use specialized equipment to detect any mold spores that attempt to hide from us. We use a series of advanced containment methods to isolate contaminated areas with barriers and air pressure chambers to keep mold from spreading.
SERVPRO's specialized equipment is used to capture any mold spores in the air: powerful scrubbers and HEPA filter vacuums are used that prevent the spread of spores while we are performing our mold damage remediation process.
We use antifungal and antimicrobial systems to remove colonies and impede the formation of new ones. The type of surface infected determines whether or not a replacement of materials are needed. Disposal of materials such as drywall or carpeting may be necessary to remediate massive mold growth.
Our SERVPRO technicians have the ability to clean furniture, curtains, clothing and a variety of other affected items, using specific cleaning methods to disinfect your items, remove odors and deodorize using the proper fogging equipment.
Your restoration may involve some repairs, but, we have expertly trained staff that are qualified to perform the necessary steps to return your home or commercial property to its pre-damage condition, "Like it never even happened."
Call our offices at SERVPRO of Oakville - Mehlville today to see what we can do for you. 24/7 (314) 846-0600

SERVPRO's Mold Damage Specialists Are Available To Help

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If Lemay mold growth goes unattended, it will only get worse.

Mold Remediation and Restoration Specialists

Have you begun to smell a musty odor in your house or business? Then, there is likely a water or moisture area that needs to be addressed. If mold growth goes unattended, it will only get worse. Not all mold growth is visible. It can be hidden behind walls, wallpaper, sheetrock, drywall or baseboards. Black mold (“Stachybotrys chartarum”) is toxic because it carries the toxin – mycotoxins. The only way to know for sure is to contact a St. Louis County mold specialist as soon as possible.

We are mold remediation specialists who can handle any Lemay mold damage situation needed. Each mold damage event is different. Immediate remediation and removal help to ensure the safety and health for all property owners. The general mold remediation process involves a qualified inspection and assessment. SERVPRO begins with a mold containment procedure which is applied to prevent the further spread of mold. To help clear the air, we employ powerful “air scrubbers” and HEPA vacuums. We leave nothing to chance. We also use antifungal and antimicrobial treatments to get rid of mold colonies and to prevent new ones from forming.
We work with you and will discuss whether certain materials require cleaning or removal. Each of our mold remediation process steps is unique. There may be restoration steps that require minor or major repairs. All of our professional cleaning steps are designed to get our residents and business owners back to a pre-damaged condition.
SERVPRO of Oakville / Mehlville is a locally owned and operated company. Our highly trained technicians provide 24-hour emergency service for all mold problems, no matter how large or small. We are faster to any size disaster than our competitors. We are proud to be a member of the community. Our technicians are waiting to help you. Call us today at (314) 846-0600.

Responding To Natural Disasters

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Mold Damage Can Spread Quickly

Drying Out Water From Damaged Areas Is the First Step In Remediation

Flood waters can come from many different sources including from a fire in the home, a severe storm or tornado that passes through the area or from flooding because of quickly rising waters. In each case, the owner’s responsibility is the same or very similar, and that is to ensure the excess water is removed completely from the home to eliminate the possibilities of secondary damage from mold. To specify, the owner has to make sure that mold damage does not become a problem in the home.
It is also important to note that these challenges should be addressed immediately since it only takes about 48 hours for mold to grow and begin to spread throughout other areas of the home. Fortunately, the owner of the home can get the help that they need when they contact our Mehlville mold remediation team. Our highly trained certified team of professionals have both the equipment and the expertise to address these problems using the latest and most advanced techniques.

Therefore, once the water damage remediation team is on site, our team of specialists will take the lead in making sure the family also knows what to do. This means that while the team is preparing to remove the excess water from the home and dry these areas, it is essential that no one in the family touches any of the sectors that have been affected. The Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems and fans should also be turned off.
If the family has not gone through this experience before, they usually do not know what to expect. So, here's brief overview of the procedures and techniques used for these jobs. Typically, the owner of the home will contact the mold remediation team for emergency services, and they will receive a response right away by the team coming to the site. The first part of our procedures entails inspecting the home for mold.  The owner will receive an assessment of the damages. When the assessment is completed, our team will know which areas will require mold damage containment, air filtration, the removal of the mold and any mold infested items from the home, and a mold remediation clean up process plan.

Another essential part of this process is to remove the odor out of the home so that the home will smell clean and fresh. For example, our team has the equipment and the type of odor removal products that will penetrate the areas treated deeply so that the odors held in materials are neutralized.  Each of these steps must be done to ensure the areas that have been affected are completely clean, dry and sanitized before the group leaves the area.
Mold remediation services are commonly required when a home is affected by excess flood waters from storms, fires, and rising waters. So, the owner of home may need emergency services whenever the mold damage events occur, to avoid secondary damages and other concerns, you can contact SERVPRO of Oakville / Mehlville for assistance at 314-846-0600 today.

Why Industries Need a Professional to Solve Oakville Mold Damage Issues

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Mold Damage on a Wall

Quick Professional Response May Prevent Complete Mold Infestation

Mold Removal in Industrial Buildings

When an industrial building experiences water damage, mold infestations are likely to arise. Mold damage in Oakville can cause severe damages. In a span of 48-72 hours, mold infestation can spread throughout the entire building. Since mold can produce irritants and allergens, it is prudent to hire SERVPRO to resolve the mold infestation.

Do you suspect that your industrial building has a mold problem?

We are the right people to call to come and inspect, assess, and finally remediate your property. Why us? On top of boasting vastly experienced mold remediation experts, our company also has proper mold remediation equipment. What is more is that we follow all EPA Guidelines touching on mold removal. We never cut corners when dealing with our clients. To efficiently prevent mold spores from spreading, our technicians set up a containment. This is necessary to ensure our projects successfully come to fruition.

Mold Removal Certifications 

Many mold certifications exist out there. However, the IICRC is the most reputable. The IICRC does not offer one-day certifications because it is an extensive course touching on different mold remediation aspects. The ACAC Mold Certification is another reliable certification that renowned industry professionals obtain. By hiring us to handle your industrial mold remediation, you are sure that you are in the hands of a company with reputable and qualified certifications. All our certifications adhere to strict industry standards.

Facts about Mold

AIHA (American Industrial Hygiene Association) has an excellent article containing valuable information on molds. The article with facts about mold explains different facts about mold as well as helpful advice on the mold. Also included on the page are countless articles on mold remediation and mold remediation costs. For example, this particular article on mold removal costs can be of great help.

Since Oakville mold damage remediation costs vary significantly, it is highly prudent always to inquire exactly what an estimate contains.

Additionally, ask about things related to: 

  • Proper insurance coverage
  • Right certifications
  • Safety equipment for staff
  • Mold containment, anti-microbial

All the above are important issues that have an effect on a project’s cost.

Industrial Mold Equipment

Different industrial projects need different equipment. Because every industrial project varies, most people get concerned when choosing a company. The good thing about hiring us is that we have the proper equipment for your project. We understand that mold safety and equipment is highly important for a successful remediation project. Our mold remediation technicians are always up to date to handle equipment better and be more productive. We have the proper equipment to handle mold remediation project of any magnitude.

Do you need a professional to handle industrial mold remediation near Oakville? Are you looking for a reputable and experienced company? If yes, then look no further than SERVPRO of Oakville/Mehlville. We respond to any disaster, regardless of its size real time. In addition to having highly trained and vastly experienced technicians, we also have world-class, specialized mold remediation equipment. Call us today on (314) 846-0600 to find out how our professionals can be of help.

Mold Remediation for Lemay

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Visible Mold Should Be Removed Quickly

How SERVPRO's Mold Remediation Service Can Rescue Your Home in Lemay

Although molds exist in our world, its presence in your home can be a big problem. Mold spores circulate through the atmosphere and are as natural as rain. However, if excessive moisture in your Lemay home produces a condition for mold proliferation, then it is time for mold remediation. Mold growth can cause structural damage to your residential property. Attacked porous surfaces like drywall normally have to be removed from the premises. Cellulose based building materials like wood studs and plywood can be seriously compromised by some types of molds.  Despite the challenges presented by mold, learning more about the problem as well as the value of obtaining professional mold remediation services from a company like SERVPRO can help you keep your property mold-safe, but not mold-free. Get a basic overview of these important issues by reviewing this short outline:

Mold: Identifying The Warning Signs
1. Odor:  In most cases, mold will give off a strong, musty smell. SERVPRO believes that masking odors do not serve the Lemay homeowner fairly. Special foggers are utilized to capture the odors through chemical reactions and filtration for removal.

2. Visible Signs: Mold can be either toxic or non-toxic. Because the mold can be toxic, it's important to be cautious when dealing with it. Mold comes in numerous colors, including yellow, brown, black, gray, white, and greenish. Mold can also appear glassy, leathery, granular, velvety, or cottony. Mold strands can take on many textured appearances. Mold spores can start to generate strands within 48-72 hours after moisture contact. The bathroom, windowsills, basement, under a carpet, inside walls, and in the ceilings are all good locations for the proliferation of mold.

After you realize that your home has been infested with mold, call SERVPRO to start quickly the mold remediation service. This process demands industry expertise, training, and cutting-edge equipment. The SERVPRO technicians are IICRC trained, and are well versed in mold containment, air filtration, mold removal of infested materials, clean up and final restoration.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Oakville/Mehlville is locally owned and operated. Mold remediation services are available. We are proud to serve our local communities. Call. (314) 846-0600

What is St. Louis Mold?

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Although mold may only be considered a nuisance, due to its release of mycotoxin, mold should not be taken lightly.

What is Mold? 

Many people who complain about St. Louis mold do not know what it is. A mold is not a plant or an animal. Instead, it is classified as a fungus. Mold, which is typically considered an unsightly nuisance, does have a detrimental effect on people, especially on those with allergies. However, a close look at the nature of mold and its growth requirements is necessary to truly understand it.

Moisture and Darkness
Mold and other fungi require moisture and darkness to grow. Thus, mold is often found in the attic, basement or bathroom of a home. The moisture in these areas helps ensure the mold can properly break down its food, and the restricted light protects the light-sensitive organism.

Although a St. Louis mold may appear similar to a plant, mold does not possess the same chlorophyll pigments and cannot produce its own food. Plants produce food through photosynthesis, but light is required for the process. Mold, which is not light-dependent, absorbs its food.

Food Source
All living organisms, including mold, require oxygen. In addition to oxygen, mold must have food to live. Animals eat their food, and plants create their food. However, fungi, such as mold, absorb their nourishment.

The mold’s food is comprised of cellulose. The mold absorbs the cellulose through a process that requires moisture to assist with its breakdown. Once the food is digested, the mold releases its digestive byproducts as waste.

Mold Waste and Gaseous Output
The gaseous waste that is released by mold can be quite harmful. When mold spores and their waste are inhaled, they transport mycotoxin, a toxic substance that can cause allergic reactions, to the lungs. The detrimental effects of mycotoxin are the primary reasons that mold remediation is necessary.

Mold Remediation
St. Louis mold remediation is the process by which mold is removed. Once the mold is gone, people who suffer from mold allergies have instant relief. Alleviating the allergen causes the allergy symptoms to subside.

Mold is naturally occurring. It has existed for millions of years, and its extinction is unlikely. When dealing with mold, one should be cautious. Although mold may only be considered a nuisance, due to its release of mycotoxin, mold should not be taken lightly. 

Understanding Mold

Some restoration companies advertise “mold removal” and may even guarantee to remove all mold. This is a fallacy because removing all mold from a house or business is impossible; microscopic mold spores exist almost everywhere, both indoors and outdoors. Here are the facts:

  • Mold is present almost everywhere, indoors and outdoors.
  • Mold spores are microscopic and float along in the air and may enter your home through windows, doors, or AC/heating systems or even hitch a ride indoors on your clothing or a pet.
  • Mold spores thrive on moisture. Mold spores can quickly grow into colonies when exposed to water. These colonies may produce allergens and irritants.
  • Before mold remediation can begin, any sources of water or moisture must be addressed. Otherwise, the mold may return.
  • Mold often produces a strong, musty odor and can lead you to possible mold problem areas.
  • Even higher-than-normal indoor humidity can support mold growth. Keep indoor humidity below 45 percent.