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Office Fire Safety 101: Tips for Fire Prevention in the Workplace

1/10/2023 (Permalink)

evacuation plan It's always a good idea to have an evacuation plan in place for your workplace.

Tips for Fire Prevention in the Workplace

Fire safety is an important aspect of any business, especially one that deals with large amounts of electrical equipment. However, many firms do not think about fire protection until they have experienced a dangerous situation. By following these tips you can prevent fires and limit damage to your business property if one ever occurs.

Designate a point of contact for emergencies

The most important thing to do is designate a point of contact for all emergencies. This can be anyone in the office, but it's best if they're someone who is familiar with the building and/or has experience dealing with fire safety issues. If you have multiple floors in your office building, try to have someone designated on each floor as well.

Ensure exits are always clear

You should ensure that all exit doors open in the direction of travel, and that they are not blocked by furniture or other items. Exit signs should be clearly visible and illuminated as well. When it comes to ensuring safety in your workplace, there are many things you can do to help keep everyone safe.

Don’t panic when evacuating

If a fire is burning, how do you get out of the building? It's always a good idea to have an evacuation plan in place for your workplace. Be sure everyone knows where the exits are and how far away they are from their workstations. If there's no way out, it may be necessary to break a window so people can escape. But don't assume that just because there's smoke coming into your office that it won't spread quickly; that smoke could actually be blocking another exit route and preventing it from being used by all who need it!

Another important thing to remember: Do not use elevators during an evacuation—they take too long and could become stuck between floors or even stop working altogether due to electrical problems or lack of power (as well as possibly trapping people inside). Instead, take stairs if possible—it'll help speed up the process by keeping people moving at the same rate instead of waiting on an elevator line while they're trying to get back down safely without hurting themselves in any way possible."

Count heads and call 911 once evacuated.

Once you've safely evacuated the premises and called 911, it's important to give the dispatcher all of the information they need. This includes:

  • Your name, address, and telephone number.
  • The nature of the emergency (for example, fire).
  • The location of the fire (house number, street name).
  • Any injuries or casualties involved in this incident.

If possible, provide details about how far away from your property any injured people are located so that firefighters can get there as soon as possible!

Keep important documents and other valuables in a safe place.

If you have valuable documents that you don't want damaged during a fire or water damage, store them in a fireproof safe. You can either purchase one of your own or ask your employer if they have one available for use.

Always keep copies of your most important documents on hand. This way if the originals are lost or destroyed during an emergency, you will still have access to them through the copies.

Make sure everyone who works at the office knows where these items are kept so they can be accessed quickly in case of an emergency situation requiring evacuation or relocation indoors (which happens more often than people think).

A fire safety plan is crucial.

Fire safety is a priority for everyone. It's up to you and your employees to ensure that your workplace has the necessary fire protection measures in place, and that those measures are working properly. Fire prevention is everyone’s responsibility, so it's important that you take steps to prevent fires from starting and spreading in your business.

Keep an eye out for any potential fire hazards in your building or office space (e.g., faulty wiring or overloaded electrical outlets). If you notice anything suspicious or out of place, alert someone immediately so they can take action before disaster strikes!

It’s clear that there are many things you can do to keep your workplace prepared for a fire. As we mentioned at the start of this post, fires can be extremely dangerous and destructive. But with proper planning and maintenance, you can minimize the risk of those events occurring in your workplace.

How to Use a Fire Extinguisher

8/1/2022 (Permalink)

Types of fire extinguishers Not all fire extinguishers are created equally.

While nobody wants to think about a kitchen fire or another type of fire in the home, it is important to protect your space with a fire extinguisher. Use this guide to help you.

Choosing the Right Extinguisher

The first step in fighting fire damage is ensuring you have the proper tools. Not all fire extinguishers are created equally.

Class A: Use for solid combustibles such as cloth or wood.
Class B: Use for gases and flammable liquids.
Class C: Use for electrical fires.
Class D: Use for flammable metal.
Class K: Use for grease and oil fires.

When fighting a fire, never use water on electrical fires or oil or grease fires. Water on an electrical fire can cause electrocution. When you put water on a grease fire, it can cause the flames to shoot out and spread.

Where to Store It

At a minimum, have one fire extinguisher on every level of your home. This is especially important in places where fires are most likely to break out, such as the kitchen or garage. Avoid placing your extinguishers near heating appliances or drapes, which can make it harder to reach them if a fire does break out. Instead, mount them near the doors you would use as an escape route during a fire. Make sure they are high enough that small children and pets can't reach them.

Using It Correctly

Before you begin using your extinguisher, ensure it will do the job. If the fire is taller than you are, exit the room and call 911. Only if it is pressurized, shorter than you and the right type of extinguisher for your fire should you use it. To extinguish a fire, pull the pin and keep the nozzle aimed at the bottom of the flames so you can smother them. Squeeze the trigger and move the nozzle from one side to another, pointing at the base the entire time.

A fire extinguisher can help you to avoid severe fire damage in Lemay, MO. If you purchase a disposable one, remember to replace it when necessary.

Avoid a Fire With These Safer Alternatives to Candles

6/26/2022 (Permalink)

Reed diffusers on a table f you love candles solely for their tantalizing scents, a reed diffuser can be a great alternative option.

Candle Alternatives

Home fire damage restoration professionals urge against burning candles, as they are one of the leading causes of a residential fire. Luckily, you can extinguish the risk of a fire happening in your Oakville, MO, home by choosing these safer candle alternatives.

1. Reed Diffusers
If you love candles solely for their tantalizing scents, a reed diffuser can be a great alternative option. Reed diffusers are designed to spread the smell of essential oils over days or weeks, leaving your home smelling great all hours of the day. A candle fire often starts when they are not blown out at night, but with a reed diffuser, you can go to sleep enjoying the scent and feeling safe.

2. Wax Warmers
One of the most popular candle alternatives, wax warmers release the smell from candle wax melts using gentle heat instead of a flame. This option lets you keep your favorite candle scent in your home without the risk of starting a fire.

3. Flameless Candles
This option gives you the best of both worlds by giving you the ambiance of a candle but without the risk of starting a fire. All you need is a battery to enjoy the light, though many sets come with remote control for easy operating. These candles can be used regularly or stowed away for safe emergency use, along with the next alternative.

4. Flashlights
In the case of an emergency power outage, many homes are stocked with candles. However, flashlights are the preferred alternative here to maximize safety. Be sure to supply your home with multiple flashlights and plenty of backup batteries for these situations.
There are plenty of candle alternatives to suit your tastes and guarantee safety from a potential fire. Consider switching to essential oil diffusers, wax warmers, battery-powered candles and flashlights for your home.

3 Ways Renters Insurance Helps After a Fire

6/14/2022 (Permalink)

Bedroom and personal items burned Residential fire in Bella Villa, MO.

Three Ways Renters Insurance Helps After a Fire

A fire can quickly come out of nowhere and devastate your life and home. You might think you don't need to get insurance when you're renting because the homeowner's policy will cover everything in your Bella Villa, MO, home. However, their policy will cover the structure, not you and your things. Here are three ways renters insurance will help you after a fire. 

1. Fire Damage to Personal Belongings
Whether from the flame, smoke or fire control methods, you'll find that your belongings suffer a lot of damage after a fire. Before you begin throwing anything away, it's essential to take pictures and keep a list of everything damaged in the fire. Your insurance company will work with you to reimburse you for everything up to your coverage limits. The insurance company will pay you the cost it would take to replace the item now, instead of how much you paid for it when you originally purchased it. 

2. Liability for Damage to Others
Fires can quickly spread, causing damage to the buildings and people around you. If someone is hurt or their property gets damaged by fire from the property you lived in, your renter's insurance policy can help cover their expenses. The liability insurance will cover their medical costs and the expense of replacing any of their belongings that the fire destroyed. 

3. Restoration Services
Even if the fire didn't burn something, that doesn't mean the item is still in usable condition. Smoke and soot can find their way into tiny crevices and cause irreparable damage if not quickly and adequately addressed. Your insurance policy will cover the cost of fire restoration services to clean and restore your items to like new, which can often be most cost-affordable than replacing them. 
Even a small fire can ravage your life and your savings account. However, you'll have comfort knowing that you have less to worry about when you have renters insurance. 

Partial Losses: Making an Insurance Claim

1/6/2022 (Permalink)

Broken window of a building with smoke , sky blue and white building, Commercial fire loss in Oakville, MO.

Common Questions About Partial Losses At Your Commercial Property

If your business sustained a partial fire loss recently, you may be wondering what the insurance claims process will entail. Here are common questions you may have about partial losses at your commercial property.

What Qualifies as a Partial Loss?

Any damage that did not completely destroy your building but still caused destruction is considered a partial loss. Some examples include:

  • Damage that necessitates replacing unharmed items to restore uniformity
  • Smoke damage to carpets, walls and other surfaces
  • Items that did not burn but were still damaged by the fire

It can be hard to get your insurance company to take these kinds of damages seriously. Always insist on receiving the best assistance possible when talking with your agent or claims representative.

What Claims Process Should I Follow?

Here are the steps you need to take to properly file your partial fire loss claim:

1. File your claim early. Making sure to file your claim as quickly as possible after the damage occurs will help you in the long run. You will also have a better idea of what is and isn’t covered early on.

2. Record damages and expenses. Keep all receipts from repairs, snap photos of damage and keep documentation of any other steps in the restoration process. You may need them when you try to prove your financial and property damages.

3. Get professional help. An Oakville, MO, fire restoration service should be able to help you recover from smoke damage and other types of partial losses that may occur. A reliable company will take even small areas of destruction seriously and work out a cleanup plan that works for your business.

A fire loss of any size is a terrible thing to deal with, but a partial loss can present unique challenges that may prove to be frustrating for even the most level-headed business owner. Getting a great restoration team on your side and advocating for yourself with your commercial insurance provider are your best bets to receiving quality cleanup service and getting fairly compensated for your struggles.

What to Include in Your Home Emergency Plan

12/6/2021 (Permalink)

Orange background, map and it routes. Concept of a fire escape plan Include the locations of building exits in your fire escape plan.

Be Prepared For An Emergency Situation

When preparing a fire escape plan for your Lemay, MO, home there are a few things you may want to include. These things can help your family be prepared for an emergency situation, and save valuable time in the event of an emergency.

1. Location of Fire Extinguishers

One important aspect of fire preparation is knowing where your tools are. Everyone in the family should know the locations of all fire extinguishers and how to properly use them. Most use the P.A.S.S. (press, aim, squeeze, and sweep) method. It’s also recommended to regularly check all extinguishers, and refill them as needed.

2. Exits and Meeting Places

You should also include the locations of building exits in your fire escape plan. Plan at least two routes out from each room in case one is blocked. Planning a safe meeting place outside the home is also advised. This will allow you to quickly ensure everyone is accounted for. Your meeting place should be a safe distance from the home where emergency personnel can easily find you. Many experts recommend choosing a marker everyone can remember such as a telephone pole.

3. Emergency Information

When preparing for the possibility of a home fire you may want to include emergency numbers in your plan. While 911 should be the first number called when a fire happens, you may also want to include doctors’ numbers, your insurance company, or the number for a fire damage restoration service. Having these numbers together may save time when you need to find them quickly.

With a fire escape plan in place for your home, you can help insure that your family knows where the emergency tools and exits are, how to use the fire extinguishers located in your home, where to meet safely, and what numbers to call. Having this information ready before an emergency happens can help save valuable time.

4 Simple Steps to Candle Safety

10/27/2021 (Permalink)

Four candles lit up Place candles at least one foot away from any items that could catch fire.

Ways To Use Candles More Safely

Candles caused up to two percent of reported home fires and four percent of direct property damage between 2011 and 2015, according to the National Fire Prevention Association. Approximately one-third of these candle fires originated in bedrooms, where the person who lights the candle may fall asleep and leave the flame burning unattended. A candle fire can imperil the lives of the person who lit the candle, all of the residents – including pets – in a home, and surrounding residences. Here are four simple steps that you can follow to use candles more safely.

1. Place candles at least one foot away from any items that could catch fire. The most common cause of candle fires is when combustible materials kept too close to candles ignite and the fire spreads.

2. Never leave children or pets unattended with burning candles. The appearance or odor of candles can attract young children or animals who may sustain injuries or start a candle fire.

3. Avoid using candles in the bedroom. If there is a risk that you may fall asleep while a candle is still burning, you should not light a candle. Most fires are started in bedrooms by lit candles and cigarettes that become unattended when the person who started the fire falls asleep.

4. Try fire-safe alternatives to candles. Choose from a variety of flameless designs that provide an illuminated look or release scents.

As many as 24 candle fires are reported every day. The number of candle fires spikes during the holiday season when this style of lightning is used for decoration or to achieve a special mood. The most candle fires are reported in December and January, with a spike as early as Halloween. If you have experienced a candle fire at your residence in White House, MO, and are interested in fire or smoke cleanup, contact a certified fire damage restoration expert.

4 Steps to Clean Up After a Home Fire

7/20/2021 (Permalink)

Residential fire, burned bedroom, window and walls covered with soot... Emergencies require an immediate response. SERVPRO of Oakville/ Mehlvil is ready to help you start the restoration process as soon as the fire is out.

How To Clean After A House Fire 

A home fire in Bella Villa, MO is a tragic and upsetting event to experience. After you and your loved have survived the danger, you might wonder how to go about cleaning up the damage. Fire restoration experts who know the ins and outs of the process often recommend dry-cleaning and additional content cleaning methods. Here are some steps to help you get back on the road to restoration.

1. Eliminate Water

One of the unfortunate results of exterminating a fire is a lot of water and moisture in the home. Dry all textiles, clothes and drapes and quickly as possible to prevent mold from growing and spreading. Consider content storage for any items that escaped water or smoke damage.

2. Dry Clean Your Clothes

Most experts recommend dry-cleaning for clothing and other fabrics. Don’t wash any textiles in a traditional washer and dryer as that can lead to more damage. There are professional services that will help you safely remove soot from fabrics.

3. Get Rid of the Smell

Smoke leaves an unpleasant, lingering odor in the home. Open windows and place dehumidifiers and box fans throughout the area for some immediate relief. Venting the air as much as possible will help reduce the smell. In addition, professional companies eliminate odors using thermal fogging and ozone treatments.

4. Clean Non-Porous Items

Content cleaning of non-porous items is normally a much easier process because they are, by nature, less absorbent than porous ones. Professional services include high-pressure water and ultrasonic treatments to get your possessions back to their pre-fire conditions.

House fires are an unpleasant experience for anyone, but there are things you can do to get your home back in pre-fire shape. Some of the initial steps you can take yourself, such as dry-cleaning clothes, but experts can provide the best knowledge, tools and equipment to expedite the restoration process.

Hiring Professionals to Clean-up Fire Damage in Properties

7/1/2021 (Permalink)

dark background, tea cup covered with soot If your White House, MO home has sustained fire damage, call SERVPRO today!

Hiring Professionals to Clean-up Properties After Fire Damage 

It is not surprising for people to lose everything in their homes due to a fire that spreads quickly from the bottom floor to the top. In some cases, the fire damage in White House, MO  may not be too severe so the family should be able to salvage some of the things that are left behind in the home. Even though some homeowners and their families may start the clean-up process themselves as soon as they can enter back into their fire-damaged home, they may quickly discover that they need fire damage professionals to assist with the recovery process. 

These fire damage White House, MO professionals are not only trained to help the family to deal with these tragedies much easier but can also assist them in getting back to their normal life as quickly as possible. So, for homeowners who want to know what these professionals are responsible for doing, here’s a brief listing of some of their most essential activities. 

 #1 - Remove all of the items from the home that are not salvageable. 

Generally, people need to throw away burnt clothing, paintings, electronics, light fixtures, furniture and a host of other things unable to undergo restoration. Therefore, this is typically done first. 

 #2 - Determines how to deal with items that may be salvageable 

In some cases, there are items left in the home that can be salvaged or restored to a relatively new condition. For instance, some items may only have smoke damage because the flames from the fire did not touch them. With the help of these professionals, the smoke damage can be removed. Many times these professionals use a specific kind of disinfectant on window coverings, clothing, and other items to remove the smoke. 

 #3. Clean Carpets 

If the flames do not damage carpets, they can be cleaned. Therefore, the clean-up crew up often uses various kinds of equipment to get the carpets completely cleaned of the smoke. 

The Steps for Putting Out a Grease Fire

6/10/2021 (Permalink)

Kitchen burned Kitchen fire in Lemay, MO.

Fires in the U.S. amount to many billions of dollars of damage to homes and businesses every year. For homeowners, a fire can start for many reasons and once it begins it can be hard to control. In addition to fire alarms and fire extinguishers, education is one of the best ways for people to reduce the costs of property damage from a fire. For example, knowing how to control a grease fire can turn a potential catastrophe into a manageable problem. Prevention is important. A stove should never be left unattended when grease is heating up. If the grease begins to smoke or gives off acrid odors, the burner should be turned down.

How To Extinguish a Grease Fire

If grease or oil does ignite, specific steps should be taken to protect a home in Lemay, MO. The actions for an oil fire or not the same for a fire fed by wood or paper or other combustible materials. The following steps can be taken to put out a grease or oil fire:

  • Smother the flames with a heavy pot lid
  • Spread baking soda on the fire until it is smothered
  • Use a chemical fire extinguisher (also known as a class K extinguisher)

These types of fires tend to burn hot and they can also cause a splattering of hot oil or grease. Water should never be used to extinguish this kind of home fire.

How To Handle Fire Cleanup
A fire mitigation franchise has the training and the equipment to handle the aftermath of a grease fire. A qualified company will make sure the fire damage is contained and doesn't get worse. Experienced technicians will clean up any of the remnants of water and chemicals caused by fire fighting efforts. They will also perform tests on belongings to see what can be saved and restored and what items will need to be thrown away. A professional cleanup saves time and money in many ways.

How To Create a Fire Escape Plan

3/19/2021 (Permalink)

Map of a house and escape routes Having a fire escape plan can save your life and the lives of your loved ones.

No one wants to think about the possibility that they may experience a home fire, but taking the opportunity to come up with a fire escape plan and discuss it with your family or housemates can save lives in the event of an emergency. Homeowners in Mehlville, MO, should make sure they have all the safety supplies they need and a plan in place.

Have Fire Safety Supplies

An important part of fire preparation is having all of the right safety supplies on hand and making sure all residents know where to find them:

  • Fire extinguishers
  • Smoke detectors
  • Rope ladders for upper-level windows
  • Fire blankets
  • Phones or walkie talkies
  • Flashlights

These items can help you escape a burning building faster or keep yourself safe until the fire department can assist you.

Determine Escape Routes
When creating a fire escape plan, you and the other people in your residence should discuss how you would get out of each room in the house if you were trapped there during a fire. You should consider multiple scenarios to make sure you have a plan for every possible situation. Before exiting any room during a fire, you should touch the door handle to check for heat. If the handle is hot, then the fire may be right outside of the door. In that case, keep the door closed and find an alternative exit or wait for the fire department's help.

Decide on a Meeting Place
It is possible that during a home fire, each person may have to use different escape routes to exit the building. You should determine a meeting place outside of the home. This will allow you to stay together and know who is still trapped inside so that you can tell the first responders.
You should also have a place in mind to stay while a fire damage repair service fixes the damage. Options include a friend's or family member's house or a hotel.
Having a fire escape plan can save your life and the lives of your loved ones in the event of a home fire.

Fire Prevention Tips for Your Dryer

12/8/2020 (Permalink)

Horizontal photo of female hand taking the lint out from dirty air filter of the dyer machine Proper dryer maintenance can help prevent a lint fire from occurring

Dryer Maintenance Tips

Preventing a house fire seems easy enough to do—replace fraying cords, don't smoke indoors, and keep heat sources away from anything flammable. How often do you think about your dryer as a potential fire starter? FEMA reports that 2,900 home fires are the result of a dryer fire. Here are some dryer maintenance tips that will keep your home safe in White House, MO.

Empty the Lint Trap

Dryer lint is touted to be an excellent fire starter for camping; it's light, doesn't take up a lot of space, and everyone has access to a ton of it. Is it any wonder that excessive lint in your dryer can cause a lint fire? Clean out the lint trap between every load, and check for clogs if it seems like your dryer isn't running efficiently.

Don't Overload the Dryer

You try to finish the laundry in as few loads as possible. After all, you don't want to spend all week doing laundry just to turn around and start again the next week. However, overloading the dryer causes excess lint to build up in the dryer and prevent proper ventilation. Lint plus poor ventilation can easily equal a dryer fire.

Have Your Dryer Inspected

If you're concerned about the efficiency of your dryer, have a professional come to inspect it. The professional will be able to check for any problems in the machine as well as the connection to exterior ventilation.

Don't Leave the Dryer Unattended

As convenient as it is to let the dryer run when you go to bed or while you run errands, resist the urge. If a lint fire starts while you're away or sleeping, you can easily experience major damage to your home.
Despite your best intentions, a dryer fire can still occur. If that's the case, a local fire and water remediation company can come to restore your home.
Proper dryer maintenance can help prevent a lint fire from occurring. When in doubt, have a professional inspect your machine so you can keep your family safe.

At-Risk Commercial Properties and Fire Restoration Companies

10/29/2020 (Permalink)

building and SERVPRO vehicles Commercial restoration service in Oakville, MO

At-Risk Commercial Properties and Fire Restoration Companies

Many commercial properties, because of the type of business or processes used, present a fire risk. While most of these sensitive operations have plenty of precautionary and preventative devices and equipment installed, fire damage is still possible, which is why it is necessary to have a restoration company in Oakville, MO, on-call. Granted, you can have separate businesses or services on-call for smoke and fire cleaning, but when a fire also includes water damage, isn’t it better to have a single service that can tackle all of the potential problems?
A restoration service is an excellent option because the team is trained in specialty cleaning practices and understands essential regulations and codes throughout various industries. However, there are several reasons to work with a comprehensive service.

Restoration businesses work as advocates for clients. Insurers often have expectations of customers, and a restoration service will understand these expectations and help the client navigate the claims process. Resolving fire damage can be a complicated and expensive process, which means you will need every penny of your coverage. Most insurers expect clients to prevent or mitigate further loss. A restoration service helps by providing tarp and board-up services. By placing tarps and plywood sheets over openings in the facility’s structure, the company effectively reduces the risk of damage from outside sources.

To put out a fire, firefighters often rely on a fire hose. These hoses put out hundreds of gallons of water per minute, which will flood parts of your building. Beyond the damage from water, the property may experience heat, smoke and other sources of water damage. The restoration service will make sure that all issues are resolved and that debris is cleaned and removed.

Finally, the company of your choosing will restore your facility. When complete, your building will look as though a disaster never happened.
If you are dealing with fire damage, consider contacting a restoration service in your area. Restoration crews will help get you back in business.

How To Salvage Belongings After a Fire

10/6/2020 (Permalink)

Burned fabric Burned fabric

Here Are A Few Ways Technicians Help Restore Your Belongings After a Fire

When your home in Oakville, MO, catches fire, it is likely to leave a lot of damage behind. You expect fire restoration experts to restore the structure itself. Do you know that they also offer content cleaning services, such as dry-cleaning and document restoration? 

Unless you have locked all your important papers in a fire-proof safe, the ones that remain after the fire has been put out will likely have several types of damage:

  • Soot damage
  • Smoke odor
  • Water damage

Technicians may be able to save your valuable documents with the right techniques.

Even if the fire was nowhere near your closet, your clothes probably still smell like smoke and may even be covered in soot. Dry-cleaning can resolve this problem. This particular process allows chemicals to get between fibers and fish out the most stubborn smoke particles, leaving your clothes clean and fresh. Don't just throw your clothes away; trust them to the professionals to see what can be saved first.

Household Items
It may seem as if a lot of the items you have in content storage after a fire are a lost cause. This is not necessarily the case. Many items can be salvaged with ultrasonic cleaning methods. The vibrations allow the cleaning agent to go anyplace soot or smoke can hide. This provides a more thorough cleansing than merely wiping off the surface or trying to deoderize items on your own.
It is easy to become discouraged when you see so many items damaged in a fire. Not only is your house a wreck but also many of your treasured possessions seem to be beyond repair. Before you throw anything out, consult with restoration professionals to see if it can be cleaned. Whether they use dry-cleaning or other processes, they may have a way to save it.

When the Fire Is Over, Complete the Following 3 Actions

7/3/2020 (Permalink)

Windows and doors boarded in a building Board up services in Bella Villa, MO

3 Things To Keep In Mind

Focus is hard to find during trying times. It's especially hard when commercial buildings in Bella Villa, MO, suffer from a fire. Owners need to remain alert, concentrating on the recovery efforts. Fire restoration and insurance contacts are important at this time as these specialists can counsel those impacted throughout the rebuilding process. Here are three things proprietors should keep in mind.

1. Start a Claim
Before you start cleaning, discuss your fire insurance policy with your insurer. Spend a good deal of time asking questions about how the claims process works as well as the expectations your agency has for this project. Double-check on your deductible, your coverage limit, and any exclusion that could cause problems.

2. Secure the Building
The blaze damaged structures. Windows probably broke. Walls were charred. Roofs may have holes in it. All of these are potential exposures, allowing environmental factors and vandals access. To inhibit additional trouble, safeguard the establishment. Fire restoration companies can come in, survey the area, and help to secure it properly. You'll want to board up any openings and place tarps on the roofing.

3. Leave Things Alone
It's tempting to begin smoke cleaning as soon as possible; however, that could cause several problems. Your insurance agency may need additional evaluations, and you could be working in areas that need professional attention. For example, the water from the hoses may have saturated materials. These sections requiring airing out and sanitation. Left alone, they could remain a host to too much moisture, allowing mold spores to grow. Furthermore, you'll want to seek advice about what may have suffered from heat damage and needs to be tossed. To move forward with confidence, rely on experts to check the property for hazards, and then guide you in the best method for cleanup.
In the midst of a trying time, try to remain focused on simple steps. Work with your agent, and protect your place. Fire restoration services can then advise on the remediation efforts.

What Happens During The Fire Restoration Process?

5/13/2020 (Permalink)

Leave Fire Damage Restoration To The Oakville Pros For Best Results

What Happens During A Fire Damage Restoration?

 Once you realize that your home has been subjected to a fire in Oakville, you may be inclined to start the cleanup process on your own. However, this is never the ideal course of action to take. In fact, fire damage restoration professionals will be able to do a much more thorough, effective job than most residential property owners. Learn more about how a team of professionals can expedite and optimize the fire damage restoration process by reviewing the outline that appears below:

 The Assessment

 When a team of Oakville fire damage restoration contractors come to your home, they will complete a thorough assessment of your property. The assessment is designed to give the professionals a clear understanding of how much damage has transpired on your property. To attain this information, the contractors will examine both the interior and exterior of your living space. After the assessment is complete, the contractors will be able to devise a clear, concise strategic plan that outlines how the restoration process will be exacted.

 Water Removal

 In many cases, Oakville fire damage results in excess standing water on your property as a result of the extinguishing work completed by the fire department. As such, the remediation specialists will work with skill and speed to remove this excess water. To accomplish the objective quickly and correctly, contractors will utilize specialized equipment like power pumps and vacuums. This process is imperative for several reasons, one of them being that water removal prevents the onset of a mold invasion.

 Drying And Dehumidifying

 After removing excess water from your property, the remediation specialists will complete the drying and dehumidifying work. This step is important because the floors and walls of your property will typically retain excess water. This excess water will result in warping, swelling, and even the complete breakdown of the property. This is why contractors will utilize advanced methodologies and specialized equipment to ensure that all remaining moisture is removed from your household structures.


 The last step of the restoration process is cleaning. The remediation crew will typically offer a wide range of cleaning services, some of which include antimicrobial, antibacterial, and disinfectant treatments.

Although dealing with fire damage can be difficult, hiring a team of professional contractors can make the restoration process simple and seamless. The team to call for precise, detail-oriented services that work is SERVPRO. Our IICRC-certified technicians will work with diligence and determination to get your property back in excellent condition.

Steps To Avoid A Gas Fire

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Natural gas burning on kitchen gas stove Make sure you call emergency responders. You can also call fire restoration professionals if necessary.

Have you ever walked into your Oakville, MO home to an aroma of gas? This smell can signal to you that there's a hazard in your house. Natural gas can leak into your home and create a nice habitat for fire. If you notice the pungent aroma, you need to take a couple of steps to ensure you don't start a gas fire.

1. Avoid sparks. Gas is highly combustible. If you add a spark to the environment, you could set off a gas explosion. You can avoid sparks by keeping all the lights in the house turned off. Only use flashlights if you need them.
2. Start ventilation. Allowing the gas to escape can help you avoid a catastrophic gas fire. Open as many windows and doors as you can to get the gases out as best as possible.
3. Turn off appliances. If you have a gas stove, furnace or dryer, you may be able to slow or stop the leak by turning off your appliances. If it is safe for you to venture further into the house, you can turn off burners that accidentally got bumped on, for example.
4. Shut off gas. If you know where the gas meter is located, you can go one step further by turning off the gas supply to the house. Don't got searching for this meter in an emergency, but only venture to it if you know exactly where it is.
5. Leave the house. Evacuating your home is a necessary part of a gas leak. Try to congregate with the rest of your family in a safe location. Make sure you call emergency responders. You can also call fire restoration professionals if necessary.

Smelling natural gas in your home can put you on edge. Taking smart, precautionary steps can help you avoid a gas fire and keep your entire family safe. Visit for more information on fire damage

4 Ways to Prepare for a Home Fire

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Inside of a home burned Fire damage in an Oakville, MO home

Few Ways To Stay Prepared

A fire can be devastating to your Oakville, MO, home. In some cases, the flames may be small enough that you can put them out on your own. However, if the fire is large and spreads quickly, it is more important that you get your family out of the house safely. It can be helpful to create a fire escape plan to use in the event of an emergency. The following are a few ways to stay prepared.

1. Locate All Potential Exits
During a fire, it is possible that you will be unable to reach the doors that you usually use to leave your house. For this reason, make sure you know all possible ways to exit the building. On lower floors, this can include windows as well as doors. Create multiple fire escape routes to each exit.

2. Determine a Meeting Spot
If your family is not all together when a fire occurs, it can sometimes be difficult to tell who has made it out of the house and who hasn’t. Setting a designated meeting area outside the home can help. Make sure that everyone knows where to meet after exiting the building.

3. Practice Drills Regularly
An important part of fire preparation is practice. During a fire, panic can make it difficult to think clearly. If you practice often, this will help the plans stick. You should have a realistic drill at least every six months.

4. Ensure Alarms Are Working
Creating a fire escape plan may not be as helpful if your alarms are not able to alert you to a fire. You should test batteries monthly and keep the device free of dust and debris. If your alarm uses traditional batteries, these should be changed once or twice a year.
During a home fire, your safety should be your first concern. However, you may find afterward that there has been some damage to the building. If this is the case, a fire damage remediation company can perform cleanup and repairs to restore your home and belongings.

How To Make a Home Fire Escape Plan

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Fire safety plan If your home ever does catch on fire, you will be thankful that you have a strategy in place.

Protecting your loved ones should be the top priority during a home fire. The best way to ensure that you and your family stay safe is to come up with a fire escape strategy. Below are some tips for making and enacting this plan.

Create a Plan

Start by drawing a floor plan of your home and noting two ways out of each room. Your map should include the locations of each smoke detector, as well. After all, a smoke alarm could alert you to the source of the blaze, allowing you to put it out before you need major fire cleanup.

As part of your fire preparation, designate a meeting place that is a safe distance away from the home. You should also make sure that everyone knows the emergency phone number and the contact information for your local fire damage cleanup specialists.

When you discuss your fire escape plan with your loved ones, emphasize that they should not go back into the building under any circumstances. Instead, they should stay back while the emergency responders do their job. Once the blaze is out, everyone can go back into the home to assess the fire damage.

Test Your Plan

You should practice your escape strategy ahead of time so everyone knows what to do during a real emergency. A run-through will also let you see any weaknesses with your plan so you can adjust it accordingly.

Keep Your Escape Routes Clear

Once you have picked and tested your escape routes, be sure not to place any furniture or boxes in front of the windows or doors you need to leave the building. You don’t want to have to waste time clearing the exits during a fire.

A fire escape plan will help keep your family safe during an emergency.

3 Tips for Deep Cleaning a Gas Range

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Cleaning a gas stove with kitchen utensils When cooking, make sure to clean up any split grease quickly to avoid a fire and grease buildup

Three Gas Range Cleaning Tips

While it’s simple enough to keep the exterior of your gas range looking nice and clean, it is easy to neglect performing a deep clean. Rather than waiting until you can detect a smoke smell coming from your oven, it is a good idea to take apart your oven and clean it inside and out at least once a month. In fact, not cleaning your oven regularly can even result in a house fire. While a fire cleanup specialist in Lemay, MO, can help in the case a fire does occur, you can avoid that hassle completely with these three gas range cleaning tips.

1. Use Safe Cleaning Products

When cleaning your oven, you want to make sure you only use appropriate products to prevent accidentally causing a fire. There are many products on the market that are sold specifically for range cleaning, but some people like to avoid these cleaners as they are highly toxic. Alternatively, you can use baking soda and vinegar to clean your oven naturally.

2. Deodorize Your Oven

Leftover food and grease in your oven or on your stovetop can cause an unpleasant smoke smell and can even ignite into a fire. Pouring salt over burning food can help remove any odors, and placing ammonia on top of food buildup can help soften it for an easier cleanup job. If any stubborn smells remain, place a bowl of baking soda in the gas range until the next time you use it.

3. Remove Grease Stains

When cooking, make sure to clean up any split grease quickly to avoid a fire and grease buildup. Get your oven looking like new by using oven cleaner on grease stains, or allow baking soda paste to sit on the stains for 15 minutes before scrubbing it off.
Although many people dread cleaning their gas range oven, doing so will improve its appearance and even help prevent an unfortunate kitchen fire. Make sure to wash your oven frequently for a quick and easy cleanup job.

Cleaning Electronics After a Fire

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Cleaning electronics after a fire in Lemay, MO

You hear and see reports on the news about fires damaging or destroying people's homes. You may even know someone who went through this terrible ordeal. It would be a nightmare if you had to endure such a disaster. If the unthinkable happens, and a fire does start in your Lemay, MO, house, you need to focus on the important process of fire cleanup. The most skilled and experienced professionals have the tools to clean or restore just about anything the fire may have affected in your home.

What the Pros Can Handle

When a fire starts at home, you know that your first priority is to get yourself and your loved ones to safety. Once you call the fire department, you should get in touch with your insurance company. Then, it's imperative that you find a team of fire cleanup specialists to salvage important materials and belongings. The best companies will focus on the following areas and items:

  • Drywall and ceilings
  • Flooring, including carpet and hardwood
  • Furniture
  • Documents
  • Electronics

Effective Steps to Take With Damaged Electronics

You rely on electronic devices every day for both work and play. Fires and smoke damage can cause all sorts of problems with your laptop or desktop, televisions, stereo equipment and other items. Never try to turn a device back on following a fire. This could potentially ruin the electronic and could even post danger to you. You should unplug all electronics and then immediately call a restoration company with experience cleaning these items.

What Will the Pros Do?

Fire cleanup companies are accustomed to restoring electronic devices. The crew will be gentle and sensitive with everything, and the technicians will use specialized equipment and methods to clean the electronics and prevent further damage.
Never try to handle fire cleanup on your own. This includes cleaning electronic devices. Leave this tough job to the pros.

Educating Employees on Workplace Burns

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First aid kit for minor burns

Providing Emergency Care Training To Your Emloyees

The risk of fire damage to the business you have worked so tirelessly to build is troubling, but the threat of injury to employees is unacceptable. That’s why it’s imperative that they get basic first aid training. Workplace burns can range from very minor to critical. Providing emergency care training (e.g., dressing a burn) for all employees will empower them with the knowledge and self-assurance they will need in an emergency.

Well-Stocked First Aid Kit

A well-supplied first aid kit is the first step to preparing for any accident that might occur in the workplace. It’s a good idea to place the kit in a conspicuous, easily accessible location that all employees are aware of. You will want to make sure to include burn first aid supplies in this kit and educate your employees on methods of treating burns with the following supplies:

  • Burn gels or lotions such as aloe vera for cooling pain relief and to prevent drying
  • Gauze or sterile cotton cloth to cover injury and protect from outside irritants or bacteria
  • Gauze tape to hold the gauze pads or cloth loosely onto the wound
  • Cool, moist compress for pain relief before wrapping
  • Pain relieving medication such as acetaminophen, naproxen or ibuprofen

This is not one of those things that a business owner should defer until later. The fire damage that you address proactively today may mean less worry tomorrow. You might want to invite an Emergency Medical Technician to teach you and your employees more advanced burn first aid. A minor burn can generally be taken care of at the workplace with a first aid kit that is sufficiently supplied. A major burn will require emergency services, but the sterile gauze or cloth from your kit can protect the burn until help arrives. Be sure to restock your kit after the accident.
In the event of a fire at your business in Oakville, MO, it is nice to know that there is a fire restoration company that can ease your mind and resolve the fire damage so that you can concentrate more on the wellbeing of your injured employee.

FAQs About What To Throw Away After a Fire

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Fire damage in a White House, MO home

After a home fire in White House, MO, you may be uncertain about what items you can keep and what items are damaged beyond the point of repair. Knowing what you can keep and what you should likely throw away after a fire can help you begin replacing and restoring items more quickly.

What Damage Commonly Occurs With Fires?

Before you discard any items in your home after a fire, it can be helpful to understand the ways in which a fire can damage belongings in your home. Common forms of destruction from a fire include the following:

  • Smoke damage, which can cause a lingering odor after a fire.
  • Soot damage, which can cause certain items to deteriorate.
  • Water damage, which often occurs when sprinklers go off or when water from hoses is used to extinguish the fire.

How Do You Know What To Throw Away?

There are certain items that should not be kept and cannot be restored after a fire occurs. The quality of perishable food items often dramatically decreases after a fire, and it’s often best to throw out food that was in the home at the time of the fire. Medications can also become less effective after being exposed to high heat, making it a wise idea to discard medicines, even if they are in sealed bottles, after a fire.

Can Items Be Restored?

Although house fires can be devastating, there are some items that can often be restored. Though fires can cause certain items to deteriorate, belongings that have smoke or soot damage might be able to be restored by fire damage restoration experts. You may be able to salvage items that have not been badly burned and belongings that can withstand various cleanings and treatments, such as pieces of furniture or clothing.

Not knowing what items you should discard after a fire can complicate the restoration process. It can be useful for homeowners to know about the damage that fire can cause to items in your home, what you should throw away and what items can be restored.

What Happens in a Room Totaled by Fire Damage?

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SERVPRO technicians are standing by 24/7 to help you recover from fire damage. Call us today if you have been affected!

From Structural Issues to Ordering Replacement Furniture, SERVPRO Can Help with Every Step of the Process

In some fires, very little can be done to contain the blaze, and entire rooms or portions of a home may be lost at a time. Although our fast-responding mitigation strategy helps to drive down costs for any fire damage restoration project, some fires simply cannot be stopped. When this happens, we make sure to work closely with insurance providers and the homeowner in order to repair and replace everything we can.

New Materials and Structure

Severe fire damage in White House often requires replacement of materials and structural elements in order to return the home to its natural and normal appearance. Our technicians can carefully survey a damaged room so as to know what materials are needed where, and can help to install new materials in the home. This can vary greatly in amount and type, from limited wall repainting or repair to full-room replacement and brick relaying. No matter the obstacle, our technicians are prepared to surmount it to help get your home back to a livable state.


Across the entire room, intense and thorough cleaning is necessary to get a clear look at the materials underneath and to understand the exact specifications of the project. In many cases, heavy soot and ash may obscure a surface and appear as a burned-out region, while in reality, the area is virtually untouched by flame. We implement a thorough and extensive cleaning process when dealing with any fire, and will know what to replace when we're done.

Furniture and Belongings

We employ both in-house and contracted experts to help salvage and restore furniture and belongings that have sustained fire damage, and many items will typically be viable for restoration in your home. Should we not be able to restore or repair an item, we will always consult you and your insurance provider before ordering or making replacements. The homeowner always gets the final say in what is and is not replaced or thrown out following a fire.

SERVPRO of Oakville / Mehlville provides localized, expert home restoration and repair services with industry-leading response times and trained expertise. If your home has sustained fire damage, call us 24/7 at (314) 846-0600.

Fire Damage Restoration in Oakville

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This Is a Very Serious House Fire.

Smart Steps Toward Fire Damage Restoration in Oakville After the Fire

The weeks, hours and days following a home fire in Oakville can present an uneasy scenario. It is difficult to process the fire damage when surveying the results to precious possessions that are charred and covered with soot. While the most important thing is human safety, it can be disheartening to begin the task of cleaning up once the smoke clears and the hot spots cool down.

How to Begin

Organization is the most important step in the restoration process. After surveying the destruction; a three-ring binder should be utilized to take notes concerning all correspondence and conversations with the insurance company and the professional team hired to perform the restoration. Since the aftermath of a fire is highly stressful, it is easy to miscommunicate or forget vital details. The pockets of the binder can provide storage of all documentation and receipts.

The first call placed after a fire should be to the insurance agent. While the law requires that a claim is filed as quickly as possible, it is also in the best interest of the claimant. At this point, proof of the loss will need to be submitted by the insurance adjuster once he comes out and assesses the fire damage.  The assessment usually happens within a couple of days but may take longer in some situations.

The next call should go to a professional cleaning and restoration company, preferably one that also provides construction services. SERVPRO of Oakville/ Mehlville is such a company that will reduce stress, lower costs and save a great deal of time. Depending on how badly damaged the property is, it may need to be secured through boarding up, fencing or other means. A quality restoration company with the proper skills will take care of this immediately. If necessary, the property should be guarded for protection against trespassers.

The restoration company should work in tandem with the insurance agent to create a recovery plan to restore the structure. A full-service team will examine the damage caused by the water and fire damage. The specialists in restoration and cleaning will determine which items can be cleaned and saved and which items will need to be inventoried and replaced. These services are often on the site, but in some cases, items may have to be removed and stored in a secure facility while another work is taking place.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Oakville/Mehlville is locally owned and operated and we are proud to be part of this community. We are also part of a national network of over 1,650 Franchises with special Disaster Recovery Teams placed strategically throughout the country to respond to large-scale fire, water, and storm disasters.

Our expertise in fire damage is extensive. SERVPRO utilizes IICRC training as part of our on-going education to stay ahead of the curve. Call us for help. (314) 846-0600

Make an Escape Plan: Two Ways for Every Room

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You need a fire escape plan.

Escape Plan

You should make sure your family knows two ways to escape every room in the event of a fire in your home in Oakville, MO. While you are making a fire escape plan, here are three important steps to include:

    1. Make a plan that includes two ways to escape each room.

    2. Practice your plan and go over some safety tips.

    3. Designate a meet-up location and communication plan.

In the case of a house fire, you and your family only have two minutes to get out. Your family’s best chance of survival is making a fire escape plan and practicing that plan.

Safety Tips for the Escape

Your family needs two escape routes for every room because one path may be blocked by fire. Teach everyone to feel doors before opening them. If a door is hot, it’s time to use the second escape path.

Tell your family that they’ll need to stay low, crawling quickly, to avoid heat and smoke. If someone is trapped in an upper-level room, teach that the window can be opened for breathing and used to send visual signals of their location. A flashlight or bright fabric in the window can let firefighters know where they are.


Your emergency escape plan should designate a meeting location. This location should be away from the house but within good visual sight so firefighters can see that everyone is out safely. You should also designate a method of communication that lets family members know you are safe. This could include the use of social media or designating a personal contact to call.

Don’t worry about your home, it can be cleaned, restored and rebuilt with the help of professional fire restoration specialists. Focus your energy on this important preparation, a fire escape plan that will give your family the tools they need to escape a fire.

What Should You Throw Away After a Fire?

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Fire restoration on an Oakville, MO home

Items to Throw Away After a House Fire

Exposure to heat and smoke can ruin delicate or perishable contents. While some items can be cleaned and restored, others should be disposed of and replaced. Here are five items to throw away after a house fire in Mehlville, MO.

1. Food

Open food packages may become contaminated by smoke, ash, soot, or fire suppressants. It is important to get rid of:

  • Open packages or containers
  • Open pet food
  • Cans exposed to extreme heat

Canned or packaged food that was not exposed to high heat may be safe to consume. Remove the label, clean the can, and write the contents and expiration date on the can in permanent marker.

2. Porous Kitchen Contents

Not only food items pose a re-contamination risk. It is also important to dispose of:

  • Plastic cutting boards
  • Plastic dishes, cups, or utensils
  • Baby bottle nipples

Plastic is porous and may absorb toxins. Throw away and replace these items after a fire.

3. Medicine

High heat and smoke can ruin medicine. Examine each product and consider:

  • The safe temperature range
  • Whether the packaging is open
  • Any visible damage

It is safer to dispose of and replace medicine after a fire. Extremely high temperatures may make any formula less effective.

4. Cosmetics

Heat can also destabilize beauty and personal care products. Continued use can result in:

  • Absorption of toxins through skin
  • Discoloration
  • Irritation

You should dispose of and replace products exposed to smoke or high temperatures. Throwing these items out is safer than risking re-contamination.

5. Burned Clothing

Clothing damaged by smoke or soot may be restored. Burned clothing should be thrown away. This is particularly the case for:

  • Charred or singed items
  • Babies' or children's clothing
  • Burnt linens

If you are not sure whether clothing can be cleaned, consult with a restoration professional. You should dispose of items with extensive damage.

All of these contents may pose re-contamination risks. If you are not sure whether to throw away or attempt to clean an item, ask fire damage restoration experts in Mehlville, MO.

How Business Income Coverage Can Help You

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Smoke and fire damage on a commercial property in Lemay, MO

A fire in your building in Lemay, MO, can be disheartening enough, but when you think of all the business you could lose because of it, it can be downright overwhelming. Interruption insurance can help you stay on your feet until the fire restoration in your building is complete.


If you have business interruption coverage, you can get the money you need to continue your basic operations so that you don' t have to shut down and risk closing permanently after a fire or natural disaster. A few of the things this policy could cover include:

  • Lost revenue
  • Relocation
  • Projected future income
  • Extra expenses

You probably won't be able to operate at full capacity after a fire, but interruption insurance allows you to keep your business open. It generally covers your lost income from the day of the disaster to the day the repairs and restoration are finished.


Your business interruption policy likely bases how much it pays out on the actual income you stand to lose during the restoration period. Unlike static costs covered by property insurance, this income is sometimes hard to quantify. You can fill out a business income worksheet to show anticipated income and expenses. Specifically, you can plan coverage for overhead and facilities, payroll and compensation of employees, and extra expenses. In order to be able to do this well, though, you must keep accurate records. If you have financial records from a few years back, you can identify patterns in your company's revenue and base your calculations on that.

Your commercial insurance package should not only cover the costs to restore the damage of your building and personal property. It should actually take care of your livelihood and that of your employees as well. With interruption insurance, you can recoup lost income and stay in business no matter how long the restoration process takes.

Will My Business Ever Be the Same After a Fire?

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Give SERVPRO a call if you experience fire damage in your business.

After spending years building your business, you now have to face the unthinkable: a fire. And after the shock has started to wear off, you find yourself wondering whether or not your building will ever be the same. Smoke damage is a very real and nasty concern, but the good news is that in many cases, your commercial property can be restored to its former self. However, you need professional help. Here are four key things that restorers will need to do for you:

1) Assess Damage

A restoration firm will pick up where firefighters leave off. Let’s assume the fire is out and all your employees are safe. The firm will now examine your business’s smoke damage, and then seal off access points so trespassers cannot add to the wreckage.

2) Clean Off-Site

More than likely, it will not be safe for you, the restoration firm, or anyone else to come too close to your business in its state. But they can begin to use specialized materials and techniques to clean some of your business’s equipment that has already been salvaged.

3) Work on the Walls and Floors

A little further down the road, the restoration firm will be able to address soot damage and other concerns related to your walls and floors. It’s also important to note that in many cases, the materials used to stop the blaze from accelerating actually do more damage than the fire itself. Painting walls and renovating flooring combat this.

4) Remove the Odor Smoke Leaves Behind

The odor of smoke lingers long after the fire is gone, but an experienced restoration company easily achieves smoke cleaning. Some of this begins by a deep cleaning of central heat and air units. Thermal fogging, ozone, and filtering techniques are also employable to great effect.

Smoke damage leaves lasting effects after a commercial fire. But in Oakville, MO an experienced restoration firm can make it seem "Like it never even happened." Visit for more information on commercial fire damage. 

Caring for Your Post-Fire Home

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Give SERVPRO a call if you experience fire damage in your home.

Upon assessing your house in Oakville, MO after a fire, the fire damage will probably be immediately apparent. In addition to the scorched bits and smoke damage, you will notice there is a lot of water in your house. This isn’t surprising since a fire hose can spray 500 gallons of water per minute while the fire is raging. By acting quickly, you can take steps to prevent further damage.

1. Begin Work on Major Damages

The first thing to do after assessing the water damage in your house is to contact a specialist who can help deal with water and fire damage. Damages may go deeper than is immediately apparent and could exist in spaces between floors and walls. It is essential that restoration begin as soon as possible, as excessive water can cause mold and mildew if left alone. Most household appliances are not equipped to deal with the amount of water that will be in your home after a torrent of water from a fire hose.

2. Stay Safe

If you enter your home, use caution when walking on wet or slippery surfaces. Items can become dangerously heavy if they are waterlogged, so use caution when standing under or attempting to pick up soggy items. Avoid electrical sparks by only using electronics that are completely dry and outlets that are far away from wet areas. Avoid rooms where the ceilings are sagging or where the structure may be unsteady.

3. Help the Pros

You can help with restoration by making areas more accessible to professionals. It will be helpful to clean up loose items near the wet areas. Wipe off furniture and move objects to a dry place away from the damage. Fabric items should be hung up or propped up so that air can flow on all sides. You may be able to use fans or dehumidifiers to help dry out areas that are less damaged.

With quick action, your home can be saved or restored after fire damage and a deluge of fire-fighting water. Visit for more information on fire damage. 

Fire Damage St Louis - When the flames are gone, soot and smoke can continue to cause fire damage

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St Louis fire damage repair

Smart Steps Toward St Louis Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage to your St Louis home or Clayton Mo. office is devastating, but you should not wait to take steps towards restoring your property. Thanks to your fire alarm system, everyone got out of the building, but now you have to deal with your burned and heat-damaged possessions. When the flames are gone, soot and smoke can continue to cause fire damage. This is why it is important to start restoration as soon as you can.

The First Step

You should make notes about what items are ruined or damaged and take photographs too. You’ll be contacting your insurance company and a restoration contractor, so you want to be sure about your circumstances. Misunderstandings are common, but if you have photos and notes, you’ll be in a better position to know the extent of the St Louis fire damage and what needs to be restored or replaced. This should be done within hours after the fire is extinguished.

Once you have a clear picture of the damage, call your insurance company. Hopefully, you can do this the next day. It is important to call them as soon as possible, so they will send an insurance adjustor to your home or office quickly.

Call a Reputable Fire Damage Restoration Contractor

When searching for a local cleaning and restoration contractor, make sure they are Institution of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certified. These professionals have been trained in the latest restoration technology and have health and safety certification. They will have experience in a wide range of fire damage St Louis restoration projects. You should also ask for proof or the proper licenses and insurance.

You may be able to locate a restoration contractor who also does reconstruction. This will save you a lot of time and money. They will first board up your home or office so vandals or thieves cannot enter. They will also work directly with your insurance company to create a restoration plan that will return your property to its pre-fire condition. They’ll inform your adjustor about the items that can be cleaned and restored and the ones that need to be replaced. Your restoration contractor should also be able to safely store some of your possessions during recovery.

Fire damage includes much more than burning. There can also be extensive St Louis water damage when the fire department puts out the fire as well as smoke damage that can go into every part of the house including places that were untouched by the fire.

Let the Professionals Handle It

You may be tempted to get the restoration process started by cleaning things yourself. This is not recommended because it may only make it worse. Some things to avoid are:

• Wiping walls, ceiling tiles or any absorbent material
• Reusing carpet and upholstery that have smoke damage
• Using any food item including canned goods that were exposed to heat and smoke
• Turning on your computer, TV, or electrical appliances before they have been professionally cleaned

The restoration process after a fire can be stressful, but if you have a certified professional handling your insurance company and the construction, there is a good chance you’ll have a full recovery.

SERVPRO is a 24/7 emergency water removal & flood clean up repair service company. 

Fire damage: How to proceed when you've had a home fire

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A restoration company should be contacted after a fire

A fire in the home can be an extremely devastating loss.

Along with valuable items, many sentimental possessions like photos and keepsakes can be lost or damaged. While it might seem like an insurmountable loss, the cleanup process can bring the home back to its original shape.

Homeowner Self-Cleaning

Whether it's because of a lack of funds or the desire to take control of the situation, some homeowners decide to tackle the job of cleaning the home themselves. St. Louis fire restorationrequires special equipment to speed up the drying process. 

Airing Out the Space

Opening the windows and airing out the space with fans is only the first step in the drying process. There's smoke damage and water damage in St. Louis to consider too. The smoke can contaminate all the surfaces in the home including counters, walls, floors and furniture. Everything will have to be cleaned to remove the smell of smoke. 

Structural and Wiring

A fire can attack the structure of the walls, ceilings or floors. Inside the walls, wires might be damaged. Electrical fires can destroy much of the wires inside the wall. Faulty wiring could have been the cause of the fire as well. A professional electrician needs to be called to take care of wiring. 

Hire a Professional Restoration Company

Homeowner's insurance will often cover the cost of cleaning and restoration after a fire. The homeowner will have to check their policy and contact the insurance carrier for confirmation of the exact coverage and dollar amounts. Even without coverage, homeowner's who experience a fire should hire a professional company to tackle the hard job of cleaning and restoring the home to its previous glory. 


The professional restoration company will assess the home's structural and overall damage while they are cleaning and airing out the home. A fire can create damage to the structure of the home that can't be seen at first glance. They are St. Louis professionals with experience in assessing the state of the home after a fire. 

Water Removal

Professionals will air out the space using special equipment. They will find the water that's seeped into the walls and under the flooring too. When water is left anywhere in the home, it can quickly start to create mold spores. This is an entirely different danger to the health of the home and family. 

A restoration company should be contacted after a fire to do an assessment of the home and provide valuable advice on the steps to remove the smoke, fire and water damage. Contact the company immediately after a fire to start the process.

Be Comfortable With a Fire Extinguisher

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A kitchen fire in Oakville, MO is one of the most common reasons for a residence to go up in flames. These accidents can happen easily and to anyone. This is why it is important to have a fire extinguisher near any fire hazards. This usually means in the kitchen and next to fireplaces. Of course, to get the best use out of these devices, you have to know how they work. Here are the four steps that professionals say you should take with a personal extinguisher to avoid maximum fire damage.

1. Pull the Pin

When there is a fire in your home, it is best to stand in front of an open doorway facing the fire with your extinguisher. Keep in mind that you may need to make a quick escape. With the extinguisher in hand, you should pull the pin and break the tamper seal.

2. Aim the Extinguisher

Now, once you have the pin released, you can aim towards the fire. You should point the nozzle towards the base of the fire. Aiming low helps put the fire out at its source and will be quicker and more effective.

3. Squeeze the Handle

Next, you want to squeeze the handle. This is going to release the agent that puts out the fire. You should be standing about six to eight feet from the flames. Generally, your extinguisher should come with directions that inform you how far to stand from the fire itself when spraying.

4. Sweep the Flame

In a sweeping motion, you should aim the spray side to side across the base of the flame. Watch the area closely once the flame is out. In some cases, it may reignite. If this happens, you should repeat the motion.

Remember when using a fire extinguisher to take the proper steps and precautions. If the fire does not go out, then you need to evacuate the building immediately.
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The Steps Involved In Fire Damage Restoration

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The Steps Involved In Fire Damage Restoration

Many people find it difficult to handle fire damage restoration in the unfortunate event of fire in home or fire in business. The fire restoration process is stressful, dangerous and consumes a lot of time. Many property owners would rather leave the task to a restoration company to handle the damage. Restoring a home back to its habitable condition after fire damage depends on the degree of damage to the home. Minor fire damage may only require a few days' work while major structural damage may take more than a month to complete. Fire cleanup experts simplify the task and ensure the house is safe for habitation as well as preserve the value of your property.

Start the early to save on cost

Carry out fire damage restoration as soon as possible. Delaying the fire cleanup process will increase the damage to property and the cost of restoring everything to its initial state. The most visible inferno damage is charred items. Water and chemical compounds used to contain the fire also leave some damages and markings. Other damages that may occur in fire at home or fire in business include soot damage and smoke damage. The elements of smoke, ash, and soot can combine to discolor surfaces, corrode metallic objects, and permanently stain fabrics. The smoke smell makes the house inhabitable. Either fire in home or fire in business, beginning the fire restoration process early will help reduce financial and emotional strain involved during fire clean up. A commercial fire damage company will follow some steps to handle home or commercial fire damage.

Securing the site

Commercial fire damage companies start by performing an initial assessment. They assess the extent of damage and the required services such as board up services, soot cleaning, debris removal, HVAC repair, or replacement etc. The restoration company first secures the premise from further damage and danger. The team will board up windows and damaged walls. When it comes to board up services, you need an experienced board up company as many companies major in simple repair tasks. They will also install a roof tarp in case there is damage to the rooftop. Smoke damage experts will also clothe in protective apparels to ensure their safety from potentially hazardous elements from the incident.

Removal of flame-retardants

The experts from the restoration company start by clearing the location by removing water and other chemical compounds used to put out fire in business. They use drying substances such as dehumidifiers to expedite the dehydration process. They will also bring in large fans and air-moving devices to remove smoke smell, improve ventilation, and make the working site safer for remediation.

Cleaning and removing residues

The next step entails removing the residual smell and soot damage from the premise. The action is a comprehensive and involves thorough cleaning of all surfaces including, ceilings, walls, fixtures, floors, and appliances. This process is important to eliminate soot damage on all surfaces. Experts use this process to establish any additional estimates. The process allows them to determine which items need replacement or simple restoration.

Deep cleaning and sanitization

This step is essential as it allows for the restoration of property back to their initial state before the inferno. The process can significantly cut down on cost on the side of the homeowner and the insurance as well. Carry out sanitization even in the case of fire in home and fire in business.

Restoration and replacement

Repair and replacement are the final steps in the process of fire damage restoration. The process entails repainting, installing new floors, replacing ceilings and other related activities. During this phase, the smoke damage experts rebuilt the parts of the house that require reconstruction. This step allows for the replacement of appliances and fixtures with working ones.

Deodorizing to rid smoke smell

Profession fire Restoration Company will deodorize fabrics including clothes, furniture, draperies, and importantly carpets to eliminate smoke smell. The smoke smell can linger in fabrics for a long time if not well deodorized. The process involves the use of a potent compound that targets smoke molecules to neutralize the smell. Fire damage restoration can use industrial grade ozone generators to remove soot damage and smell effectively.

Thermal Fogging

Apart from eliminating soot damage and foul smell from fabrics, smoke damage experts often manage damage underneath the walls. If the damage is dire, a fire damage company will resort to thermal fogging. Thermal fogging entails using a particular machine to eliminate smoke smell trapped inside walls. Professionals will also assess vents, ducts, and attic insulation, which may require replacement.

Fire restoration experts can help with insurance claims

A fire restoration company can facilitate the preparation of estimates for you to submit to your insurance company. Ensure you fill in the initial claims to help with recovering from fire damage and smoke damage. Delaying to file an application can result in delayed payment, which can cause frustration and major inconveniences during the fire cleanup process. A professional fire damage restoration company can help you speed the insurance claim process from the start.

Fire restoration is necessary in the case of fire in home. The best approach for property owners is to seek companies that deal with commercial fire damage to help with the damages. Fire damage restoration is a difficult task, particularly when the house has severe soot damage. Fire cleanup services will help you restore your premise back to habitable and safety. The experts will also carry out a thorough inspection that will give the premise owner a clear picture of what to replace and what to salvage. The fire clean up services will also help with filing insurance claims.
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The Benefit of Professional Fire Damage Restoration

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The Benefit of Professional Fire Damage Restoration

Commercial fire damage, fire in the home, or fire in the business are all devastating, and each one means something different to those it affects the most. Commercial fire damage means the potential for additional danger. Commercial fire damage could affect businesses with hazardous materials or conditions inside. When this kind of commercial fire damage occurs, it means professional fire damage restoration is required. When fire in the home occurs, some people choose to clean it up on their own. Fire in the home should also allow for professional fire damage restoration to make the job easier and more efficient. Fire in the business is different than commercial fire damage because it might not affect a business that works with hazardous materials. What they all have in common is the need for professional fire cleanup services.

What People Don’t Realize About Fire Damage

What most people fail to realize about fire damage is it entails far more than just the damage caused by the fire. The damage is exceptional no matter where it occurs, and it also includes soot damage, smoke damage, and even water damage. There’s all the smoke smell that’s overpowering and not easy to get rid of when it’s permeated the air following fire in the business or fire in the home.

Soot damage is a big deal because soot isn’t always easy to clean. It can get into pipes, into vents, and anywhere else in the home. Soot is difficult to clean because it stains and causes a lot of damage in addition to just sitting on surfaces. Soot damage is often the most difficult to deal with, yet many people don’t even realize soot damage can occur until it’s occurred.

Smoke damage is another problem people don’t realize they face following fire damage. Smoke damage occurs everywhere in a home, not just in the rooms where a fire is burning. Smoke damage can get into the pipes, the vents, the floors, the walls, and the smoke smell is difficult to remove. Because damage from smoke is so widespread following a fire, the smoke smell is often the biggest problem people face. No one can live with the smoke smell for long, and it must be cleaned professionally.

The Benefit of Professional Fire Damage Restoration

Fire cleanup is not easy to deal with. It can take a home or business owner months to deal with, and it can mean a lot of work is involved in getting these things under control. Fires can be very small yet cause more damage than most people imagine is possible. This is why professional help is required.

Professionals are able to contain fire damage and handle fire cleanup faster than people without the right equipment and knowledge. Professionals know what it takes to remove the smoke smell from carpets, flooring, and other permanent fixtures around the house. They know how to get the smell out of clothing and furniture, and they know how to clean up the mess faster and more efficiently than people who don’t work in this line of business. Their professional equipment makes it much easier for them to get into places that aren’t easily reached otherwise, and it makes it easier for them to restore a home or office to the point it no longer appears a fire occurred.

Fires are devastating, and people have a lot to deal with following this kind of occurrence. One of the best thing home and/or business owners can do when fire occurs is call for professional help from a fire damage restoration company. This kind of help makes the entire process easier to deal with, easier to manage, and it makes an already stressful situation more bearable for those who have no idea where to begin or what to do. It’s not easy to handle a fire, but it’s not required anyone handles it alone when it’s all said and done. Whether it's fire in the business or home, fire cleanup by a pro makes it easier to handle.
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Facing The Aftermath Of A Fire

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Facing The Aftermath Of A Fire

The aftermath of fire means people facing financial hardship due to fire in home or fire in business or because of commercial fire damage. There can be additional problems due to poor air quality. Besides dealing with fire damage, insurance companies are also to be dealt with. Fire loss also leads to emotional effects of evacuation and displacement besides relocation after fire cleanup.

A fire damage that is not visible is the emotional impact as they keep on ascertaining their fire loss. This is much worse than any soot damage or smoke damage that only impacts items. There can be recurring images about the disaster delaying the recovery process that gets further impacted by air quality. This loss should also be ascertained besides the commercial fire damage.

After the fire in home or fire in business, there is continuing worry about another fire and safety of loved ones. This leads to distress and anxiety and feeling less secure. There can be changes in behavior. Besides, smoke damage and soot damage can lead to health problems such as headaches and stomach aches. Poor air quality can impact sleep and lead to poor school and work performance. This can lead to sadness. Hence fire cleanup must be immediate after ascertaining the fire damage.

In the case of fire in home or fire in business, handling an insurance claim or assessing commercial fire damage can be a low priority as compared to the safety of loved ones. Salvaging personal property from soot damage and smoke damage will be important. Post-fire cleanup, locating a new place to conduct business is the top priority. Even ensuring air quality is important as it impacts health.

After looking at fire damage, next step is to do paperwork for the insurance company. Fire damage can be immense. Just looking at the fire loss in a short period of time can be devastating. The magnitude of the fire loss becomes clear after fire cleanup. There would be multiple losses in terms of commercial fire damage. These would include important documents, family photo albums, clothing, furniture and other personal possessions whether it is a fire in home or fire in business. The soot damage and smoke damage continues till much later as it is impossible to remove it from rugs, carpets, curtains, upholstery and so on. These would ultimately have to be thrown away. These impact the air quality too.

Dealing with commercial fire damage means more than just grieving as readjustment is required to get the business back on track. A fire in home or fire in business means a loss of property too. Hence fire loss is much more than what is clearly visible. All this becomes clearer as fire cleanup is being done. Things which may appear alright may have been impacted from inside. Hence they need to be simply thrown away as repair is not possible. Besides, burnt objects keep on reminding of the disaster and hence it is important to let them go by simply throwing them away.

While doing fire cleanup, the real impact of soot damage or smoke damage becomes visible. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Benefits of Working with a Professional Fire Damage Restoration Team

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Benefits of Working with a Professional Fire Damage Restoration Team

Whether you have fire in home or fire in business damage, nothing is going to improve until you call the fire damage professionals to restore the location to the way it was before the fire. For many, the idea of so much fire damage from soot damage, smoke damage, to reduced air quality issues, can leave them feeling overwhelmed at the fire cleanup process. Luckily, the only hard work they have to do is pick up the phone and call the fire in home restoration professionals as soon as possible.

Timeliness is everything when it comes to fire in home or fire in business restoration. Each hour, water damage, soot damage, and air quality damage, is making it more difficult for the team to bring back to before fire condition. Your local fire loss restoration team will arrive quickly on the scene to coordinate with your insurance company so they can determine which items that suffered soot damage and smoke damage can be restored or trashed. The fire cleanup assessment team will thoroughly inspect and test many of the adjoining rooms of the property to figure out the extent of the air quality damage, smoke damage, and soot damage. This step is vital to developing a crucial plan of action for fire cleanup.

Now that the fire in home or fire in business restoration team has assessed the fire damage, they can begin the very important process of board-up and tarp servicing. When it comes to commercial fire damage, many of the pieces of equipment in these larger establishments are very costly, so getting them inspected and restored quickly can make the difference in them working or being destroyed from the air quality damage. Soot damage, poor air quality, and smoke damage can significantly diminish the work environment for employees, so the commercial fire damage team needs to work efficiently and thoroughly. The commercial fire damage team understand time is money.

Regardless if the commercial fire damage team is working in a huge office complex that suffered fire loss or a small shop in a strip mall, fire in business experts are on the scene to get everything running again so the business does not lose valuable time due to fire damage restoration. Fire damage could compromise windows, ceilings, walls, machines, and roofs, so the fire loss team has their work cut out for them. To ensure security and to protect from further fire damage, the commercial fire damage professionals will board up damaged windows or walls and put a secure tarp on fire damage to the roof.

The fire in home or fire in business restoration experts are going to focus their efforts on water removal. Even if you can not see the water, it is soaking behind walls, in the insulation, all the areas the smoke damage existed. The fire loss team will begin the water removal process immediately to remove the majority of all the water used by the fire department from fire loss. The fire cleanup team will use dehumidifiers or high-powered air movers to eliminate the rest of the water while completing the drying process. The fire cleanup process needs to move along these lines in a timely manner. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Fire Damage Restoration Services in Oakville, MO

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Fire Damage Restoration Services in Oakville, MO

There is little more devastating in life than having one's home burn to the ground. Years of memories, the sense of security, perceptions of order and a positive outlook on life are gone in a flash. Left in its place are fear, worry, confusion and concern about what you should do next. Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that what can be gone so quickly can also be repaired with the right support group comprised of experts. The sooner decisions have been made about how to address fire damage the sooner your life will return to normal. Following is a list of what to expect and the order in which it will occur.

Step One: Safety First

The residence should not be reentered until the fire marshal says it's safe. Although sometimes it's not apparent on the surface, wall timbers and tresses become weak from the ravages of wall or attic fires and will make the building structurally unsound. In such cases it's best to follow the advice of experts and allow others to collect salvageable items. The insurance company must also be called immediately. They will have to survey the damage and make their assessment in order to determine the types of restoration and replacement that will be required. You have to remember that cleaning up Fire Damage is just the starting point of rebuilding. Water damage, Soot Damage and Smoke Damage will also be extensive. Oakville and Mehlville in eastern Missouri are just two of the areas where experts in the field of Fire Cleanup are available.

Step Two: Evaluating the Damage

Experts in the field of Fire Damage, restoration and repair need to make an on-site inspection. They will be able to determine which areas have been affected the most, what can be salvaged and which types of replacements can ensure your home is returned to its original condition.

Fires crawl up walls and across beams. Therefore, if a fire starts from a spark in a ceiling light it's less likely the ground floor will be as damaged as the upper floors. It also seeks fresh air as oxygen is required for it to burn. An inspection by a restoration expert in Oakville, MO will find the path the fire traveled and will be able to determine which parts of the structure have the most critical areas in need of repair. During the inspection they will also salvage as much as possible in the way of personal items, furniture and anything else that was not totally destroyed by the fire or subsequent water.

Step Three: Security During the Interim

The fire department is required to break windows, kick down doors and even break through the roof in order to ensure every facet of the fire is extinguished before they leave. Water Damage from Fire suppression will also be extensive but, even so, the last thing needed is more water from rain or snow pouring in. Additionally, you wouldn't want the last of your valuables pillaged. The restoration expert assigned to your case will ensure that the home is secure on the same day of the inspection before they leave.

Step Four: Removing the Water

One of the most time-consuming jobs of the restoration project will be removing all the water used to put out the fire. Fire suppression takes an incredible amount of water and is a huge part of Fire Cleanup. It requires specialized equipment designed specifically to remove water from areas where mold, staining, and warped wood can cause long-term problems. No work can be done until every surface and hidden beam has been thoroughly dried. The process requires the use of large, powerful vacuum systems along with industrial strength fans and other types of equipment designed specifically with that purpose in mind.

Step Five: Removal of Soot and Smoke Damage

Beyond the issues encountered with the structural change of building integrity and Water Damage from Fire, perhaps the most difficult thing to deal with is the Smoke and Soot Damage left behind. The residue ultimately affects Air Quality and can make individuals sick as well as result in long-term respiratory illnesses. Because Smoke and Soot get into everything, it's very difficult to eliminate. It permeates every fissure, crook and cranny that is not thoroughly sealed. It will also fill ventilation shafts and other areas that individuals that are not experts in restoration may miss.

Step Six: Deep Cleaning

In order to ensure all residue is gone and the Air Quality is good, a top-to-bottom cleaning is conducted along with sanitizing your home. It's not uncommon to find air scrubbers, chemical solutions, cleaning solutions and various types of scouring being utilized to restore as much of the home as possible before reconstruction begins. This type of cleaning goes far beyond what the average person would do on a regular basis and requires specialists adept at Fire Cleanup.

Step Seven: Restoring a Home to its Former Beauty

In the final phase of restoration the structural supports, walls, floors, and everything else required to return your home to normal will be installed and/or replaced. Things not normally seen like pipes and electrical circuits will require replacement or repair as well. When looking around a home it's amazing to see what it would take to restore after a fire. Things like replacing wallpaper, finishing wooden accents, repainting, and smaller construction projects must be accomplished before a house will feel like a home again.

The goal of a restoration company is to eliminate any feelings of loss and anxiety that may still linger since the fire. Once the furniture is restored or replaced, it's amazing how wonderful it is to walk into an abode that feels like the home you've grown to love. The company you select to complete restoration after a fire could make the difference between coming home and entering a stranger's house. Therefore, selecting only an experienced team of restoration experts that will ensure Smoke Damage, Soot and Water Damage from Fire is abated, will leave the Air Quality in a home pristine and will return the home to normal is important. If living in Oakville, MO, Mehlville, MO or the surrounding areas in eastern Missouri, the right company will ensure your restoration is as painless as possible. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Handling a Fire Loss in Oakville, MO

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Fire Damage in Oakville/ Mehlville, MO

Handling a Fire Loss in Oakville, MO

If you have experienced a fire, you are probably feeling a tumultuous mix of emotions right now: anger, confusion, fear and helplessness. But don't worry, fire damage can be repaired and your home can be returned to its previous state. While you may not be able to replace everything you lost, the portion of your home destroyed by the fire can definitely be restored.

If you have already gotten the go-ahead from the Fire Department, and your insurance company has surveyed the damage, it is time to start the restoration. Fire cleanup is a multi-step process that starts with evaluating the smoke and water damage, and ends with rebuilding your home as good or even better than it was before.

If you have smoke damage or water damage from a fire in Oakville or Mehlville, or other nearby areas in eastern Missouri, we're available to get the restoration process started. Let's go through that process, one step at a time, so you know what to expect.

Step One: Complete Evaluation

It all starts with a complete evaluation, which means an on-site inspection of any areas affected by the fire. Our experts will be assessing the situation, determining what is salvageable and what will need replaced, and making a list of the tasks that will be required to return your home to its previous state.

It isn't just the rooms affected by fire that will need to be examined. Adjoining rooms will need to be evaluated to determine if walls need to be rebuilt or reinforced and to make sure that your family is safe and that your home is as solid and dependable as it used to be.

Step Two: Securing Your Home

The next step will be securing your home against the elements. You already likely have water damage from the fire. You don't need to add to it by allowing rain or snow to get in. Our experts will seal up the areas affected by fire as tightly as possible with tarps, lumber and other materials that are made to keep the inside secure and dry.

This also means removing items that are not salvageable so that they can be replaced. This may include furniture, personal items, appliances or anything else affected by fire that cannot be restored.

Step Three: Water Removal

Before problems from fire residue like soot damage can be fixed, the water that was used to put out the fire must be removed. We have specialized equipment intended to remove large quantities of water from a room, and experts who know where water may be hiding so that you don't develop mold, warped wood or other problems from leftover water.

Everything that is going to stay and be restored needs to be completely dry before the actual repairs can take place. We will make sure that every drop of water is removed from these areas with powerful vacuum systems, industrial fans or other specialized equipment.

Step Four: Soot & Smoke Removal

Smoke damage and soot damage is what a fire leaves behind, and our next step is removing it from each affected room. This is important not only for the restoration process to begin, but every trace of fire residue needs to be removed so that the air quality is returned to normal. This residue can make you sick and cause respiratory illness.

The removal of smoke and soot is a very technical process because it gets into everything. Every single surface of the rooms where the fire damage happened will contain this residue, from the walls to the carpet fibers, inside of the ventilation shafts and even the cracks between baseboards will need to be cleaned. someone without expertise in fire residue removal may miss quite a bit.

Step Five: Complete In-depth Cleaning

Finally, the last step is the complete cleaning and sanitizing of your home, from top to bottom. This may include air scrubbers to restore air quality, cleaning solution and chemicals, scrubbing, washing and sanitizing, to restore every surface to the state it was before the fire.

Again, it is important to use professionals who have experience in fire cleanup, because while some of the cleaning techniques are fairly common, others are not, and simply cleaning the room yourself isn't going to be sufficient. You want a perfectly clean and sanitized foundation to begin rebuilding.

Step Six: Restoration of Your Home

The last step is the complete restoration of your home. This will include rebuilding walls that have been damaged by fires, shoring up or improving load bearing construction features, replacing the floorboards as well as the carpet and replacing baseboards, moldings and electric outlets or fixtures. Also, painting, sanding, wallpaper, wood finish and other construction tasks will need to be done to return the room to exactly the state it was before the fire happened.

Finally, you will have to replace or restore the furniture that once stood in that room. When we are finished, and everything has been replaced, some of the anxiety and the feelings of loss that you felt from the fire will be alleviated. Our goal is to make you forget that a fire ever happened.

Trust the Experts at SERVPRO

If you have a home or business in eastern Missouri that has been damaged by fire, we can help. We serve Oakville, MO, and Mehlville, MO, as well as other surrounding areas. Trust the experts at SERVPRO to evaluate your damage and begin the restoration process. We'll work with you to repair the damage and restore your home to the state you remember.

Don't trust restoration after a fire to just anyone. Fire damages structures in ways that are not even visible to the naked eye and only an experienced restoration team that has been trained in fire cleanup will know how to make sure that your home is safe, that all residue has been removed, and that the air quality and every surface is perfect and you can get on with your life. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Why Deodorization is the Enemy of Soot, Smoke, and Fire Damage in White House Homes

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The smell left behind by a fire is best removed by professional technicians. Call SERVPRO as soon as possible!!

SERVPRO Technicians Get Rid of the Lingering Smell of Fire After Damage

In the aftermath of a house fire, there are a lot of minor and major crises to deal with. There may be damage to the walls and ceilings, which requires urgent repair. Some items of furniture might be charred, burned, or just damp from the actions of emergency responders. The clean-up process is a big job, and no homeowners should have to handle it alone.

This is why SERVPRO is committed to repairing fire-damaged properties in an efficient, stress-free manner. With just one phone call, our technicians can be onsite and put together a rescue plan. They are able to respond to not just fire damage in White House homes, but also extensive smoke and soot damage.

Smoke leaves a particularly nasty odor, which can only be eliminated with the use of sophisticated deodorizing techniques. SERVPRO can use these techniques to make sure that fire does not cause a stink in your home.

What Is Deodorization?

The process of deodorization involves the release of odor neutralizing particles. These particles are dispersed in the fire damaged area so that they can come into contact with the bad smells. Once they meet these odor-causing particles, they break them down and eliminate the problem. This happens at a microscopic level.

Smoke particles are extremely tiny. Even the biggest are only around four microns, which is very small indeed when you consider the fact that a full stop is approximately 150. It makes them tricky to capture because they can easily penetrate carpets and other soft furnishings. When this happens, you get a stubborn, lingering smell which sticks in the nose and throat.

How Does Deodorization Work?

Ultimately, deodorization is different for every case of fire or smoke damage. The effectiveness of the process depends on getting the application right. Due to the tiny size of the smoke odor particles, it is really important that the neutralizing substance is able to follow in their ‘footsteps,’ so to speak.

For this reason, deodorizing chemicals are applied in a number of ways. The aim is to match the dispersal technique to the path of the smoke. So, for example, in the aftermath of a fire, the SERVPRO technicians will likely use a mist or vapor solution. This creates a light, super mobile dispersal, which can follow bad smells into carpets, sofas, walls, and other areas.

If you would like to find out more about the deodorizing process, you can talk to our fire damage repair team. They have many years of experience using this technique to eliminate stubborn smoke odors. SERVPRO of Oakville/Mehlville is a locally based company, so we are the best choice for fire damage services. Call us 24/7 on (314) 846-0600.

Dangerous Inhalants In A Burned Building In Lemay

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Although you may think of it as little more than annoyance, smoke is one of the largest risk factors remaining after a fire.

The Risks Inside A Fire Damaged Building

After a fire, many injuries occur on account of homeowners desperate to assess the damage and get out precious items. These homeowners are usually unprepared for the risks inside of a burned building, and some of the most concerning injuries usually have to do with inhaled material. Wearing a mask in and around a burned area is important, and life-saving in some cases. If you enter a burned area without proper protection, these are some of the most dangerous things you could be breathing in.

Although you may think of it as little more than annoyance or perhaps an asthma trigger, smoke is one of the largest risk factors remaining after fire damage in Lemay. Because an uncontrolled fire can burn so much material, much of it varied in composition and nature, large volumes of smoke are easily produced and can cause serious respiratory health effects. Some smoke may also contain other chemicals and compounds which can directly lead to poisoning and even life-threatening conditions, although such smoke is usually rare in a residence.

Glass Dust
During a fire, glass is often broken by falling objects, sometimes being ground into dust in the process. In some cases, this dust may be fine enough to become airborne, and if inhaled, this material can cut your throat and lungs severely. In the hours after the September 11 attacks, for example, many people were injured as pulverized glass was breathed in without a filter. If you experience signs of inhaling glass dust, call emergency services immediately.

Airborne Toxins
In addition to toxic smoke, fires may trigger chemical reactions in one or more substances, creating dangerous gasses in your home. Often, these collect in "bubbles" in some corner of your house, making for a toxic atmosphere in that particular location. Be wary of unusual smells after a fire, even if the area does not appear burned.

SERVPRO of Oakville / Mehlville is a locally-owned company which specializes in home restorations and repairs following major damage. For our help in restoring your home back to the way it was before a fire, call us at (314) 846-0600.

Professional Fire Damage Services vs. DIY Solutions

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Homeowners who take on their fire damage cleanup typically end up tossing out items that they don't know how to restore.

DIY Solutions vs. Fire Damage Professionals 

The cost of the damage caused by fire emergencies is often a significant factor in the decision of homeowners to perform their cleanup instead of hiring a professional. While it can seem like a cost saving measure at first, many quickly realize that they would have saved money and time by consulting an expert.

If you're a homeowner facing fire damage in White House, you may be wondering whether you should call us or handle the repairs on your own. Here's why working with SERVPRO is advantageous.

We Have to Manpower to Work Quickly

When you're working by yourself or with a few family members, it can take weeks or even months just to get your home back in a livable condition. SERVPRO technicians have the workforce to get your home looking good again quickly and efficiently. Our crew will handle the hard jobs, so you won't have to.

We're Able to Restore Many Items

Homeowners who take on their fire damage cleanup typically end up tossing out items that they don't know how to restore. Our technicians are trained to salvage and restore items rather than throw them away, which means you won't have to spend as much money replacing items affected by fire damage.

We're All About Safety

The most important thing to us is that you and your family remain safe during the fire damage cleanup process. There are many dangers involved, but we're knowledgeable about how to handle it effectively while minimizing the risk. If you don't have professional training, you could potentially put yourself in harm's way by opting to go the DIY route.


Locally Owned Company with National Resources

At SERVPRO of Oakville / Mehlville, we're ready to assist you after any fire emergency. To receive a quote or get more information about our fire damage restoration services, call us 24/7 at (314) 846-0600.

Get Expert Help With Fire Damage In Oakville

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Many objects or areas suffer burning, charring, heat damage, smoke damage and even water damage.

Get Professional Assistance With Fire Damage

All of the personal stress and confusion during a fire disaster can be overwhelming. Having to deal with fire, smoke and water damage, at the same time can be hard for anyone to handle. Our expert technicians are fluent in the different types of fire damage and what needs to be done to combat them.

When your Oakville property is suffering from fire damage, give us a call. Our office staff will start the experience off by explaining the process and going over a few questions with you about the damage that has occurred in your home or commercial property.

Our SERVPRO technicians are knowledgeable in identifying and treating the different types of fire damage that the materials of your home become subjected to during a fire. Some items get completely engulfed in flames, destroying the objects immediately. Many objects or areas suffer burning, charring, heat damage, smoke damage and even water damage. However, other materials only receive damage from the heat and smoke residue. Not all types of fire damage deliver the same level of harm. SERVPRO technicians use specific standards, and each one receives it's own classification, this includes: minor, medium and major levels of loss.

Minor Fire Damage - This is when fire and smoke residues only affect individual rooms or areas on the property. Restoration could include a dry cleaning or wet cleaning of the ceilings, walls, floors and items found damaged. With only a few areas that need re-painting and just a few articles in need of replacement.

Medium Fire Damage - An increase in fire and smoke residues caused by a longer burning fire. Resulting in the need for multiple areas requiring re-painting and more than a few items replaced. Flooring is likely affected and needs refinishing, while drywall, cabinets and their contents are no longer any good. This type of fire damage may also require improved deodorization after cleaning.

Major Fire Damage - The highest level of fire damage, usually causing severe heat and fire damage near the source of the fire. Both structural framing and flooring finishes are charred. The smoke residue resides throughout the property, and smoke odors dominantly prevail over everything else. It is likely that the property will require boarding up and a secondary source of electricity to perform repairs.

Our SERVPRO restoration involves extensive cleaning and for our restorers to pack and move any salvageable items for off-site cleaning. While also requiring many deodorization phases to remove smoke odors. Let the professionals at SERVPRO of Oakville / Mehlville get to work the right way. Call us whenever you need assistance. 24/7 - (314) 846-0600.

Fire Damage in Lakeshire Causes Stress

11/5/2015 (Permalink)

One Common Sense Preventable Fire Damage Event

SERVPRO Can Fix Your Fire Damaged Lakeside Property

While there are many difficult experiences a homeowner in Lakeshire can be subjected to, fire damage to the house structure can be a particularly devastating occurrence. The fact is that fires can cause water damage while also weakening the structural integrity of your property. In many cases, the physical and financial losses that result from fire damage cause the homeowner to feel helpless and hopeless. When personal, emotionally tied possessions are lost forever, stress can rise to uncomfortably high levels.  However, learning more about how fire damage transpires and what to do when it occurs can help you act in a manner that limits losses and preserves your composure. Get the information you need about fire damage by reviewing the following information.

How Fires Get Started. Fires emerge as a result of several chemical and thermal processes. Fuel is the component that sustains fires while also providing them with the material necessary for initial  combustion. Some combustible items include rubber, plastics, cardboard, paper, asphalt roofing, and wood. For the fire to start, a heating component must come in contact with a combustible item. It must then heat that item until it reaches the ignition level, at which point the material will explode or ignite. Once the material has reached the point of ignition, by combining with oxygen, it will release a flame. Thus, the elements of fire have been met:  spark or high heat, fuel, flash point, and oxygen. Knowing the "how" fire burns does not prevent fire damage to your home. But this will arm you with the knowledge to diminish possible flames in your Lakeshire home by eliminating fire hazards like storing paints, piles of wood, or paper in stuffy, non-ventilated areas. Common sense reduces risks, as has been stated by SERVPRO, from years of fire damage restoration experience.

The Effects of Fire Damage. Fires can cause substantive damage to your property, especially the case when a large fire impacts your home's structure. One result of fire damage is smoke damage. Unfortunately, smoke and soot from a fire can coat your valuable possessions, furniture, walls, ceilings, and impact your HVAC system. In many cases, the debris is very difficult to remove. It's also important to know that the extinguishing efforts of firefighters can leave excessive, pooling water inside rooms. By calling a fire damage restoration company like SERVPRO, an industry leader, you will obtain an assessed inspection with an expedient, cost-effective solution to the fire damage. The severity of the damages will determine how long the restoration process takes.

Let SERVPRO Handle Your Fire Damage Recovery Process

Here at SERVPRO, we understand that fire damage to your Lakeshire home can have a devastating effect on your valuable possessions and financial assets. We also understand that fires can leave you emotionally distraught. We specialize in returning your property to its pre-fire loss condition. All of our technicians are IICRC-certified, and our commitment to using detail-oriented methodologies has made us the industry leader.

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