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How To Cope With Flooding in Your Basement

6/20/2018 (Permalink)

Have you recently suffered a long rain or maybe heavy storms in your area? Understandably, you may feel some apprehension before opening the door to your home's basement in Oakville, MO if you anticipate seeing water covering the floor. While your first instinct may be to grab your wet/dry vac, unfortunately there’s more involved in conducting a successful water cleanup in a basement flood.

How Does Water Get Into the Basement?

There is no one answer to how flooding occurs, but here are some common areas where water finds its way in:

• Window joints
• Cracks in the foundation
• The joint between the foundation footing and the wall
• Water heater or washing machine leaks
• Other joints in the walls, floor, and mortar
• Gutter cracks
• The floor drain
• The sump pump
• Burst sewer pipes

When Should You Call the Professionals?

If you have suffered basement flooding, your best bet is to call restoration specialists who are trained in removing the water and fully drying the area. Their expertise and high-end equipment can restore the room to its original condition. They can also test for hidden water damage lurking behind walls, which can often lead to the development of black mold.

What Is the Restoration Process?

Prior to beginning the restoration process, the specialist must determine any and all points where the water has entered the basement. Repairing the sources of the water prevents additional water from coming in and often includes sealing cracks, joints, and hose or pipe repair.

Professional machine extraction and dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air and the furniture, floors and assorted other materials. Carpet and padding often needs to be removed, and the professionals will determine how much of the baseboards, insulation and sheetrock require removal. After cleaning and sanitizing the affected area, the drying process begins and often requires upwards of three days to complete.

Flooding may seem disastrous, but you can get your basement back. The professionals will work alongside your insurance company to formulate a plan for basement reconstruction and restore your home back to normal. Visit for more information on commercial water damage or water damage in a residence. 

4 Reasons To Use a Restoration Company for Water Emergencies

6/15/2018 (Permalink)

Depending on how quickly it was remedied, unexpected water can be devastating to a commercial property. Flooding can be excessive and damage important electronics or furniture necessary for operations. It’s urgent to act or else pipe burst cleanup will become way too costly. There are four strong reasons to use an expert water cleanup crew in Oakville, MO rather than attempting recovery yourself.

1. Water Can Be Dangerous

Even if the source is a broken pipe that typically gives clean water, stationary water picks up unhealthy additions from the environment and becomes unsafe to be around. If water floods into cleaning or chemical supply storage rooms, it can become more of a danger.

Instead of risk your own health, professionals with appropriate safety equipment for every severity can ensure anything harmful is removed before anyone enters the property again.

2. The Restoration Company Knows Water Damage

With so much experience in the industry, a sewer cleanup company offers a team of people with years of expertise in pipe burst cleanup and other water damage remediation. If something seems off, the team will be quick to notice. They thoroughly know the levels of damage, appropriate treatment programs and routines for cleaning.

3. It’s Quicker

Restoration companies are dedicated to speedy cleanup so you can resume using your property. With a team of experts, recovery can start immediately without any research into what to do or how to do it. Time is another valuable resource saved during the process.

4. They Can Restore Property

While the water can be removed, furniture and other items important to your operations could be damaged. Drying items is often not enough to reverse the long-term damage water can do. Experienced crews know how the water affects everything and can use their knowledge to stop damaged business possessions from becoming unsalvageable.

The benefits are numerous and the cost is likely less than the cost of improperly treating a major water problem. Services like professional pipe burst cleanup save money and time. Visit for more information on storm damage

When Should You Call A Mehlville Water Damage Specialist?

5/31/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage When Should You Call A Mehlville Water Damage Specialist? When you experience a water damage issue, it's important to have a water damage specialist assess the damage.

These days, many homeowners are interested in keeping their residential property in optimal condition. It's important that you know when it's advantageous to attain professional maintenance services. There are several situations in which attaining a professional Mehlville water damage services can prove necessary and significant. Here are several of them:

1. Mold Remediation
In the case that you discover the presence of mold on your property, it's important that you contact a water damage specialist who can offer fast, efficient remediation services. If you do not, you may make your home susceptible to structural damage. Failure to attain mold remediation services can also endanger your health. In addition to offering mold remediation services, water damage specialists can provide you with mold detection services.

2. Water Removal
In the event that your property is subjected to a flood or big leak, it's important to contact a Mehlville water damage specialist. The expert will come prepared with all of the equipment necessary to eradicate the problem.

3. Drying
Following a flood or leak, it's imperative that you dry out the areas impacted by water. When you call a team of water damage specialists, they will use high power drying fans to expedite and optimize the drying process. This work is effective in preventing further damage to the structure of your property.

4. Deodorizing
After Mehlville water damage has impacted your home, you may note that the property acquires a strange smell that won't go away. If this happens, you should contact a water damage specialist. These individuals are trained to identify and subsequently eradicate all unpleasant, unwanted odors.

5. Restoration
Once your property is subjected to issues such as a flood or mildew accumulation, you will be in need of restoration services. The restoration process includes all components related to the restoration of your home, including cleaning and drying.

6. Sanitation Work
At some point, most homeowners experience sanitation challenges with respect to their plumbing, dishwashers, septic systems, and other household appliances. When these issues arise, a professional water damage specialist can provide you with the restorative services necessary to get your home back in optimal condition.

7. Damage Assessment
When you experience a water damage issue, it's important to have a water damage specialist assess the damage. This will enable you to attain a clear understanding of all the work that will be necessary to restore your residential property to its original condition.

If you want to keep your residential property in excellent condition, knowing when to call a water damage specialist is important. It's also crucial that you know which team of professionals to call. If you want fast, friendly service that results in the complete restoration of your property, choose SERVPRO. We respond immediately in emergency situations and employ a team of professionals with advanced training in monitoring the drying process until it is complete. We're ready to assist you immediately, so call us at (314) 846-0600 and let's get started.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Oakville/Mehlville is locally owned and operated—so we are part of this community too. We are also part of a national network of over 1,650 SERVPRO Franchises and special Disaster Recovery Teams strategically located throughout the country to respond to large scale disasters. 

We are here in Mehlville and are ready to help you. Just call us. (314) 846-0600

Will My Business Ever Be the Same After a Fire?

5/29/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Will My Business Ever Be the Same After a Fire? Give SERVPRO a call if you experience fire damage in your business.

After spending years building your business, you now have to face the unthinkable: a fire. And after the shock has started to wear off, you find yourself wondering whether or not your building will ever be the same. Smoke damage is a very real and nasty concern, but the good news is that in many cases, your commercial property can be restored to its former self. However, you need professional help. Here are four key things that restorers will need to do for you:

1) Assess Damage

A restoration firm will pick up where firefighters leave off. Let’s assume the fire is out and all your employees are safe. The firm will now examine your business’s smoke damage, and then seal off access points so trespassers cannot add to the wreckage.

2) Clean Off-Site

More than likely, it will not be safe for you, the restoration firm, or anyone else to come too close to your business in its state. But they can begin to use specialized materials and techniques to clean some of your business’s equipment that has already been salvaged.

3) Work on the Walls and Floors

A little further down the road, the restoration firm will be able to address soot damage and other concerns related to your walls and floors. It’s also important to note that in many cases, the materials used to stop the blaze from accelerating actually do more damage than the fire itself. Painting walls and renovating flooring combat this.

4) Remove the Odor Smoke Leaves Behind

The odor of smoke lingers long after the fire is gone, but an experienced restoration company easily achieves smoke cleaning. Some of this begins by a deep cleaning of central heat and air units. Thermal fogging, ozone, and filtering techniques are also employable to great effect.

Smoke damage leaves lasting effects after a commercial fire. But in Oakville, MO an experienced restoration firm can make it seem "Like it never happened." Visit for more information on commercial fire damage. 

The Return of the Mold: How To Minimize Your Risk of Repeat Growth

5/15/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation The Return of the Mold: How To Minimize Your Risk of Repeat Growth Give SERVPRO a call if you notice mold growing in your home.

The Return of the Mold: How To Minimize Your Risk of Repeat Growth

It is impossible to have a completely mold-free home. Mold is in the air. It hitches a ride on your clothes and hair when you come in from outside your home in Oakville, MO and it seeks out any moisture source it can find. Black mold growth can appear in areas that have water damage from leaks or malfunctioning plumbing. Mold remediation experts can resolve the problem, but unless you take certain precautions, the mold could return, even after professional cleanup.

1. Maintain Your Home.

Vigilant maintenance is the key to preventing the need for future mold cleanup. Take note of the places in your home where condensation tends to gather or leaks often occur. Fix the problems causing the leaks. This not only prevents unsightly water damage but also denies black mold spores a place to land and thrive.

2. Ventilate Stagnant Areas.

Your attic gets stuffy quite easily, so you must make sure that it is properly ventilated. Moisture is more likely to gather in areas lacking in air flow. Giving the stale air in these places a place to escape outside your home can be an effective mold growth deterrent.

3. Control the Humidity.

Your indoor humidity should stay within a range of 30 and 50 percent. Humid rooms are prone to mold issues. Exhaust fans in your kitchen, laundry room and bathrooms can help prevent the need for mold cleanup.

4. Hire Professionals.

If you do discover a mold problem in your home, don’t try to clean it up yourself. Certified technicians are trained to assess the problem and resolve it thoroughly. If your mold issue is not resolved completely, it is likely to return again.

Mold remediation specialists can resolve a problem with black mold in your home. Your responsibility is to do everything you can to keep the problem from recurring by making your home a place where mold feels less welcome. Visit for more information on mold. 

Caring for Your Post-Fire Home

5/10/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Caring for Your Post-Fire Home Give SERVPRO a call if you experience fire damage in your home.

Upon assessing your house in Oakville, MO after a fire, the fire damage will probably be immediately apparent. In addition to the scorched bits and smoke damage, you will notice there is a lot of water in your house. This isn’t surprising since a fire hose can spray 500 gallons of water per minute while the fire is raging. By acting quickly, you can take steps to prevent further damage.

1. Begin Work on Major Damages

The first thing to do after assessing the water damage in your house is to contact a specialist who can help deal with water and fire damage. Damages may go deeper than is immediately apparent and could exist in spaces between floors and walls. It is essential that restoration begin as soon as possible, as excessive water can cause mold and mildew if left alone. Most household appliances are not equipped to deal with the amount of water that will be in your home after a torrent of water from a fire hose.

2. Stay Safe

If you enter your home, use caution when walking on wet or slippery surfaces. Items can become dangerously heavy if they are waterlogged, so use caution when standing under or attempting to pick up soggy items. Avoid electrical sparks by only using electronics that are completely dry and outlets that are far away from wet areas. Avoid rooms where the ceilings are sagging or where the structure may be unsteady.

3. Help the Pros

You can help with restoration by making areas more accessible to professionals. It will be helpful to clean up loose items near the wet areas. Wipe off furniture and move objects to a dry place away from the damage. Fabric items should be hung up or propped up so that air can flow on all sides. You may be able to use fans or dehumidifiers to help dry out areas that are less damaged.

With quick action, your home can be saved or restored after fire damage and a deluge of fire-fighting water. Visit for more information on fire damage. 

Fire Damage St Louis - When the flames are gone, soot and smoke can continue to cause fire damage

5/1/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damage St Louis - When the flames are gone, soot and smoke can continue to cause fire damage St Louis fire damage repair

Smart Steps Toward St Louis Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage to your St Louis home or Clayton Mo. office is devastating, but you should not wait to take steps towards restoring your property. Thanks to your fire alarm system, everyone got out of the building, but now you have to deal with your burned and heat-damaged possessions. When the flames are gone, soot and smoke can continue to cause fire damage. This is why it is important to start restoration as soon as you can.

The First Step

You should make notes about what items are ruined or damaged and take photographs too. You’ll be contacting your insurance company and a restoration contractor, so you want to be sure about your circumstances. Misunderstandings are common, but if you have photos and notes, you’ll be in a better position to know the extent of the St Louis fire damage and what needs to be restored or replaced. This should be done within hours after the fire is extinguished.

Once you have a clear picture of the damage, call your insurance company. Hopefully, you can do this the next day. It is important to call them as soon as possible, so they will send an insurance adjustor to your home or office quickly.

Call a Reputable Fire Damage Restoration Contractor

When searching for a local cleaning and restoration contractor, make sure they are Institution of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certified. These professionals have been trained in the latest restoration technology and have health and safety certification. They will have experience in a wide range of fire damage St Louis restoration projects. You should also ask for proof or the proper licenses and insurance.

You may be able to locate a restoration contractor who also does reconstruction. This will save you a lot of time and money. They will first board up your home or office so vandals or thieves cannot enter. They will also work directly with your insurance company to create a restoration plan that will return your property to its pre-fire condition. They’ll inform your adjustor about the items that can be cleaned and restored and the ones that need to be replaced. Your restoration contractor should also be able to safely store some of your possessions during recovery.

Fire damage includes much more than burning. There can also be extensive St Louis water damage when the fire department puts out the fire as well as smoke damage that can go into every part of the house including places that were untouched by the fire.

Let the Professionals Handle It

You may be tempted to get the restoration process started by cleaning things yourself. This is not recommended because it may only make it worse. Some things to avoid are:

• Wiping walls, ceiling tiles or any absorbent material
• Reusing carpet and upholstery that have smoke damage
• Using any food item including canned goods that were exposed to heat and smoke
• Turning on your computer, TV, or electrical appliances before they have been professionally cleaned

The restoration process after a fire can be stressful, but if you have a certified professional handling your insurance company and the construction, there is a good chance you’ll have a full recovery.

SERVPRO is a 24/7 emergency water removal & flood clean up repair service company. 

Fire damage: How to proceed when you've had a home fire

5/1/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire damage: How to proceed when you've had a home fire A restoration company should be contacted after a fire

A fire in the home can be an extremely devastating loss.

Along with valuable items, many sentimental possessions like photos and keepsakes can be lost or damaged. While it might seem like an insurmountable loss, the cleanup process can bring the home back to its original shape.

Homeowner Self-Cleaning

Whether it's because of a lack of funds or the desire to take control of the situation, some homeowners decide to tackle the job of cleaning the home themselves. St. Louis fire restorationrequires special equipment to speed up the drying process. 

Airing Out the Space

Opening the windows and airing out the space with fans is only the first step in the drying process. There's smoke damage and water damage in St. Louis to consider too. The smoke can contaminate all the surfaces in the home including counters, walls, floors and furniture. Everything will have to be cleaned to remove the smell of smoke. 

Structural and Wiring

A fire can attack the structure of the walls, ceilings or floors. Inside the walls, wires might be damaged. Electrical fires can destroy much of the wires inside the wall. Faulty wiring could have been the cause of the fire as well. A professional electrician needs to be called to take care of wiring. 

Hire a Professional Restoration Company

Homeowner's insurance will often cover the cost of cleaning and restoration after a fire. The homeowner will have to check their policy and contact the insurance carrier for confirmation of the exact coverage and dollar amounts. Even without coverage, homeowner's who experience a fire should hire a professional company to tackle the hard job of cleaning and restoring the home to its previous glory. 


The professional restoration company will assess the home's structural and overall damage while they are cleaning and airing out the home. A fire can create damage to the structure of the home that can't be seen at first glance. They are St. Louis professionals with experience in assessing the state of the home after a fire. 

Water Removal

Professionals will air out the space using special equipment. They will find the water that's seeped into the walls and under the flooring too. When water is left anywhere in the home, it can quickly start to create mold spores. This is an entirely different danger to the health of the home and family. 

A restoration company should be contacted after a fire to do an assessment of the home and provide valuable advice on the steps to remove the smoke, fire and water damage. Contact the company immediately after a fire to start the process.

5 Tips for Oakville Tornado Preparedness

5/1/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage 5 Tips for Oakville Tornado Preparedness With winds that may exceed 300 miles per hour, tornadoes remain unpredictable and instill fear into many with good reason.

5 Tips for Tornado Preparedness

With winds that may exceed 300 miles per hour, tornadoes remain unpredictable and instill fear into many with good reason. Though tornadoes occur in many world countries, the United States continues leading the number of annual incidences. Every year, there are more than 1,000 recorded events that claim the lives of more than 200 people and cause more than one billion dollars in property destruction.
Preparedness remains key to survival.

1) Family Preparation
Before the onset of Oakville tornado weather, all family members should know the steps to take in the event that a threatening storm approaches. Preparedness training begins with determining and designating specific locations where all must seek shelter in the home or in the community. Have emergency supplies in storage and a first aid kit on hand. Ensure that all have a basic knowledge of administering first aid. Family members of all ages are less likely to panic if educated in advance.

2) Emergency Supplies
Food and water stores must be sufficient to support the entire family for three days or longer. Food should not require cooking, chilling or rehydration unless supplies also include extra water and a means of preparation that does not rely on public utilities. In case local residences are required to evacuate an area, emergency supplies should be lightweight and portable. In addition to food, water and first aid products, emergency supplies might include:
    •    Bedding
    •    Clothing
    •    Necessary personal care items
    •    Flashlights
    •    A portable radio
    •    Spare batteries
    •    Cash
    •    Signaling devices
    •    Copies of vital documents

3) Home Shelter Locations
Families often seek shelter in cellars or basements in areas with thick walls and no windows. The room should also not flood easily if heavy rains occur. If a basement is not available, choose a small enclosed area in the middle of the home that may include a closet or bathroom. Emergency kits and supplies must be located in the same room or nearby for easy access after a storm strikes. Know where and how to turn off the main valves that enable water, gas or propane inlet.

4) Monitor Weather Conditions
When impending Oakville storms are predicted, watch the progress and location of the storm via television, radio or Internet. Stay in contact with family, friends and co-workers who may in turn reach out and warn others.

5) Know the Signs
Some signs indicate the possibility of Oakville tornado formation. These include:
    •    Dark green skies
    •    Circling clouds
    •    Unusual stillness
    •    A thunderous roar
    •    Large hail without rain
    •    Flying debris
    •    Bright flashes of light from damaged power lines

Locally Owned Company with National Storm Resources

We live and work in this community too; we might even be neighbors. As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Oakville/Mehlville is close by and ready to respond to storm and disaster events. We are proud to be an active member of the Oakville community and want to do our part to make our community the best it can be.

If There Are 100,000 Types of Mold, Which Type Is Attacking Your Wall?

4/25/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation If There Are 100,000 Types of Mold, Which Type Is Attacking Your Wall? Give SERVPRO a call if you notice mold in your home or business.

All over the United States, there are reports of winter storms, nor’easter water damage, and colder-than-expected temperatures. Once spring arrives in Oakville, MO the thawing snow and ice often results in flooded basements, broken pipes, and cracked plumbing lines. Mildew can quickly grow in these humid or damp areas of the building, and once the splotchy signs of mold appear on a wall or ceiling, you can be certain there are probably more mold colonies hidden from sight. Sometimes there are black mold warning signs, such as:

• The musty smell of mildew
• Red, green, or yellow fungi
• Small patches of visible mold

Different types of mold have different colors and characteristics. What do they all mean?

Is It Bad Mold?

Although mold tests have become a popular option for do-it-yourself enthusiasts, testing for black mold is not as straightforward as you may think. There are over 100,000 types of fungi floating in the air at any given time. An Indoor Environmental Professional is a specialist trained in how to recognize various types of mold and their danger levels. Many of the IEP community are accomplished scientists who understand how the mildew, fungus, and spores spread and where a particular strain of mold may have evolved. An IEP can also identify which variety of mildew is growing and how quickly it will spread so that mold cleanup can be completely effective.

Will Mold Removal Work?

Once the IEP identifies the type of fungus present in your building, it is time to contact a mold removal company. The team can use the IEP report to completely eradicate mold, mildew, and spores left behind by any water damage. By using specialized equipment to detect highly damaged areas, the professionals can also do what is necessary to remediate potential fungus problems.

Trust a team of professionals when you suspect your building has black mold. The crew can quickly provide mold remediation and deal with any fungus problem thoroughly and professionally. Visit for more information on mold.